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  1. [quote name='Dmik King' date='22 December 2009 - 02:44 PM' timestamp='1261489449' post='50822'] maybe inside the castle arount the meeting room? [/quote] the room into Pillars of Harmony...
  2. [quote name='Aeoshattr' date='22 December 2009 - 01:37 PM' timestamp='1261485451' post='50816'] does that mean GGG... ends? [/quote] no... maybe other place where training with other rules, but I need to see...
  3. I have spoken with all protectors of Golemus about this... for they it’s a good idea… into Golemus at the place where the table is I would like to create a kind of roundtable for my fraternity... 5 or 6 of my fraternity according to the present chairs with different tasks, so we can gather there to decide the things to do for Golemus and MR Training Grounds (GGG)... I have thought about this idea looking at the symbol of our alliance (MR's Fraternity). I think they are the perfect symbol to create a roundtable... [sword = military power, crown = wise reign, ring = symbol of the bond] I intend to create a place where we can speak quietly about plans, to help improve golemus in peace and protect it in times of war... where we can train, exchange plans, sensitive informations, etc... all this can be open for leaders of the land and people of Golemus… What do you think about it? Thanks MRAlyon
  4. I can help translate the game in Italian if there are still parts to be finish....
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