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  1. MRAlyon Activity days: 100% (A total of 783 out of 783 days) I would try to do something different into MD from fight and learn something in plus... I'm always online in MD for hours at days and I'm a patience person...
  2. new record for stats gained without saccing at 19.56 of 25 December 2010 :-) MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!! [attachment=2465:Extreme stats.JPG]
  3. my opinon it's put it between the heat and the regeneration time...
  4. I think that it's a good thing put the button of pray(give heat) also into the first page without go always into the page "Your progress for today" so it will be more usefull and quickly to use it... please post your opinion about it... Thanks MRAlyon
  5. I have 2 very aged BP to sell: - 575 age (ID 77***); - 536 age (ID 12****). All 2 BP are without tokens... post here your offerts or contact me via forum PM or in game... I will sell them when I will satified of an offert... Day 339
  6. [quote name='Rex' timestamp='1290104126' post='72471'] Grayhawk gets my vote on this. [/quote] there isn't need to vote for this now that there is activity days... veterans players with al least one year... and I'm speaking about best % of activity days...
  7. A suggestion: - Most Active Player (best % of activty days) my opinion it's that it need to go to most active veteran not noob... MRAlyon
  8. [quote name='lightsage' date='01 August 2010 - 09:15 PM' timestamp='1280693739' post='64936'] 3 silver each for the angies [/quote] already done Lightsage.... read my first post for the current bid...
  9. I don't know if you can or not... if I have wrong I'm the first person, that after a reasoning, understand that I have done a bad thing and the next thing that I would do is excuse for my actions... I think all people can doing something of wrong, the important is undestand why you have wrong... I'm really really sorry, but for the next two days I can't read and reply to any posts, because I'm away... Please understand me... Thanks MRAlyon
  10. I'm not a coward... yes I have trasfered them on my main account...however I really didn't know that I couldn't transfer items on my main... I haven't gained benefits from it (only 3 items - 3 simbols)... I haven't blamed Udgard, I only reported how the things are gone...
  11. hey all... the accounts: Alcarohtar, Araton and Alyon are my alts... I have gained wishpoints from Broken Pattern Puzzle... I have asked to Udgard if I could do the 3 items with wishpoints of my alts and he told me that having gained them from solving broken patter puzzle, that is different for all my three alts, it's a different thing to gain them from one quest of a player that is the same for all accounts... I don't think to have done a bad thing because before to do this I have asked if this was possible with my 3 alts... Udgard asked me how I have gained the wishpoints on my alts, then he told me yes so I have gained all materials for doing them... Thanks MRAlyon
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