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  1. eon depletor [attachment=3595:eon depletor.jpg]
  2. pencil or tablet its still hand drawn. and i think thats what should matter, to be hand drawn. plus with the right brush, pen pressure and stuff it can pretty much equal pencil and paper drawing. if i already didnt knew i couldnt tell for sure if that marvolos wolf is pencil or tablet.
  3. this whats happening to me is ridiculous, unjust and very degrading and i wouldnt want this to happen to anybody else. in the same time im sad to see that elder representatives of the game are acting in this manner. altough u are backed up with the Ann. 1967 - [2011-08-09 06:30:00 - Stage 10], its obvious that it is quite loose regulation and therefore is subject for manipulation, abuse and what not. exactly what is happening now. i also hope that few of u see that u arent supported by the majority of MD community, and that community doesnt support this kind of attitude. if that means anything to u.. so to come to an end of this kind of situations what i was thinking about is that we should have some tweaking of that regulation of some sort. for example that convict cant be release before he served atleast 2/3 of the initial sentence but also cant be held inside more that the double the initial sentence or something. that way we encourage those who are in jail to behave and also give the right to those out to revenge or whatever to inmates for whatever reason they have, but still we prevent whole situation from escalating to extremes.
  4. u want solid proof? on the court eyewitness is considered solid proof. well i am eyewitness of eon using his alt acounts as scouts to benefit his main acount.
  5. somebody built windmill while u were looking in the other direction [attachment=3569:garden windmill.jpg]
  6. i guess u have to wait for reply. and in the meanwhile u can remove rejected one and upload it again if u get positive reply.
  7. Neno Veliki


    Neno Veliki ID:133549
  8. Neno Veliki


    Seigheart please read post #34 again
  9. when u buy laptop and super expensive mobile internet just to be able to play md even on days when ure out of town
  10. ill sponsor your quest with one marksmen 80+ age or 5 silver coins whatever u like better. just contact me when everything is done to collect the reward.
  11. its either u did something wrong when u manipulated with it or it was reported as stolen art since theres one much like yours on this site.. [url="http://www.picturescloset.com/Dragon_Albums/Drawings/slides/Dragon-Pencil-Drawing-oni.html"]http://www.picturescloset.com/Dragon_Albums/Drawings/slides/Dragon-Pencil-Drawing-oni.html[/url]
  12. i dont see anything wrong with taking statdamage away from eon. he did earn it yes but i earned my stats too and hes taking them away from me so it would be quite the same. if i can be robbed of something i earned why he couldnt be? but before u get an impresion that im in favour of taking the statdamage away from him, im not. but i am in favour of fixing it. for start i think that we should lose the amount and number of stats equal to those he gains from attack, but thats not the case right now. also it shouldnt work for attacking but only for defending. i dont know if thats intentional or not but by my opinion its wrong. also that option proposed by some that kissing his behind would get me immunity from his attacks, maybe it would but no thanks, thats just not me.
  13. thats bad. find me and we will fix it
  14. 2 Marksmen for sale no heat no tokens age 19 on day 258 year 6
  15. i would pay to the acc that gave the goods. what happens later with the money is not your problem anymore
  16. @ Shadow: sure ill give it a try. altough i dont know about uploading i think it was said that u can upload only your own hand drawn artwork. i dont want complications. @ Hedge: no problem
  17. currently waiting time is approximately 7 days plus time for pending approval edit: due to some issues current waiting time cant be defined. sorry to all who wait
  18. u just contact me when ull need it and ill give it to u. good luck with the plan
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