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  1. MRAlyon

    Wts Shade

    maybe as GG or more... it's rare...
  2. MRAlyon

    Wts Shade

    age and how many? full tokened?
  3. MRAlyon

    Wts Shade

    I have a shade that I would sell... his age 96 (on day 153)... PM me your offert where do you want... I'll sell it only if I get a good offert that satisfy me... there isn't limit of time... Highest bid:1 rusty with tokens [emeraldglare] [kellethafire] [enlightning] [jewelshards] [purpurmoon] [firedrop] [purpurfog] [osirisbelt] [onyxfangs] [darkshield] [darksky] [blacktear]
  4. MRAlyon

    Alt Liberation

    I'm agree to use alts for try different ways in MD and make different stories but I don't like people that have more and more alts because it is abuse... in my opinion there are more people with at least one account that you don't think that it's his account and they have different stories and differnt friends etc... I would only say that in my opinion have got alts for help other players isn't abuse but only useful... it's abuse when you always do alts for receiving different favour or other things... in fact the number of alts isn't important but it's very important how they are used... Thanks MRAlyon
  5. congratulations to Fenrir Greycloth for his behavior... he said that he doesn't like GGG after he comes in it and after that I have written into chat that I should go to sleep he waited a moment after attack me naturally with damage... if you don't like GGG you shouldn't break the rules only stay there without attack other players with GGG rit or damage rit and he escaped... [b]TURN THUMBS INTO GGG YOU[/b]
  6. Fenrir Greycloth... you can choose to go to GGG... it's not an obligation... if players go there is because they love it... it's a place where all can meet and speak with other players... if don't like it the only thing that you and other players that think it shouldn't use it... all players are free to do that they think better for them...
  7. if you find so boring MD you always could stop to play... more people will be more happy for this!!! I love this game and if you find it bored you don't give the fault to GGG or MD... try to change your character and try to do some friendships, so you'll see that more things will change for you... PS: if you don't like GGG you shouldn't go into Golden Globe Gazebo interior and use it!!!
  8. I sell all cretures that I don't use: - Pimped grasans with over 500 age; - Archers with 91, 253, 456 age; - Joker 1 with 207 age; - Birds with 218 age; - Trees with 46 age; - Knator 1 with 45 age. All creatures are without tokens... PM me for offerts... updated day 38...
  9. I sell 2 aged angiens with over 230 age... updated day 22... PM me your offert...
  10. MRAlyon

    Wtb Rusty

    I would buy rusty (not aged and no token)... I can offer many coins for it... PM me if you are interested in it...
  11. [quote name='Dmik King' date='22 December 2009 - 02:44 PM' timestamp='1261489449' post='50822'] maybe inside the castle arount the meeting room? [/quote] the room into Pillars of Harmony...
  12. [quote name='Aeoshattr' date='22 December 2009 - 01:37 PM' timestamp='1261485451' post='50816'] does that mean GGG... ends? [/quote] no... maybe other place where training with other rules, but I need to see...
  13. I have spoken with all protectors of Golemus about this... for they it’s a good idea… into Golemus at the place where the table is I would like to create a kind of roundtable for my fraternity... 5 or 6 of my fraternity according to the present chairs with different tasks, so we can gather there to decide the things to do for Golemus and MR Training Grounds (GGG)... I have thought about this idea looking at the symbol of our alliance (MR's Fraternity). I think they are the perfect symbol to create a roundtable... [sword = military power, crown = wise reign, ring = symbol of the bond] I intend to create a place where we can speak quietly about plans, to help improve golemus in peace and protect it in times of war... where we can train, exchange plans, sensitive informations, etc... all this can be open for leaders of the land and people of Golemus… What do you think about it? Thanks MRAlyon
  14. I can help translate the game in Italian if there are still parts to be finish....
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