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  1. It would, though I wouldn't go as far as implementin it for every scene. Only the ones that tend to stirr curiosity.
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    Turning resources into creature useable items   http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15032-turning-resources-into-creature-useable-items/   Responding surroundings through chat   http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15031-responding-surroundings-through-chat/
  3. More like receips. Say you have wood, matches, herbs, water, a pot and a spoon. Each action would take some AP - arrange wood; light it; pour water into pot; wait for it to boil; add herbs; add other spices; stirr; wait for it to cool down - result: a vial of unknown properties. It's then up to the player to find out what his or her potion does by trying it out on a creature.
  4. I've seen a simillar suggestion, but mine is a little less constructive. I was thinking of responces triggered by certain chat lines that can be categorized as passwords (e.g. password: *Player talks into the well*; responce: *bats woosh out of the well, knocking Player on his back*)   This idea has no constructive aspect whatsoever. It's just meant to raise the mood of players that are just curios about what they see in various scenes. I'm thinking such responces would give a player the curiosity to explore more places and try out more of such actions. To not give a player the impressi
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