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  1. usefull or not it would be fun to see it in creature statistics
  2. sounds interesting. ill help in mp3
  3. i get lost fights counted in my profile only if im attacked and i lose, and if i attack and lose than lost fight doesnt get counted
  4. ill go chop some trees
  5. do nothing. different people walk different paths. just because someone is diffeent doesnt mean that he has to be lynched. is strength the only measurement of which mp level someone should be? if it is than lots of people should be given a chance to step one or two mp levels down... is it ok to ruin other people game experience? ofcourse its not. but limiting whole community because of isolated cases is ruining game experience too.. reason for EDIT: to clear a little bit what i ment im against forcing people im against punishing the whole community for bad deeds of minority im for dealing with those who cause problems on purpose
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    my new or to be exact my first tattoo

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  7. ok heres mine submission [attachment=1470:DSC00248.JPG] i pass by few of these every day on my way to work and they every single day remind me of what? someones advertising GGG in my town XD
  8. yes most of my tests were at fenths press. but the same error message appears at the fenths wielder too. and i use internet explorer. looks like that u dont get anything if the creature is transfered and then sacced as lvl1. i still havent tried to transfer creature, level it and then sac..
  9. sacrificed little bird - got everything right (there was that error message on the screen after sacrificeing but i got everything right) sacrificed lvl2 angien - got everything right (there was that error message on the screen after sacrificeing but i got everything right) sacrificed transfered lvl1 angien - got nothing (three error messages on the screen after sacrificeing and got nothing) note that first two creats were originally bought by the character that sacced them and the third was transfered and then sacced after 3-4 days
  10. attract people to higher mp levels dont force them... and any new restrictions or what not bigger than they are now are forcing, and forcing could be unproductive.. EDIT: if u look at the daily statistics on the login screen ull see that the number of players that jump to mp4 every day is usually 1 to 3, and why they dont last till mp5 i dont know, but im sure its not because strong mp3's scare them away. and mp3's should be able to train same creats as everybody else without any restrictions because if u restrict them with low level creats or decreased xp cap everything u will get is even weaker players with poor creats that will not stand any chance when they move to a higher level where players have better creats, stats and everything. maybe increasing xp cap for mp3 would be good so they have more space to train and test what works the best for them and to be ready to defend when they jump to higher level...
  11. oooow, im so delighted thank u all so much!
  12. North thats great i cant wait to see those avatars im sure they are going to be awsome and DexteR nice work also its great to see such good work in here!
  13. while creature with this ability is needed to balance principals or whatever the reason for creating that ability is, i dont think the archer is the right creat for that. one thing is that archer is basic creature that is used a lot by new players and with this change new players lost perfectly good damage/weaken creature. draining ability is interesting at higher mp levels where the principal stats are bigger but at low mp this kind of ability has really low effect. so maybe the better choice would be to create a new creature with that ability or giving that ability to some other more suitable not basic creature (for example unholy priest, drain ability suits him better than it suits archer by my oppinion) and leave the archers as they were. if anyone asks me i would prefer the "new creature in the realm" scenario the best..
  14. [IFRM] This page can't be accessed this way, please report this issue if you think you are receiving this message in error. Thank you. /ifrm/ifrm.dna.php ### http://magicduel.com/layout-dna.php i got this message on my alt when i clicked on the little blue bottle (vitality potion) on the ground at the fenths press and now whenever i log in to that acc it only shows that same window and message and i cant move nowhere from it
  15. tnx both of you for good feedback and North tnx for the advices i agree with them. maybe i should stick to the chicks they suite me better and i enjoy better while drawing them looks like ure drawing too? i would love to see your work and the book is bought
  16. heres another practice, although im not really satisfied with this one but here it is.. [attachment=1242:indijanac5.jpg]
  17. Neno Veliki


    this is just... wow
  18. here is new one. lost girl [attachment=1106:nenosketchgirl100.jpg] in first i thought that i did great job but when i scaned her and scaled her up i see that there are lot of imperfections.. btw thats not drawing from my head, i found a photo on the net and just tried to sketch her for practice..
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