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  1. when i go on login page on mobile i get this
  2. MRAlyon

    Forum Bug

    the link of forum in the login page is wrong.
  3. Merry Christmas and happy holidays top all... Dear Santa my wishes: Access to all secret places; Unreleased creatures; Released creature (Colored Elu, Horseman, Snowman) Skilldamage; Revival item; Kill item; Summon spells; Indipendent items; Illusions; Send to GoE; Send to Lighthouse; Send to GoC; Open Necro; Teleport into East Land;
  4. thanks... someone teleport me to gazebo of chaos and worked
  5. Yeah I get again this error... someone can solve this please? Now are days that I can't play MD... don't remember exacly where I was... bob tree or loreroot I think Try to teleport me to GoE or another place if you can just to see if this will works
  6. I get this error in navigation map, can't move... User-class Error: 1===Scene info not found in db for coord 3_3x-3_1
  7. (The) Lost Island (The) Fossil Island (The) Prehistoric Island (The) Royal Island (The) Mythology Island (The) Extinction Island (The) Shell Island (The) Evolutionary island (The) Ammonite Island or (The) Nautilus Island (Nautiloidea Island) because the mountain looks like this fossil
  8. MRAlyon

    PM BUG

    not able to delete outgoing messsages tried to click on PM and delete it from inside; tried to delete it, selecting it and after click on cancel messages another bug... sometimes when I get a PM, after that, I get old automated PMs that you get when a player join your alliance.
  9. I have an unerring shot:-) Happy Birthday MD!!!
  10. no sacrificed creatures.... just training
  11. MRAlyon


    didn't tried to click again on this box, since it will automatic get my items... and I write: *****solved, I get this because I clicked on a new clickable item at Plains Liberty because you wrote that wasn't a bug
  12. MRAlyon


    this morning I get this       *****solved, I get this because I clicked on a new clickable item at Plains Liberty   please close the post
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