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  1. For me you should get always volition stat when you drop viscosity in a place also if is your homeland... maybe you could let get less volition stat in homeland, instead out of it you will get more volition... because one that have got more land loyalty scores wil not able to gain volition in more different lands...   example...in GG I will get 0.04 of volition when I will drop max viscosity, instead out GG I will get 0.08 when I will drop max viscosity...     a suggestion... for me there could be achivements on volition stats that later could be used for let you create different range of items....   example... you use a wishpoint for create items using also volition stat.... if you have got first achivement of volition you will be able to create a type of item, instead if you will have also second achivement you will be able to create another type of item in plus etc... naturally when you create an item you will lose some volition stat according to the type of item that you are creating...
  2. - Heretic Archer Age: 515 Tokens: Emerald Glare   - Pimped Grasan Age: 618 Tokens: Stardust, Fire Drop, Purpur Fog, Sunshine, Gold Belt   - Revolted Skill Vampire Age: 1014 Tokens: Blood Drop II, Claw III, Stardust, Dark Shield, Jewel Shards   - GG Age: 969 Tokens: Claw II, Blood Drop I, Stardust, Blood Drop II, Jewel Shards, Fire Drop, Claw I, Black Tear   - Angien Age: Tokens: Emeral Glare, Purpur Fog, Onyx Fangs, Black Diamonds, Claw I, Dark Shield   - Pope Age: 756 Tokens: Blood Drop I, Gold Belt, Claw III, Jewel Shards, Emeral Glare, Black Diamonds   - Pope Age: 1015 Tokens: Emerald Glare, Stardust, Blood Drop III, Dark Shield, Dark Sky, Kelletha Fire, Purpur Fog, Black Diamonds   - Reindrach Age: 805 Tokens: Blood Drop II, antifreeze, Fire Drop   - Reindrach Age: 802 Tokens: Stardust, Jewel Shards, Gold Belt, Blood Drop II, Blood Drop I, Claw I, Dark Shield   - Rusty Age: 470 Tokens: none   For these creatures instead if possible I would trade them for the same creature without tokens plus something for all tokens on them (I accept also other offers):   - Windy Age: 834 Tokens: Emerald Glare, Blood Drop I, Purpur Fog, Onyx Fangs, Stardust, Dark Sky   - Windy Age: 969 Tokens: Blood Drop II, Claw II, Emeral Glare, Gold Belt, Claw III, Dark Sky, Blood Drop I, antifreeze, Claw I, Osiris Belt, Onyx Fangs   - Santa Age: 614 Tokens: antifreeze, Dark Shield, Purpur Fog, Enlightning, Kelletha Fire     I will sell creatures when I will get offers that will satisfy me...
  3. Chakra or Volontà (volition)...   all two interior energies that express very well the idea of this skill... volition of lower viscosity and create a new item...
  4. when you are under -500 of honor appear the red text in combact window that you have got max exp and the player haven't got max heat in "Your progress for today"
  5. My default list: - 2012 Champion Fighter (ID:45836) - Decorated Lance (ID:3232) - Flask of Sand (ID:7480) - Golemus Pass Papers (ID:6870) - History of the Elucubrat (ID:18778) - MR Knight's Crown (ID:8502) - MR Knight's Ring (ID:8501) - MR Knight's Sword (ID:8500) - ``Bob`` T~Shirt (ID:1081) - ``What`s a Mur?`` T~Shir(ID:1080)
  6. Name: *MRAlyon* AD:1638 ID:135726   I will tell you the truth... for me it's will be a really hard job because public council will have powers to make important decisions that could change the game completely... but I tell you also this... with a good group of people there is the real possibility to do a real good job that will be directed to make the game more interesting to ALL players not single player... and for this I would have the possibility to be part of this special team and start to produce ideas and do important changes that will satify all players...
  7. for me nothing works... I can walk... just this.. I can't get items, attack other players, PMs, announcements.... also in login page I can't see the map...
  8. same for me BFH... also I use avast and I have got same problems
  9. yeah... I like the last one of Primalis:-) maybe add just a bit of pencil agai (shades etc...)
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_h8B4ABxUvA
  11. Clock Master is the winner of this competition.... Congratulations...
  12. *MRAlyon* - Activity days: 100% 1592 days - GG loyalty 948   I will be your favorite slave:-)   TAG: Boss Head Contest Master (MR's Commander) Official organizer of BHC, ensures the contest will run smooth and will provide lots of fun. He leads his MR's Army with great loyalty and courage. He has sworn to protect Golemus Golemicarum and its inhabitants against any threat. Trust Points: 2/2.
  13. it's a table with border 1 and bgcolor=#F9F0D5
  14. Tranquil Plains deleted from locations where youcan score in Stage II, because now it's a sanctuary...
  15. I would make a list where there are problems with the new resource location, because too close to the scene... for example there is this kind of problem at Gates of Marind Bell, and in future MUR will move up the arrow a bit...   LIST OF SCENES WHERE RESORCE LOCATIONS ARE TOO CLOSE:   - Gates of Marind Bell (1_0x1_1); - Gazebo of Equilibrium (1_0x0_1); - Fort Inneryard (1_-4x-2_2); - Cannon's Crossing (1_-3x-3_1); - Meeting of the Roads (1_-2x1_1); - Alche's Alley (3_-1x-3_1);   please post the name of the place with this kind of problems with coords and I will update continually the list here....   MRAlyon
  16. MRAlyon

    HC Rules

    I don't want run BHC while there is HC, in fact I will be more carefull in future:-) need to remember to look in what month HC will start....
  17. MRAlyon

    HC Rules

    I would ask help to all community for update HC rules, because the actual page contains outdated or obsolete rules. Post all things that you think should be added or deleted from the actual page...     Actual rules:   What is this? This is a CONTEST! First 4 of each group will get a prize consisting in a stats, skill and credits boost and a head trophy medal! What are trophy heads? Every second month this contest starts and each player starts receiving Trophy Heads every day. You can see how many trophy heads a player has in his detail panel when you click its name. If the player has trophy heades you will see a dark dragon head with a number next to it, if that player has no heads you wont see anything there.   How you get heads? Every time you win against a player you get a head from him. If you are VICTORIOUS (read rules when a fight makes you victorious or just winner) you get ALL the enemy heads. While in sanctuary you can attack other players holding heads. If you have no creatures to defend yourself anybody who attacks you will get all your heads.   How is the top calculated? The top is calculated based on your heads score and the heads score is calculated based on your total trophy heads and your online time you spent while having those heads. The score increases from time to time (one score count at about 15-60min, random) with an amount proportional to your head count and only if you are online and in a location where you can fight. In stage two of the contest you have to stay online and hold the heads in a predefined location annoucned on the newslog when stage 2 begins.   What is stage II of the contest? When one player in each group reaches a certain amount of heads, stage II of the contest comes in. During this stage players can get score only in repdefined locations on the map, making it a constant war for anyone trying to hold the heads. This stage is the final stage before the winners are decided and lasts just 24 hours. Because of the penalty a high count of heads gives and the large amount of heads collected in one big ball, during this stage any player has a chance to rapidly increase its score and get on top positions. This is the final decisive round of the contest, but no one sais that you have to fight it to win the contest, any strategy is allowed including running away with the heads to prevent others to get very high score, its up to you.   What other thing must i know? Each head brings a temporary penalty to the holder making it more dificult to keep them a longer time and increase score. The players with most heads hide in remote location, go hunt them and take their trophyies, dont let them keep the heads too long and gather a high score, they wont come to you , you must hunt them! Also know that you wont get score while in sanctuary areas or inside areas where you can't be attacked. Players that won such a contest once wont be able to win it again, they will apear gray and striked out in the list, and they will not get heads when winning fights against other players holding heads. If for some reason a player will be able to play and win the contest again and make for a medal that time too, he will get a gold heads medal.   MRAlyon
  18. I find the new place for resource a good one...
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