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  1. Coiled snake skin, half a tambourine, Marind's tea cup, mood switch, stuffed toy panda, yarn total offer of: 15sc?
  2. Blue prints: Loneliness : wart hog Rejection: kyuubi Tall Library shelves: A squishy pool of blood and gore?
  3. Loneliness: Baobab:short and thin withering trunk. Angler Fish: red light from.the fleshy outgrowth Black widow spider: enlarged venomous glands dripping of purple venom Platypus: Huge claws Tyrannosaurus: Neon Red teeth which gleam in darkness Rejection: Raflessia: Huge petals extending from one end of the forest to other. Great White Shark: Huge Neon Red teeth Anaconda: thick hide like a rhinoceros Dodo: Huge head and brain like me gaming Mammoth: huge canines growing downwards instead of tusks. Tall library Shelves: Teak: fragile withering crumbling wood Blue whale: tiny size Brontosaurus: becomes carnivorous Ostrich : beak as hard as metal Giraffe: helical neck
  4. Loneliness: Baobab tree - angler fish - tyrannosaurus - black widow spider - platypus Rejection: Rafflesia - Great white shark - Anaconda - dodo - Mammoth Tall Library shelves: Teak - Blue Whale - Brontosaurus - Ostrich - Giraffe
  5. Apparently I can Loneliness Rejection Tall library bookshelves
  6. Can I still participate? Seems interesting
  7. Nimrodel

    WTB Items

    I can sell an angry mask 5s?
  8. Nimrodel

    For Sale

    Faceless chewett goes higher.
  9. Nimrodel

    For Sale

    Sold to Rider... I'll be at bob.
  10. Nimrodel

    For Sale

    I have six Marksmen for sale (coloured LR archers level 1) 1. 847138 (274 d) 2. 847139 (274 d) 3. 794031 (973 d) 4. 794033 (973 d) 5. 794034 (973 d) 6. 794036 (973 d) Each will be sold separately unless someone offers a total bid of 5g. Then the whole bunch will be sold stat. Will be sold to the highest bidder only if the price is satisfactory.
  11. Hey guys, Its me again taking a hiatus. The last time I wanted to take a break was because some in game events upset me a lot. But this time its different. My RL is making it very difficult for me to dedicate even limited hours to MD. Final year of post graduation with night duties, surgeries and superspeciality entrance exams to prepare for is making me extremely busy. I have a number of Roles in MD that I must fulfill and a lot of promises that I've made to People. I was tryiing to avoid the whole "bye for now" thing mainly because I had a bleak hope that I could handle MD time too along with my daily activities. I really wanted to make it to mp6 and stay there for a while. Apologies to all my adepts. Feel free to adept anyone you want to. I am really sorry for not being able to fulfill my promise to you guys. Apologies to Zleiphnier and Mallos. I know I agreed to participate in your plans and help you out with them. But rather than giving you people False hopes, I'd rather prefer you had someone more active help you out. Blackshade, I can't be a judge anymore. Apologies for that too. Land Leaders of MDA and East, please PM me the details of whom you want the tools to be transfered to (If it works that way. I have no idea if it does. Someone please confirm from Mur/Chewett) No i will not be giving away my stuff or lend my stuff to anyone while i am inactive. I have full intentions of coming back time to time. Just not now. I will responding to all PMs in Forum. No promises for the ones in game. Thank you folks. I will miss you
  12. not sure if its the same thing, got it today as well : Comes every single time I log in. Can be reproduced on opera and firefox.
  13. Disclaimer : all characters in this story are fictional and any relationship to the living or dead is purely coincidental. So there was this govt and it passed a law without foresight regarding a certain small loophole. Whether it was intentional or unintentional no one knew. When the loophole came into light, the officials were approached. Victims were told that the loophole and any advantages or disadvantages arising from it couldn't be corrected because people would lose faith in the credibility of the govt if they kept changing things, even if the accused seemed to be at fault. The victim decided to sympathise with the govt and keep her mouth shut. But history repeated itself. And this time, the issue was brought out in public. And govt. Still decided to give no comment regarding the complaint. People lost faith in them anyway. And the loophole kept on getting exploited. Now., Something in relation with the topic, I thought the judges were free to pass judgement without interference of mur and chewett regarding which issue they could select and which they couldn't? I don't see dst's voice anywhere regarding the issue?
  14. Hippocrisy much? Really. Also , I call upon DST and burns too to pass a judgement.
  15. Arrrhhh... We be secretive..
  16. I was given some interesting answers about this issue when I talked to mur and chewett. One was extremely interesting. And oh - Yes higher ups. Us bitches are crying because we be jealous... <Insert sarcastic laugh>
  17. As many of you know, I am looking forward to going mp6, for reasons most of you know. All my adepts, You people have been loyal and faithful despite the fact that there has been no mp6 recently, owing to the fierce competition between me and Syrian for the spot and lack of adequate number of players for both of us to make it there at the same time. Yet I have a bit of finances, resources and spells to help most of you. So if you could start laying out your requests for me as an mp6, I could start working on them from now onwards depending on the priority/ urgency/ importance etc.Feel free to pm me IN FORUM or post here. If it is something I can't do till I get to mp6, then apologies. You'll have to wait. But it will surely make it up to the list :). Waiting for your requests. Don't care if they are big or small. Please let me know if I can help you out.
  18. saved a person's life by doing a successful gastric perforation closure. ^__^
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