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  1. (The) Lost Island (The) Fossil Island (The) Prehistoric Island (The) Royal Island (The) Mythology Island (The) Extinction Island (The) Shell Island (The) Evolutionary island (The) Ammonite Island or (The) Nautilus Island (Nautiloidea Island) because the mountain looks like this fossil
  2. MRAlyon

    PM BUG

    not able to delete outgoing messsages tried to click on PM and delete it from inside; tried to delete it, selecting it and after click on cancel messages another bug... sometimes when I get a PM, after that, I get old automated PMs that you get when a player join your alliance.
  3. I have an unerring shot:-) Happy Birthday MD!!!
  4. no sacrificed creatures.... just training
  5. MRAlyon


    didn't tried to click again on this box, since it will automatic get my items... and I write: *****solved, I get this because I clicked on a new clickable item at Plains Liberty because you wrote that wasn't a bug
  6. MRAlyon


    this morning I get this *****solved, I get this because I clicked on a new clickable item at Plains Liberty please close the post
  7. before making further changes to any part of the game, please finish the work started and never completed... there are already so many unfinished things in the game without add another thing that will finish as other things... I will not make a list of all unfinished work because I could stay here all day and you already should know...   this is just my thought, that you can think doesn't fit with this post, but I don't wat see another unfished work...   The thing I'm trying to say is that you MUR have got amazing ideas.... start to work on it... get 50% or less of the work.... after you forget about it and the it never get completed...
  8. MRAlyon

    Login bug

    getting again an error when login
  9. MRAlyon

    Login bug

    started to get again this error
  10. MRAlyon

    Login bug

    I'm using chrome 45.0.2454.101 m and when I login in MD I get always an error like this:   http://storenow.net/my/?f=1d50813425dabad8a5865134f428bb77
  11. confirmed that also for me the system says we are alts:-) sincerely don't know why...
  12. thanks very much:-) you can close the topic
  13. if you want change the name of your creatures and you aren't able to do it because already at max level you can...   please post your playername, player ID, creature ID and your creature name will be reset to the original one     Playername: MRAlyon Player ID: 135726     Creature ID: 696541
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