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  1. I have realized something. Thanks to this topic, mainly Mur and Chewett...but some others too. I simply runned away from responsibility(typo?) Setting aside idiotic talk. I must take responsibility for my actions. So i will be here to be judged and carry out my sentance. I cant just run away from things i done. So, this is what i should had typed long time ago. In my personal opinion an piece of art is not stolen as far as its not the oryginal image. If we are to redraw an..lets say Miss Venus whith certain diffrencess. It will be then ...not creative, but it will be a small low quality art image. I took this line of thought from television, or PC game clones. They are werry, werry simillar, yet if there are some details that seperate them, its not stealing. Side note, i did draw them all by myself, i didint take a ready image and photoshoped it. In my opinion that was allowed. Yet it seems majority dissagrees whith it and it makes me re-think my statement. And i didint come to a good thoought. More i feel werry ashamed. So much that i fealinside me a Must to type this down. I am sorry for this trouble that i made and i want to fix it if possible to ease the burned i have putted on other pelope. and a straightening reffeerence. Sleeper and Fallen Knight are not my alts. Yoshimo Hanada is. Lordwar/Kreen is my brother. Sleeper and FK are friends from a mmorpg.(hope to recruit more) On all above accounts i been logged at least once. At my place or on theirs (not counting china ofc..but greece, italy, germany...yes i travel alot) and yes i commonly give creatures that have age or are rare to other pelope free.Im not a fighter in MD...i dont have patience for this.. And certainly ill give creatures to person that i personally had recruited. Im shure that administrators can clearly see every little trade or transfer i made. Thinking that ill make this ..."one character dissapears and other appears" act is... ridiculus and ofending. If i would like to make a fresh start...whith new character, i would just start up my junk PC next to me, or turn on my laptop... (those 2 machines, and i have total of 5 are not touched by MD.) Let this be my clear statement that i Can make a clear character and just make a fresh start.; or i could just reset my IP overnight or ask my provider to give me a new one, or i could swich net cards, or modems.... countles possibilities to make a clear legit alt... not to mention proxy magic. But no, i want to seek atonement...make amends. Fix this mess i made..its a moral dutie that i must make...or i will not be able to look myself in the mirror. What i had done was created out of my own ignorance, not on acting whith full knowledge of what i had done. I rly....tought that what i do is...good Can i please?
  2. ok this is it: Md has pissed me for the last time im leaving pernamently, i would like to make something good by opening my account to others so they could obtain free creatures, but i cant i have in my vault avatars of Black Thorn about 10 of them, and they cant be moved to another vault (thats strange) so ill just leave this game....to much stress! you have my word that i will not return (my brother may play here some day though) this character will be opened to only Princ Readgar so he can take out avatars. bye bye md!
  3. ill make an annoucement regarding this topic claryfing it in 100% in 24 hours (cant now) and this will be settled
  4. ok this discusion is closed to me. I took insipration from some pictures every one of us can inspire whith other pictures, its not forbidden
  5. [quote] If you haven't noticed, the artworks are all by Sir Kamil. From the way he commented in his other thread, I understood it that he fully claims that his pictures are all fully original, and not stolen from anywhere. To me this isn't acceptable, what are your thoughts?[/quote] ofcourse they are not stolen, they may my inspiration, but still, i drawed them.
  6. And here is the winner's Song music for it http://www.esnips.com/doc/9bea58dd-a23d-439c-bfca-20d4014f53c9/Sad-Romance-Thao-Nguyen-Xanh Hear me cry... in this night, hear my cry! Let the waves carry my cry... im chained, alone whithout any hope.. hope of freedom, hope of love... hope of death Sea king took me away, away, away from my house and my land... bounded me, turned me, twisted me... Left forever on this rock. Sailor oh yee sailor... help is what i plea...help is what i plea... im chained alone, whith no one to keep me warm in everlasting storms of seas.... Sailor! Yee brave Sailor! Heed my call, come to me, feal my arms, my lips... my body is yours to take... just take me from here.... My eyes will know no sight but you! My lips will kiss only you! My body will be only for you! My mind will be all about you! Just take me...away ...from this rock... Sailor, brave sailor, come to taste... gods forgotten wife... Come, forget your course, forget your home... come... join me forever in a silent tomb that is the sea... What i have, is all for you.. head my call, and come to me, my beloved sailor..come to me... forget your life, forget your child...forget your wife... i am all that you desire... I am what you feel, my words for you command... .come to me...come to me...yee Sailor.... Come to me... Fell my arms , my lips, fell me sailor im here for you to take... Will you please..take me... Take me to green lands, oh i miss them so much... Sailor take me..
  7. Today is the big day :S im sooo excited! I rly want this Banjo
  8. Sadly i have to whidraw myself from this marvelous contest my work takes me to much times, darn bad luck! but ill make the movie anyway... just for show
  9. another creative contest! I even have an idea how to win.....muhahahah this contest as, some other Quality ones can add new skills or interest to the contestant :] I applaud!
  10. ok, im pretty shure i just got this. (but allways there is a chance i searched not good enough, if so, please execuse me!) so... i saw the "upload avatar" page, to see if my avies got approved took them some time to be approved (4-5 days i think) anyway, i was a bit scared when i saw this [attachment=1692:PWNED.jpg] because i know the Strict rules about clone artwork in md, so as soon as i saw it i posted to Mur a forum PM whith server time and date when i saw it, i didnt upload them twice. *edit* i forgot to add that i posted it because i didint get a reply from king mur, just in case to play safe, you get my drift, right? dont want to take the fall for this... Ok issiue taken cared of whith super-fast reply from our King Mur! topic can be closed
  11. wow that is an werry nice contest, ill do it might learn someting new from it. i wonder what will be rewards for such long term comitment?
  12. Bad news everyone! Mur does not like the beagle or the tiger avatar. Its not MD style. So no more animals (that are not MD style)(bunnies are MD style, dogs and tigers are not) King Mur sets the rules, we obey them. avatars that are not MD style will damage MD in a long term. so, pelope that had payed for the tiger and doggy pm me for refund! And please dont pay in advance more than 2sc!
  13. thats just nice thank you burns for NOT being helpfull ^^ anyway, some other players helped me whith this issiue and now i can track this better. So the payload will be traked, and no one will get hurt.
  14. that is a good idea, could you send a mail to SirKamil1986@yahoo.com whith a txt file how to do this? thanks alot!
  15. [center] [/center] [center][size="6"][font="Comic Sans MS"][quote]Savelite Quality Art Company™[/quote][/font][/size][/center] [b] [/b][center][b]Savelite corp™ is opened for busines.[/b] [b]Shop will be updated whith new stock offers reguraly[/b]. [b]We allso accept Cusom orders[/b]. [b]There is no shematic on how we work[/b]. [b] We draw what YOU want![/b] [/center] Artists working fot The Savelite corp™: Artworks from [b]Blackthorn[/b] Artworks from [b]Sir Kamil[/b] Artworks from [b]Marvolo[/b] Graphical Editing skills (example: photoshop) from [b]Blackwood Forest[/b] Customer is abliged to pay in advance 2 silver coins. Those coins are to be kept by the artist in case that the Customer changes his mind on the avatar. artworks of course contain: Custom avatars, Item pictures, artworks for your papers, basically drawings for any opportunity that you need. Master Trader of the Church - Sir Kamil post your desires here on topic,(preferably send me a forum/ingame PM) and he will contact you to make an agreement, he is dealing with all the barters and collecting payments. He sends you the Finished product. (unless its a creature. that you receve from the owner) When you order an Avatar Sir Kamil will send you ingame/forum PM whith the ATC. When you order Items remembe to supply him whith your E-Mail so he can send upload-ready item for you. [b] *payment controll is wached via "item transfer log*[/b] Creatures For Sale: 1- Pimped Grassan. No age or tokens. 2- 3 Aramors. 300+ age 3- 3 Elementals. 300+age 4- 5 Chaos Archers. 300+ age For obtaining creatures, contact Sir Kamil. Here are stock Avatars that are for sale at the moment: [attachment=1678:scan00104.gif][attachment=1679:scan0003.gif][attachment=1680:scan0004.gif][attachment=1681:scan0010.gif][attachment=1687:yyyyyyyyyyyy0004 - Kopia.gif][attachment=1685:th_scan00042 - Kopia.gif][attachment=1684:scan00103.gif][attachment=1683:scan00072.gif][attachment=1682:scan0012.gif] Avatars that were recently sold: [attachment=1671:babe1.jpg][attachment=1677:ReadyNinja1.jpg][attachment=1676:prisoner - Kopia.gif][attachment=1675:masterBbabe2.jpg][attachment=1674:dragon.jpg][attachment=1673:Bez tytułu.png][attachment=1672:Bez tytułu.gif]
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