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  1. I'll give you move lock, attack lock and locate for free. You know how to Contact me.
  2. I dont know if this has been reported before or if its intentional, but i recently tried an mp3 alt account. The interface seems to have presumed that I already have 100 wins, 100 losses and 500 honour points even though I dont. Now the quest page just has an xp requirement.
  3. yes yes. Your humour is not dead. Since you clearly chose to joke using a meme. Talking about memes, that one didnt seem that neutral to my eye. Oh wait. You also say that it was in a serious tone? Were you being humorous? or serious? Or were you being serious about being humorous? Or humorous about being serious? Bleh. Maybe you were just hurt so bad to see a negative rep. Who knows? Also, why are you being touchy about Eon's post? He didnt claim to be your king. I dont see any easterners asking for you to speak up for them either. Unless you were chosen as an ambassador for voicing out their thoughts secretly. Or unless you aim to sow some kind of discord. Or unless you want to run for kingship of the East and didnt like the baton being passed over to Sunny? Heh.. Whatever the reason is, point is, Verbal diarrhoea. Thats it. Nimrodel can suggest that Mr. A is a brainless Ass. Does that make Mr. A a brainless ass? Matter of opinion. Some would laugh about it. Some would cry. Some would pass some other comment in a serious and neutral tone. Some would give out a prejudiced reply. Me - I will always love you Empress Eon... Disclaimer: This was not an invite to a fight. Just voicing my views in the politest possible way. I'll try to improve on my diplomatic skills if this hurts the feelings of little shmshs. please no be mad chew. *puppy dog eyes*
  4. Honestly guys... Did your part of the brain which provides neural impulses for 'humour'die? Jeez...
  5. >.> See eon? People really don't share my sense if humour. Hell I laughed a bit reading sephi's post. Couldnt you have done the same Grido? But meh. Not like this is something new. It's a tradition to dig out stuff in md. It'll continue. I have done a lot of that crap too. cheers!!
  6. Yes.. sorry life has been crazy busy. I assisted three major surgeries the other night which got over at 6 am.. so slept all the way from 5pm after work to 8 am today morning >_>
  7. Or wait. I think the whole set excluding the tea costs 4g 1s? Correct me if I'm wrong. Is it ok if I pay that much??
  8. But that's ok. Please omit the gold from the resource list. That should make it a total of 2g 13s?
  9. Chunk of gold at 2gc?? Value of one pure gold is equivalent to 1gc. That's how the revival and murder weapons use it btw.
  10. How can you accept both our bids? My bid included the uncut diamonds and clock bid for the diamonds and the mask.
  11. 3 gold for all the resources except tea
  12. I'll buy all your resources except tea. That's 42s? Meaning 2g 12s?
  13. Happy birthday! As for the gift... get me a new quest with another wishpoint as a return gift ! I'll give you the gift of completing it then!
  14. So as the topic says, I'd like to buy or commission an avatar for Esmerelda. She is a shy bookworm who spends most of her time in the MDA Archives. If you have an avatar in the shop that you think might suit her, or if you are skilled enough to draw one for her, please send me a copy of the avatar in FORUM PM. I will pay in creds as Esme doesnt really have gold of that sorts.
  15. ~ Toy Skateboard ~ #The script associated with this item ('heatvein') can't be found.
  16. Barren isle Isla Aramoris Isla Drachonis Hollow's hole
  17. So yes. I am taking a break from the game. Might be temporary, might be permanent. Excuse my bitchiness in the game and my rude behavior in the game because a certain recent turn of events has made me realize what really matters to me and what shouldn't matter to me but for some reason it is mattering. So maybe taking a break from the game will help. Apologies to @Mallos. let me know about the leash on skype. I'll hire you if/when I come back. If the offer still stands. Those who are happy with this, you know who you are, good for you. See you when I see you.
  18. In my original plan, I wanted the toy chest to produce a consumable which was also a toy - like a board game, a plushies, a playing card, an action figurine or a marble. We could also add a broken toy item as a consumable. Btw- the bump wasn't for you Mur. It was for people to give more ideas
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