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  1. @Blackshade Rider no issues , I would like to bid 5gc on one Santa and 5gc on 1 sword shade
  2. I want to pull my bid on the Pimps, all other bids stay the same
  3. 3 sc each for 2 of your Pimps
  4. I'm going to go with 16464 EDIT: 1 GC each for 2 angiens 7 silver each for 2 TS 2 sc for 2 unhly popes(including the first 2 I bidded on at first)
  5. 2 silver for both popes 4 silver for aramor tenth
  6. As title says I want to buy 2 angiens and 2 pimped grassans
  7. That is fair, I will be more active this year so I am sure there will be ample opportunities to help with other tasks.
  8. I would like to help but I'm in the same boat as Shemhazaj
  9. 2 Reanimated roots 2 Shop aramors (colored)
  10. I'm still here to every once in a while, I remember ya
  11. I know ive had this selling before but now that I am active I can watch this topic better. As title says im selling a Snowball thats 1173 days old. Id like to trade creatures. Just hit me up with what you have either forum pm or topic. Might let this go as an auction too.
  12. I want to buy 2 angiens and also a aged bird.   I want to sell a Snowball with 991 age for either a creature with equa value or usable items.   Please contact me in game or through PM on foum.   -Thanks Red
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