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    pretty much everything in MD.. but since it's still developing, some may find that ridiculous xD
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  1. i'm looking for one that has atleast 120 age after transfer please. replies on both in-game and forum are welcome. will accept lowest offer
  2. do i have to say it?
  3. i'll be waiting for you to come back online at YiM as always try to not fail me. >.>
  4. [quote name='dst' date='28 April 2010 - 04:04 PM' timestamp='1272441891' post='58779'] I am surprised on how you, the researchers and users of old lore, haven't found out who killed Marind yet . That says a lot about your skills, i guess... And with the lack of skills comes ignorance. And to cover that you cling to something that gives you stability (although it is an apparent stability given by lack of information). So I guess I understand why everybody shouts that banning old lore was the worst move possible. To be honest, until maybe a week ago I never have fully read the story. Or I did but in diagonal (skipping parts and reading few words in a phrase etc). That was of great help because I was not dragged into the "ancient lore hysteria". Now, let it go. In 2 years that I have been playing I learned to trust Mur's decisions even if at first they seem chaotic, they make no sense, they seem unfair etc etc. Have some faith people! [/quote] he wouldn't "preserve" such info for 5 years for nothing.
  5. [quote name='Chewett' date='28 April 2010 - 02:01 PM' timestamp='1272434468' post='58766'] Everyone can point at everyone else and blame them, for we are all partially to blame. Most Vets would *LIKE* the old lore back because that meant you had things to rely on, to research and to build off of. But, When you realise WHY you cant have the ancient lore, it makes a lot of sense. Its no point letting someone write a story and keep it as [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_(fiction)"]canon[/url] because it wont fit it. Take the Ancient lore as it is, a nice story, that COULD fit into MD very well, But then fact is its not offical and you have to ignore its effect. And naming people always makes things worse, for then you have a target for anger and it becomes a witchhunt. Which is even more pointless because it seems that Mur has already made up his mind. [/quote] i agree. :< which is precisely why i said for us to try and understand why he's doing this instead.. and uhh.. try not to add more to the fire. and.. oh yeah- if opinions are welcomed, coming from an almost fresh player.. i wouldn't want something as sensitive as that to be spread out. the essence of the story would be pretty much.. rendered pointless- thus, i could only think of an ending where as the game losing a good storyline because of this if all this goes out of hand. i really do wish that doesn't happen.. but ironically, this is the best thing i can do. say whats on my mind. all i can do now is wait.
  6. let's try looking at different perspectives before we accuse anyone.. I just hope this doesn't grow to some big trouble. [edit] dont get me wrong. Oo i don't like the secret to be spread too.. but what i meant was, consider why he is doing this too-
  7. [quote name='Grido' date='04 April 2010 - 11:23 PM' timestamp='1270394594' post='57621'] (belated) no, it's alt abuse, even outside of HC it's not allowed and someone (stupidly) did it to me before [/quote] lol that's one heck of a way of saying it
  8. lol, and i even made a ruckus about it on the mood panel curse april first~!! XD <~ february? lol ~> [attachment=1540:toinks hahaha.jpg]
  9. oh... i finally get to read something about this so many combinations..
  10. [quote name='dst' date='31 March 2010 - 10:34 PM' timestamp='1270046042' post='57245'] Fictional situation:it's HC. You have 2 accounts. One that has already won HC (called X) and one that hasn't (called Y). Are you allowed to use X to attack a player that has heads then to use Y to attack the same player? [/quote] very good point.. some may do that now- if it is allowed.. in personal opinion though, its kind of cheating?.. i still see that as alts benefiting from main accounts.. right?
  11. [quote name='Burns' date='09 January 2010 - 02:02 AM' timestamp='1262973731' post='52224'] lol, hello again... no poking me! =P [/quote] *poke* (ahh... the nature of the ever impudent youth... lol )
  12. Its age at the moment is 198.. as of Server time: Jan 08 19:34:06 ~ Day: 7 Year: 5 ~ here's a screeny: [attachment=1412:angien egg.jpg] (on a side note... ~Burns: hello. nice to see you again , lol)
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