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  1. Edited in:     Multiple, not infinite. And multiple can be adjusted to reflect MD's population at the time. Perhaps even coded to set its own values in accordance to the number of current active gatherers.   And when multiple depleters with no purpose arise, what happens? Say MD gets an influx of people, and several of them decide to take care of everything.   Several = different time zones. They each grab a Herbs Basket (since so many are available) and get to work, keeping everything at 0 all the time. The situation is quite possible. What does one do if they wan
  2. Not a smaller cool down. I figured it could store multiple so called perpetrators it would activate for. If it's to use a cool down, then perhaps have separate instances of cool down for each target it stores?   Duration doesn't even need to be too long. Folks would just have to learn when to use it, a.k.a. figure the patterns of depleters. :p
  3.   Notice that the first option was the very one you proposed. :p It's laid out that way = inability to collect from land, instead of inability to collect from scene because it's thought as a land tool. 1 day from an entire land does kind of sound overpowered. Whatever's overpowered can be reduced. :p   So if you scrape off the jail option, what else is overpowered? :p It even gives you a fighting chance: collect and run before you get caught, lol.
  4. It can't just be that the suggestions are overpowered... that's simple to solve, you reduce timers, casts, make it more difficult to obtain... there are many ways to nerf an overpowered ability. But that first suggestions was simply blown out of the water, as if the concept itself wasn't viable. At least, that's what it looked like to me..   As for the second suggestion, it's actually quite similar to what you had in mind (post 2), spiced up with a few details :-/   But how (if) it will be coded depends on feedback regarding the current situation. If it's ok or not. :P   E
  5. Whoaaa, hold on a bit. This was in no way directed only at you. :P   I've seen the hours you're on to deplete, so I pretty much know that you're on it 5-9 hours before regen ticks.   This is a generic observation made after I've hauled almost all of the Memory Stones this past week, through the method described above. Were I a Golemian, I could pretty much monopolize the stones. Same with MB and water. Because I have this advantage of being able to get there before (almost) everyone else. (coupled with the advantage of lots of spare time at work) (edited in: this may apply to a f
  6. This has nothing to do with speed.   If you just happen to be in an appropriate timezone, you'll manage to get up and deplete whatever your heart desires, as long as you have the tools to do so, which, if I may add, are plenty; including independent ones.   You can be the king of grinders and still be beat to the point by someone who just happens to wake up just when resource regen ticks.   I get it. People get strong. If they wish to deplete, they do so. If they're asked nicely, they might stop, but then again, they might not if they don't like you enough. So a counter me
  7. I am using them. Sometime I manage to get the bucket and am thrilled when I actually get to use it. Other times it's for naught.   It's an attempts against depletion, not for it.
  8. Attempt no. 2 :D   You know how each land has these so called cleansers which help dispose of the unwanted?   I'm thinking of an item with a set of rules applied to it. Basically, these items would only work if the rules scripted to them were broken.   Example: - location has 15/15 Herbs - land X rules state no collecting after 2/3 has been reached - location gets brought down to 9/15 Herbs by player A - land item stores player A inside some database, basically activating for that player only, as well as for that day only - action is NOT automatic; items is activated,
  9. Myth

    Q&A: Rain

    At about 12:00 today, a 20-30 minute mild rain took place. Quite possibly triggered by system, considering activity.   Refills were quite low: - 0/5 became 1/5 - 1/8 became 2/8 - 0/10 became 2/10 - 0/15 became 2/15 - 0/20 became 3/20 - 0?/60 became 8/60
  10. Round 1 has ended! Unfortunately, only 4 out of 6 took place in this round. There 2 null scores.   I must make this clear: entirely null scores will not be considered when prizes will be distributed.   [hr]   Round 2 has begun!   As before, Myth will be stationed at Meeting of the Roads. Give him a nudge if he's around but daydreaming. :P If that doesn't work, try Asthir - usually hangs around the Gazebo.   Round 2 details are 2 posts up. (last post on the first page)   [hr] Round 3 details - Double Twist! Once again, you have 2 options. This time
  11. Ok... theory: (:p)   Person with skill damage: 10 stats at -100   Use CB. Result: 1 stat at -910, 9 stats at -10 = irrelevant, since negative stats are 0 anyway   Use suggestion above. Result: 10 stats at +100 - very relevant to person in question :p   I fail to see how those 2 results are similar :p
  12. Doesn't CB take (almost) all stats and puts them on a random one = if it were to be used when in skill damage, wouldn't the user have a massive loss in one stat instead of what they had before?
  13. It's possible all 4 lands can be involved, if members of lands with no capitols get distributed so that teams even out numerically.   Edit: - player distributions would fall under game master directive - if technical (code) mechanics of TC revolve around a "citizenship" requirement - I have no idea if it works like that or not - this could be replaced by a "temporary land tag" requirement, so as to not have people switch lands
  14. Myth

    Q&A: Rain

    Provided depletion occurred as expected, water levels this morning (following a rain cast of unknown - to me - duration) were:   - 0/10 became 6/10 - 0/20 became 6/20 - 0/60 became 12/60   Throwing % idea away.   New theory: a threshold of X max water at which regeneration gets doubled. Comes in 3 steps: - 5-9 max water = normal regeneration - 10-[value?] max water = normal regeneration * 2 - [value?]-[value?] max water = normal regeneration * 4   This can't be tested between steps 2 and 3, since there are no in between max water values from 20 to 60. However,
  15. Only a day and a half remain until Round 1 ends. So far, 2 out of 6 have competed.   Still waiting for Nad, Neno, Rophs and Wideberth.   I'll be active: - tonight after 20:00 ST; - tomorrow, between 09:30 and 17:00 ST - sporadically; - tomorrow, after 21:00 ST   Not competing yields a null score. Negative scores are much more difficult to gain since the system was reworked.   If you don't see Myth, Asthir will surely be around. :p
  16. Myth

    Q&A: Rain

    This morning, Fenth Beach and Golem's Mill were both at 0 Water. I think there was only 1 cast of rain through the day.. in any case, Fenth Beach went up to 5, while Golem's Mill went to 12. I don't know how long the rain lasted, but that's giving me a % refill feeling.   Edit: though the numbers don't exactly add up... that's a 25% refill for 1 scene, and 20% for another...
  17. When did this get fixed? I'm now seeing correct stats added in combat while under burst effect.
  18. Well that's rather unfortunate.. looks like I no longer have the actual log. Only notes on it. Here they are:   Battle 1 *creatures arranged in ascending ID order   Attacker - Asthazar Slot 1 - Barren Soul - ID 842635 Slot 2 - Barren Soul - ID 842636 Slot 3 - Barren Soul - ID 842637 Slot 4 - Water Being I - ID 842638 Slot 5 - Water Being I - ID 842639 Slot 6 - Water Being I - ID 842640 Defender - Sy Slot 1 - Barren Soul - ID 842629 Slot 2 - Barren Soul - ID 842630 Slot 3 - Barren Soul - ID 842631 Slot 4 - Water Being I - ID 842632 Slot 5 - Water Being I - ID 842633
  19. Tests already done. That doesn't happen. The ID order is sporadic at best...   I think I have a test log at home with 12 x 0 init creatures. Will check and post it as soon as I can
  20. Currently, creatures act in order of initiative. If initiative is the same, PHP decides who goes first.   Is this second step alright, or should it be changed to something which can be determined, such as slot number, to name one example?
  21. Aaah... sorry, missed the "could".   But yes, it needs to be sorted out simply because it's a game system, and it makes no sense to have PHPs internal scripting mechanisms determine how a game system works.   Moreover, this system was at some point meant to be understood, and this becomes impossible when the parameters are no longer a part of the game, but the program it was built in instead. (unless you have knowledge of how that program works, of course)   I like the idea referring to multiple such filters. It makes sense that lower VE would imply lower strength. Slots c
  22. I'm still confused as to how that sorting actually happens. Two battles with the following ritual:   Attacker: 2 Water Guardian I + 2 Dark Archer vs. Defender: 1 Water Guardian I + 3 Dark Archer   In Target Strong (damage, so as to not alter strength), WGs from both sides get hit. Now I get it, they're stronger. But, highest ID is picked on the attacker's team.   Target Weak, which went after the DAs, in the fight above, hit the lowest ID on the attacker's side and the highest on the defender's side. So why did the happen?   After removing a creature type (the WG)
  23. Then might I suggest a second filter, to make it possible to determine by players, and not PHP's mood?
  24. On which part in particular? I'm quite sure the 1st filters for weak/strong are inaccurate compared to their in-game descriptions. So, the CID/ID part?
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