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  1. 35 golds for one of them
  2. I have traded a reality coagulator to Azull for 3 silvers.... I sent the coagulator via chat not ITC... at log review room the screen told that shem sent the coagulator and not me....
  3. ok thanks:-) didn't remember this.... close this topic then please...
  4. there is a bug with shared items.... when I have got 3 shared item I shouldn't be able to get other ones... if I have got 3 shared items and someone try to give me another one or I try to get one from a Item collecting place it works and I can't get it... instead if I have got 3 shared items and I go to a place where they are given out I can continue to get them until I haven't reached the max items that I can get from that place.... example... I have got a memory stone detector, a reality coagulator and 20 cups... if I go into GG and try to get a jar I'm able to do this... another thing that i don't know if it's a bug or not... if I get 2 shared items that have the same utily I can use them separately... I think this is abusive... example... I have got 2 reality coagulator I can use them at the same time... there is the possibility that if you have got 2 shared items that are equal when you use one of them also the other one get the countdown... MRAlyon
  5. I prefer keep the actual interface with creature image and tag the creats with don't sac it for don't see it into sacrifice interface... really good idea duxie...
  6. works... now you can't move with 0 aps... this was a bug that now is solved...
  7. my loyalty works.. ah nothing... land loyalty:-) ops...hihihi
  8. There is a bug with viscosity... I lose too many aps also if I should lose only 1 ap...
  9. I have called a spell: i after I enchated a stone and so now I'm not able to write a sentence with the letter i... there should be the possibility to change the name of the spell also after have finished the casts so if one do my same thing can correct it without ask always help to someone... please help to solve this because it's relly difficult write in chat with this problem and I can't help new players with welcome sentences etc... Thanks very much MRAlyon already solved:-) thanks close it then
  10. then for me they should keep them until the land future will be decided!!! this is for all lands...
  11. Kiley does this thing thinking that there wasn't something of wrong with this... don't think that if she had asked to land leaders about this she have done the same thing, accepting Azull in her alliance... Azull wasn't into GG alliance!!! and Yrthilian for me is always my king until GG future will be decided and I think is so for all other GGs... and I think Azull is able to put on forum this problem without your help if this was a problem for him...
  12. Yrthilian do the job that should be done!!! he told that he retires himself from king position but until the future of GG land will be decided he will do the King again!!! necrovion shouldn't have any position in GG and only for get GG land loyalty points!!! another thing... there isn't wrote in Yrthilian's tag that he is the retired king etc... but the King of GG
  13. I will give you 20 gold note for 20 golds
  14. MRAlyon

    Elus bug

    it's 2 days now that my elus didn't eat their raibow candies... I think this it's a bug... someone gets my same problem? Thanks MRAlyon
  15. today when I have tried to use the memory stone detector I get this warning that I never get... [b]Warning[/b]: require_once(gatheringtools/stonedetector.php) [[url="http://magicduel.com/ui/marketitems/function.require-once"]function.require-once[/url]]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in [b]/home/magicdue/public_html/ui/marketitems/iteminterface/gatheringtool.php[/b] on line [b]10[/b] [b]Fatal error[/b]: require_once() [[url="http://magicduel.com/ui/marketitems/function.require"]function.require[/url]]: Failed opening required 'gatheringtools/stonedetector.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in [b]/home/magicdue/public_html/ui/marketitems/iteminterface/gatheringtool.php[/b] on line [b]10[/b] [b][color=#ff0000]EDIT: Dont use full caps in your post titles again or i will turn back on automatic uncapitilization and all the WTS topics will be Wts ect - Chewett[/color][/b]
  16. I'm interested in buy a dark... contact me as you want if you are interested in trade it... I can make some good offerts!!! MRAlyon
  17. I don't understand why do this Migthy... for create a heat stone you need also an heat solidifier and the only ones around are in your guild's hands... heat jars should be used by all players that want them... for create glasses ecc... so for me you are wrong...
  18. I sell memory stones... please contact me as you prefer and tell me how many memory stones have you need and put your offert... WORKS:[list] [*]20 stones - done [*] [/list] MRAlyon
  19. Chose a password to protect your account Choose a password to protect your account however good one:-) maybe leave the old one and when you click on register appear this one... or use this one and put all info that was in old homepage in a new button on the top... more visible and quickly to see could be put in the middle a button for register and one for login... for example put an image in the middle... at right of it register button and at left login button... on the top all the buttons that there now... if you click on login will go to the normal login page, instead if you click on the register will go the page that you have created now.. put also in tip that you can create more accounts and you can't change name manually in options page
  20. maybe send also an automatic PM just they login the first time where should be write a welcome message and explain where find the LHO button for further help... MRAlyon
  21. delete my name please... I'm ok
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