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  1. Log in via google, facebook, twitter...

    I think the same of Eon
  2. Combat Mystery Tournament

    won last battle
  3. Combat Mystery Tournament

  4. Combat Mystery Tournament

    with 1% of slide bar i get 83k of attack so i will use 0%... no sense for me this thing about %
  5. Combat Mystery Tournament

    for me all days (except saturday and sunday) from 19:00 to 21:30
  6. Combat Mystery Tournament

    can't we fight as always... make the couple of fighters, after we will fight when we have got time... we will contact each other...
  7. Combat Mystery Tournament

    MRAlyon ID:135726
  8. Error popup

    sometimes I get this error popup... using last version of chrome...
  9. Login page bug on mobile

    works... thanks!!!
  10. Login page bug on mobile

    clicking on your link I get this warning:
  11. Login page bug on mobile

    me dolphin V11.5.19 what browser should I use on mobile for see MD with flash player? instead on desktop on Chrome version 57.0.2987.133 I get this:
  12. Login page bug on mobile

    when i go on login page on mobile i get this
  13. Forum Bug

  14. Forum Bug

  15. Forum Bug