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  1. Hmm... Long list... *walks around the thread taking orders* Rhaegar targarye- 1 sugar cookie. Grido - 1 sugar cookie jazira - hmm. What do you want? Sugar cookie or pineapple pastry Phantasm- one sugar cookie Marvolo- *pokes* no flirting with the waitress.. one sugar cookie and i dint steal yours. Dst- *looks up* its nt a lie. i have experience working as a cook under lady isolda and Ms Mcvitie. My ex master Malichi gave me a secret recipe to the sugar cookies! *puts on her apron and goes to the oven and bakes a batch of cookies* *distributes to everyone* Cheers! erm..what did you want dst and kriskah?? Cookie or cake?
  2. So i welcome myself! Anyone else who welcomes me will get a free sample of my freshly baked pineapple pastry or sugar cookie with blue ale supplied by stormrunner! I know you will whine bout the blue ale stormy. Please do this for your sister!!
  3. For Grido: thank you! Glad to know that i am amusing! for kriskah arcanu: thank you K! I would love to have one of those cages! for stormy: *points at k's post and turns to stormy* Read that demon boy!! I am tough! I am NOT CUTE! *glares* And me and my werewolf boy.. *blush* I mean me and Marv *still blushing* Do not cause trouble for you!! Only I do!! I mean if not me Whoelse would storm? Apart from your clumsy little sister? Coz i know you are always there.. (can hear everyone say 'aww..' from behind and turns to glare at them with a look meaning 'I am not cute. If you dont have drachorns i'll dope your grasans') for Chewett I guess i'll contact virtuous Pride in case the Mods get those before me! In case he is active. XD. I am sure he can concoct a viagra similar potion for me.. Of course though his quests are laborious.. for Moony: I would never do that to jura! He is too young. Wait for a few days. Then all I'll need is a cage and no viagra. XD MWAHAHAHA! here is dedication number two for stormy: Dont hurt her/ him. Else i'll rip your soul apart and feed you to knator commander..
  4. I am NOT CUTE! *points at her tiny biceps* I'l feed your old drachorn with 50 sacs of viagra and lock you in the cage with him! *flicks storms nose again* Hey jazira! Pleased to meet your aquaintance!
  5. I would like to start with lovecraft. Please guide me as to which book i should start with...
  6. Ok. I am not going to be all soppy soap opera style sister. But here is a thread dedicated all to him! I know he always has the PL to get comments on. But then thats limited! So here is a dedication: 1. *flick on his nose*
  7. Hello.. new to the forum thingy So.. erm.. i guess i would like to Participate..
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