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  1. with 1% of slide bar i get 83k of attack so i will use 0%... no sense for me this thing about %
  2. for me all days (except saturday and sunday) from 19:00 to 21:30
  3. can't we fight as always... make the couple of fighters, after we will fight when we have got time... we will contact each other...
  4. sometimes I get this error popup... using last version of chrome...
  5. clicking on your link I get this warning:
  6. me dolphin V11.5.19 what browser should I use on mobile for see MD with flash player? instead on desktop on Chrome version 57.0.2987.133 I get this:
  7. when i go on login page on mobile i get this
  8. MRAlyon

    Forum Bug

    the link of forum in the login page is wrong.
  9. Merry Christmas and happy holidays top all... Dear Santa my wishes: Access to all secret places; Unreleased creatures; Released creature (Colored Elu, Horseman, Snowman) Skilldamage; Revival item; Kill item; Summon spells; Indipendent items; Illusions; Send to GoE; Send to Lighthouse; Send to GoC; Open Necro; Teleport into East Land;
  10. thanks... someone teleport me to gazebo of chaos and worked
  11. Yeah I get again this error... someone can solve this please? Now are days that I can't play MD... don't remember exacly where I was... bob tree or loreroot I think Try to teleport me to GoE or another place if you can just to see if this will works
  12. I get this error in navigation map, can't move... User-class Error: 1===Scene info not found in db for coord 3_3x-3_1
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