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  1. Hello everyone, Do you realize that you can be an important part in spreading the greatness of this realm? Yes you can, just by tweeting things about the game or just retweeting the post from MagicDuel's official Twitter account. As simple as that. I understand that not everyone here use Twitter, but for those who use it or will start using it, keep in mind that every single tweet or retweet from you will be very helpful. One tweet or retweet in a day, it's not too hard. Don't mind how many follower you have now, because it's not about how many people out there see or hear about MagicDuel, it's more about how consistent and militant we are in voicing and showing it. You can follow MagicDuel's official Twitter account here: https://twitter.com/magicduel You can also check its Facebook Fanpage here: https://facebook.com/magicduel Let's keep the realm alive and open for everyone. Big thanks for all your help. -Popp
  2. I vote for yes. If you look at this from the point of view of those who have been here for years and understand fully that balancing fights, grind stats, honoring can be achieved in certain ways and situations, of course DoT becomes less important. But I remember that the first time I played this game was about collecting creatures, training them and fighting to improve stats. At that moment we all remember that there are certain times where we avoid fights for various things. What I mean is, let's think about new players too, some or maybe all will go through that phase, it's true that not all new players who coming are those who want to fight, some of them are also people who come because of the uniqueness of MagicDuel namely role-playing, even by knowing this also we can understand that DoT is part of both things, battle and RP. So I think letting it stay there is a good thing, regardless of whether or not it is necessary. Besides, the "useful" meant here is not just for the old players right? Cheers. Big thanks, -Popp
  3. I would like to go for the Reindrach, 1 Gc and 18 Sc.
  4. You know, when you are so communicative and cheerful in Venus language to those people who are actually a Martians. A w k w a r d.
  5. So all this time i'm just waiting for something that will never come. Haha. Forgive me.
  6. Greetings all, I've just been back active for almost a week now, since then I settled in Gates of Ages while occasionally taking a walk around No Mans Land and stopped at Paper Cabin for a while. I waited there, in case there were new players coming, but sadly, none of them came. I missed greeting new players, answering their questions, encouraging them. If I can add it, I miss the moment when I become a staff at Sparring Ground, helping all the new players. I understand that over time things will change, some come and go, but it seems like there are so many who leave but hardly anyone comes. Can anyone explain why? I'm sure there must be a way to solve this problem. How can i help? What can i do? Watching this and doing nothing, as if I was helping to kill this realm slowly. One thing about those who decided to leave, based on my experience, I no longer have much time and ability to sit for long in front of the monitor and play, which is why I stopped long enough from MD. Now I play through my cellphone / gadget, that's why now I can always be online and active. I think that's one of the many problems that other veterans feel. They are not bored, they just do not have time as before. I love this game, no matter how long and far I go, I always miss this place, miss all my old friends, I keep coming back. I'm writing this because I'm sad, that's all. -Popp
  7. I've thought about it, I guess I'll just give the creatures to the relatively new players, because I guess you veterans don't really need it, you even have creatures that are far more cool than that I remember that day, where several things here tends to be quite easy, I still remember very well where as a "free" player it was so hard for me to get those creatures, it was really a tough time. So, for young players, in any level, especially those who have not been able to buy their credit easily but really enthusiastic about the game, come to me and grab your creature. I know, you guys will think this is a non-educational thing since Magic Duel is not an ordinary game and indeed it should be difficult. but hey, this is a give away, so for once in a while I guess this won't be a problem.
  8. I've decided to clean up and remove all my Alt accounts (after almost 9 years, ended up with 30 accounts, hundreds creatures, thousands fights, tons of violations and countless memories), shame on me. All their items and creatures goes to the treasury which i'm pretty sure will be used for the good sake of MD(?). But, i still got some classic common creatures (sorry but all those high-end-fancy-strawberry-ice-cream-creatures are goes to the other way ahaha) I can't sell them and i'm not the Complicated-quest-guru kind of player, so i think i'll just give them away. If you need one of them, let me know.. In your most funny and absurd way. *wink* Angien | Age: 1904 Days, Heat: 1533241 Tormented Soul | Age: 1827 Days, Heat: 1857410, Token: Claw 1, Claw 2 Pimped Grasan | Age: 1834 Days, Heat: 720537, Token: Claw 1, Claw 2 Grasan #1 | Age: 1825 Days, Heat: 491292, Token: Claw 1, Claw 2 Grasan #2 | Age: 1826 Days, Heat: 540284, Token: Claw1, Claw 2 Winderwild #1 | Age: 2115 Days, Heat: 1124691, Token: Claw 1, BlackDiamonds Winderwild #2 | Age: 2074 Days, Heat: 3019278 Imperial Aramor #1 | Age: 2028 Days, Heat: 1605883, Token: Claw 1 Imperial Aramor #2 | Age: 2131 Days, Heat: 936617 Imperial Aramor #3 | Age: 2018 Days, Heat:1350091, Token: Claw 1 Imperial Aramor #4 | Age: 1824 Days, Heat: 281149, Token: Claw 1, Claw 2, Blooddrop 1, Blooddrop 2, Blooddrop 3, Black Diamonds Imperial Aramor #5 | Age: 1836 Days, Heat: 1571251, Token: Claw 1, Claw 2, Blooddrop3, Osiris Belt MD Shop Joker | Age: 1845 Days, Heat: 1286937 MD Shop Remains/Tree | Age: 1190 Days, Heat: 0 Big thanks, -Popp
  9. Hello, In case you guys still looking for it, i'm available. Yes, i can handle those things, that's my job. I work as a social media strategyst for some creative agency here. Don't mention about payment, i have spare time. Just give me the contents. Big thanks, -Popp
  10. [size=3][b]5 Silvers for the sharpie [/b][/size]
  11. Considering that the gate was in fact not open for the public before, the AP 240 is actually too low, can even be said to be a gift. Active player with more than 300 days can be passed with just one click. So basically everyone will get through (in and out) easily someday, if anyone complained that it is too high simply because there is no way they could reach 240 AP by max AP that they has now (even after adding them in any way they can.) It's simple.. Keep active, and you'll be able to get through it with ease. And I agree with * Burns *, I'm very curious how the end result to Necrovion's. AP cost as high as that for Necro's gate is a joke.
  12. happened to me also 4-5 hours ago if i don't mistake, happened for 3 times every 15-20 minutes play.
  13. Since Neno did that, put my name in also as a sponsor
  14. A Dark Archer? [color="#999999"] ID:606660 [/color] [color="#999999"] ID:606666 [/color]
  15. I'm asking for permission to join the Team Bunny..
  16. Poppi Chulloz, more than 100 AD. "Because... You'll be surprised to see with what i can do..?"
  17. Well what can we say? Based on the storymode we all woke up naked as a male (thank God), So.. you're a male! ok, ok.. how about this, just imagine you're a female BUT with a male orientation, so you've been cut off your hair and wearing a male's wardrobe. So just close your eyes and pretend that you're a male..,Done! LOL *Honestly.. I rather call that being as Unisex.
  18. Nah, the TC is good, been created with a good purpose and concept (not much important so far but good). TC means you grab your torch get into enemies land and put the torch in there, that's it. So you must be able to go in there whatever MP level you are. So beside to get rid off it i suggest to just fix the bugs, so player that still holding the torch in enemies land/territory teleported back automatically to the GoE or somewhere else when the TC officially over, thats not too hard (i think). Oh, and in other words, i vote no. *Btw i know i'm not playing anymore but hey, Marind Bellerz! Go get some scores will ya?! The greatest land with minus scores? (v_v)b
  19. Leave the credits sit doing nothing isn't silly, taking or using other people credits without permission is. Artisans guild no longer exist, but some of the former member still here, they're speak here without using their old Artisans attribute, not for the credits or any benefit, but for respecting they who already spent their money. If you not agree to give it back to the donators or to leave it alone, then just let Mur make it dissapear with all the artisans treasury name and access also. *I'm very grateful to be me, which not measure something by its price. And Fenrir why dont you say something? So you just opened this and ran away?
  20. Solving what? there's no any problem to solve for. It's more to a suggestions i think, there is some option above and the most fit so far (as Amoran said) is give 'em back to the donators or let the artisans keep 'em as their treasury.
  21. That Jason avy is mine. Not in use but still in my [b]v[/b]ault. *LOL..thanx..chew,i.supposed.you.have.to.edit.this.one.too?
  22. [b]feeding all my cows and chickens..[/b]
  23. I like Tipu's idea about no access to MD Shop For MP3 And yes February must advance, to MP4 minimum.. Unless he no longer have the ability to attack MP3 players then alright if he stay.
  24. That's a neat work Apo, if i may give some input.. You don't have to draw it as a conventional shovel, make it more smaller, easy to handle, a "killer" shape for the digging end, try to add a little bit "dangerous" appeareance, ..well..if i'm wrong and missed Phan's orientation, then forgive me... Check this modern type one, you may improve and give some modification so getting closer to MD type, it looks scary already : http://tf2wiki.net/w/images/1/1b/Shovel_IMG.png
  25. [quote name='Yoshi' date='23 July 2010 - 08:12 PM' timestamp='1279915949' post='64451'] yeah, unless your forced to use only newly aquired crits T.T [/quote] [b]Capped..?[/b]
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