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  1. I know ive had this selling before but now that I am active I can watch this topic better. As title says im selling a Snowball thats 1173 days old. Id like to trade creatures. Just hit me up with what you have either forum pm or topic. Might let this go as an auction too.
  2. I want to buy 2 angiens and also a aged bird.   I want to sell a Snowball with 991 age for either a creature with equa value or usable items.   Please contact me in game or through PM on foum.   -Thanks Red
  3. Name: Redneck AD:1339 ID:151251   Sounds fun and I think i could do a good job.
  4. As topic says I want to sell the snowball I have. Any offers are allowed, the worst I can say is no.
  5. I would like to apply because I will be very active the next few days and i can give all my attentin towards the special mission. Active days: 1303 Land: Necro Land loyalty:702
  6. redneck

    Typo report/s

    There are many typos through out the game. I do believe they go in and fix them from time to time. Nobody is perfect.
  7. I thought it had always been like that.
  8. I would like the tag. The mosquito. Why? Cause I am the mosquito! And i would like a flyswatter to torture the ones that have tortured me with it in the pasT! EDIT: I would also like a resurrect item. More so id raher to have this then the other item.
  9. Selling GGdrac for 2morphs or a dark. Maybe creds just shoot me a pm and we can talk.
  10. Happy Valentines Day all MD players.
  11. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Congratz Princ Rhaegar[/font][/color]
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