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  1. no but he still hasnt crossed 6 months inactivity regulation.
  2. Brulant is the owner. its in his vault.
  3. Neno Veliki AD: 1669 Volition: 8 Grinding: No
  4. if u want to get him out of his corner get the bigger heads ball than his and im sure it wont take long till he will be after u.. send to goe is for those that are too lazy to think and work for the heads and it should be used only in most extreme situations.
  5. dirty mouth in chat gets u jailed and murder doesnt? and why so hard against jailing? its not like murderer will stay there for life..
  6. sure ill give it a try. when i finish it ill contact u.
  7. Peace - Scimitar of Destruction (10 points) Menhir - Swordshades to be completed (9 points) Fire Starter - chawan heats cold tea (8 points) Sephira Caellum - her staff be able to give the dead player ability to move around all MD (7 points) nadrolski - temporary spell barfight (6 points) Rhaegar Targaryen - altered version of dance spell (5 points) Burns - ability to create 'Drach Melodic Charm' (4 points) Rumi - Independent Rainwater harvester tool. (3 points) ZenTao - ability to add stories, news, quest arts and music to the MD archives (2 points) Udgard - upgrade to his item creation ability, to allow him to create usable items, and in extension items that can create other items (1 point)
  8. Champion Fighter - Nadrolski Fossil of the year - Princ Rhaegar Pre-eminent Role Player - Innocence Most Addicted - Nadrolski
  9. this year everybody get something [attachment=4332:prison cell xmas.jpg]
  10. why would one have to exclude the other? tag them both Treasure Keepers and let them work together. in this case alliance would be unnecessary burden anyway.
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