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  1. I used GG Pass Papers while having the Medusa set + Lyzard's Tail + no name (helm = 2 def + 1 brisk) equipped. As long as Pass Papers trigger is active, on the stats page, the "Weapon sets" section, which should look like this: (note: Mythanew has not purchased any equipment. Is the above only meant as a general description, or should it only appear when such sets are present on player?) actually looks like this: - Description of the set is missing while Pass Papers are in trigger box. - This happens on players which have purchased equipment, as well as those who haven'
  2. I just checked again. You could add [goldbelt] to the list of suspects also.
  3. While trying to break Silencer: - went to East - got Absinthe Shot - wrote in chat - got drunk - error popped
  4. 2 of my alts don't show this error, with no messages in PM box. :p
  5. Already have. :p   Wanna get added to the conversation? It describes several such bugs :p
  6. This occurred when PM box was empty, I believe, and got fix as per https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3576
  7. The first part of the topic I couldn't reproduce anymore. Second part of the topic begins at post #10 and is about either   - [darkshield] not producing effects / reducing creature's defense to 0 or - some token combination which reduces creature defense to 0   First case might be more likely :p
  8. Goal reached, topic may be closed.   Also bumping the close request for this topic: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16281-buying-heated-creatures/   Thank you :P
  9. As a reference point (if that's what this is), this issue doesn't occur in Firefox
  10. Transactions concluded. Topic may be closed. Thank you.
  11. This sale is over. Transaction will follow shortly.   Rophs gets both Imps for 1 silver each = 2 silver coins. MRF gets the LR Archer for 7 silver coins.
  12. Tournament idea - very nice DOM - haven't seen, or don't remember Tag - I'd go with Sasha's Heat War instead :p
  13. Hope I'm not out of line here, but opening up this particular thread causes the following for me:
  14. On the subject of improving MP3 game play, and in light of the recent removal of story mode...   I made Mythanew in the new "age" and wound up with the baffling amounts of 1500 VE, 1000 VPs. Somehow I also managed 2 Energetic Immunity, but don't ask me how as I have no clue.   No story mode = no initial stats. Ary (I believe) mentioned this a while ago. MP3s aren't able to purchase some creatures or upgrade others unless they grind voting for quite a while, or have outside help - which they have, but not always.   A few months ago, a post was made (I can't find it) with a
  15. Tu further the idea. I'm aware that this might cause issues when/if there will be more LHOs around, in the sense that many might lose time writing away the answer to the problem in the PM.   As a solution to this, combine this system a very short reply and with the "teleport to player in need" option. Miq sees these as viable ideas; I do also, when combined.   So, to this     add the following:   --- reply comes in the form of a short message, something along the lines of: "Hello, X. I'll be right with you so we can sort this out."   At this point, 2
  16. That could happen if their numbers increase, at a possible later stage of the game :P
  17. @2 - the only issue I see with this is player being potentially assaulted by multiple responses.   I don't know if this can work as a suggestion, but I'm throwing it out there.   - player sends message via LHO button - message reaches shared inbox - multiple LHOs access the message - since it's doubtful multiple LHOs will also reply at the same time (click "send" at the exact same second) add a filter to warn LHOs that the message has already been replied to: --- LHO1 replies at 13:57 --- LHO2 attempts to reply at 13:58 but receives a warning message upon clicking "send" sta
  18. Calling all debugging teams. Houston, we have a serious problem :))   Disregard this, then. I honestly thought those numbers represented people :))
  19. Coins only. Creatures are sold if no offer has been made 24 hours after last offer, but no sooner than June 25th.   Marksmen ID: 798598 Heat: 77727 Age: 293 Tokens: none Bid starts at 6 silver coins. MRF: 7 silver coins   Imperial Aramor ID: 820193 Heat: 77625 Age: 500 Tokens: none Bid starts at 1 silver coin. Rophs: 1 silver coin   Imperial Aramor ID: 826131 Heat: 26096 Age: 225 Tokens: none Bid starts at 1 silver coin. Rophs: 1 silver coin
  20. Ally vs. Ally = lower number of rounds than Ally vs. Non Ally?
  21. Nope. Saying that the battles are treated according to the status of the caster, and the defender. Middle man has no say in the rules. This can be clarified by future tests between allied caster and allied defender. (number of rounds should be higher in this case)
  22. Ok, 1st test done.   Non-ally-player 1 casts GA on ally-player 2. Ally-player 2 attacks ally-player 3. Non-ally-player 1 casts GA on ally-player 2. Ally-player 2 attacks non-ally-player 3. Non-ally-player 1 casts GA on non-ally-player 2. Non-ally-player 2 attacks ally-player 3. Non-ally-player 1 casts GA on non-ally-player 2. Non-ally-player 2 attacks non-ally-player 3.   All fights we in the form of 6 creatures (attacker) versus 1 creature (defender) and ended because they were too long.   Result - same number of rounds in every scenario, implying that the status taken
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