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  1. i don't like that it's going random, i wanted losses just not losses with 6 creatures i didn't throw together. like i said i abide by the 301 vitality rule pretty closely and stack a bunch of single crit def. rituals, but if nobody else experienced this i suppose human error on my part is the only possibility. thanks for the responses.
  2. i usually walk around with a screen of defenders at least 5 rituals long, at least 301 vp. the past two days i've had random defenses pop up that i don't want to and didn't organize myself. they get waxed, and the past one even put in 45% influence which i don't do. this has happened 2-3 times. note: i already have defenses up that are being bypassed. yes they have 301 vitality. the def rit's i organized are even still there. i went and used unbind on each already and it happened again today. lame.
  3. we too are strong supporters of that philosophy in florida...i guess we're all jerks.

  4. [quote name='Thomas Riddle' date='04 August 2009 - 08:02 PM' timestamp='1249430526' post='38709'] Just an idea. How about add an option which you can organize the positions of your critters on your creatures page? [/quote] i'd like this too.
  5. but, here's to you never suffering another one of those again.

  6. ouch, one of those. as the saying in Alaska goes, "better you, than me"

  7. yeah, that's bad, but i raise you a much worse hell. they were taking up the kind of roleplaying that you do without clothes. my quickest logout to date...but my eyes still haven't forgiven me.

  8. heh, tell me about it, being stuck in a middle of drama queens with no way to Get out a' dodge. *shivers*

  9. i notice rpc's in certain locations regularly. but who says the have to stay? however, vanity alone would be a good motivator to keep them there. of course they don't have to stay there though, its just to add more flavor to the scene, and to show these people are important. the character art would be specifically tailored for certain locations, not every place the rpc travels. and again i think 1-3 locations tops. i don't think more than 3 different rpc's should be visually represented in any one scene, would probably be overkill. but i don't see anything wrong with one of them there. and i don't think any rpc should take priority, to me that's degrading. just pose the rpc in a different spot if more than one is present in the scene. any scene that would be cluttered by the introduction of an rpc, shouldn't have one. Even the tiniest change to a scene whether it be something as small as an ant in a faraway lighthouse to something large in the foreground alters things, thus making it more interesting. from what i hear it sounds like the artisan guild is small and other things are probably more pressing. i was just thinking this because the art is a strong part of the game and should be taken advantage of, if possible.
  10. nothing Mister Death Ray...just painted a house. i hope those dreams get their bounce back.

  11. i had an idea that would require more work for the artisan guild...something i'm sure they would appreciate. on the rpc list i counted 31 characters, and i'm sure they have avatars. i think it'd be cool if an image of these characters appeared in the areas the rpc's are located, when online. posed in a different way in different spots. maybe 1-3 spots per rpc, depending on locations their characters usually inhabit. this would take a decent amount of work on various ends but seeing them in the scene would have a visual impact. one step further would be the LHO's, it would be more apparent for newer players that these people were indeed important and designed to help. i'm not saying everyone in the game should ever get to have this feature, merely rpcs and maybe the LHO's. like i said a tremendous amount of work but drawing a picture of something that's already been imagined is easier than creating a character from scratch.
  12. hey Mister Woods Man, what's up?(lol)

  13. if someone sends 10 or more avatars that are accepted, and has the necessary requirements (money, unlocked). will they have the rights to one of the avatars they created, before it goes up for grabs?
  14. i'll certainly defer to the collective experience of you guys. i'm new so my grasp on the mechanics is feeble at best. i assumed the coding aspect would be the biggest problem, enough so that it possibly wouldn't be worthwhile to attempt. as far as other objections i've noticed, other mp levels attacking lower one's would be discouraged by the "no gain" aspect and by inflicting a moderate penalty for doing so (i don't know too much about honor so i dunno if it would be a proper deterrent). Secondly, i'd think by the time you became mp4 or higher you would have a decent respect for the game as to not run around picking on people just because its fun (i'm sure there would be exceptions). third, anyone that is annoying enough to bring an established player to choose harming oneself (by losing honor, etc) is probably someone you don't want around anyways. as far as the HC goes, i figure that can be taken advantage of now already. what's to stop someone with a different MP3 or MP4 account to help out a friend if they really wanted to right now? my main reasoning for wanting this feature was purely for rp'ing purposes. while there are characters that ascribe to the "take the high road approach" there are just as many that don't. don't get me wrong i think the game is great as is.
  15. currently i'm at MP3. it's my understanding that differing MP levels can't attack each other. i can understand the reasoning. as of yet this hasn't happened to me, but there will be a time when i'm a higher MP level and some lower level player will be annoying. i was wondering if there could be a feature where different levels could attack each other, but there would be no win/loss from the fight nor experience gained. the attacker could lose honor. players would still lose the VE from the creatures they lost. this would make the attacking of lower MP levels scarce as it brings no real rewards. but gives the option of silencing an annoying player that would otherwise have no consequences of their actions. just an idea, maybe dumb or even too time consuming to implement, but i'm sure there have been times higher MP players would have loved to attack some MP3 punk.
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