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  1. what just happened?

  2. *watches everyone*

  3. *watches everyone*

  4. *watches everyone*

  5. *watches everyone*

  6. Pray for death Ray guys thnx

  7. haha she is a man 0_o

  8. sasha the principles werent created they where discovered :/ you where worng

    1. Darigan


      Actually they were written because they could not be found

    2. Sasha Lilias

      Sasha Lilias

      Only just seen this.

      I was expecting one out of two answers. Either Mur or Akasha.

      Mur, in theory, created the in game principles whereas Akasha, if you read, went it search for knowledge on them but ended up writing them herself.

      Either way I am not wrong :) Please try again.

  9. now i cant attack in md :P:P

  10. MD doesnt work D: omg go crazy

  11. -300 sometihng rep for me beat that :P:P

  12. Sage you cant just walk out of lab there are no arrows going to it

    1. Chewett


      oh dear redneck... please learn to read announcements

    2. No one

      No one

      isn't there another way to get out ? a gate ?

  13. not that impressive>>

  14. ive never heard of a "Nuffink" in my life chewett

  15. hello

    im mello

    i like yellow

    im gonna go catch a nap young fellow

  16. y dont you geto n your ps3 anymore?

  17. im glad to see you back on i was wodering what happened to you. . . . . . . .

  18. mmhmm you have 666 posts xD

  19. i didnt rape no one^^ hes just being a butt to me for some reaosn..am i in toruble for this?

  20. redneck


    wow wow tons of snow we dont get none here!
  21. can i plz be teleported to goe

  22. alll your under the mod aprovweing thing to huh> i am too

  23. hey can you tele me to oak fort? ill pay ya 4 silvers ?

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