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  1. oh my.. i noticed your posts are somehow selfish.. and one-sided.. Burns, u have to have a way of proving that 20 mp3s were involuntarily, unknowingly capped, and under undue force! otherwise, this petition is ridiculous, a plain joke. as for the others' comments.. they all say he's "not an mp3" mp3.. and they keep airing senseless ideas.. feb has done no wrong.. and still you insist he has done something wrong.. he has attained great knowledge at mp3.. so what? it's never your choice to decide for feb. in fact, he helps mp3s, as he had said. where's the sin in that?
  2. suppose that attacking a torch competitor of same land is allowed, now what would that have proved?killing your comrades for..?
  3. [quote name='phantasm' date='09 January 2010 - 10:20 PM' timestamp='1263046835' post='52293'] 2 silver for the water being [/quote] deal, phantasm..
  4. [quote name='redneck' date='07 January 2010 - 07:20 AM' timestamp='1262820032' post='52049'] how much for the elemental, that one would come in handy [/quote] what will you offer for the elemental?
  5. Age is an essential aspect of Magicduel. With age, lots of features are unlocked, both directly and indirectly. One such feature is upgrading. With my blanket of somewhat basic creatures spread and ready for trade, what YOU'll need are only wins and xp. I doubt it will hardly make YOU sweat. I want to trade/sell a few of my aged creatures collection.. chaos archer: 270+ age. grasan: 250+ to 60 age range. x12 (a dozen) elemental: 100+ age. colored joker: 90+ age. Xwater beingX: 80+ age. SOLD blood pact archer: 10+ age. do post your offers. or pm me in-game. well, posting here works much better. honestly, im looking for rare crits too! anyhow, we'll try to arrange things. thanks!
  6. the crit is somehow removed from the ritual. but the ritual in turn doesnt get forgotten since it was not destroyed. i think.
  7. number twelve. or the numeral 12. xD
  8. those alt accounts unrelated or unconnected to the said occurrence should never have been banned. it is absolutely unjustifiable! the issue to be addressed.. why ban UP's other alt accounts whereas he only used mp2s in the event? and to think that the use of such mp2s were for a selfless motive..for a greater cause.. for the benefit of the many! his purpose obviously outweighs his alleged crime. this, in a sense, may be paralleled to the good samaritan law.. xD also this situation is just one of the many proofs that the end does justify the means..
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