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  1. As the title says its a regular Hangman style tournament with a few tweaks. You have a Sick patient and you need to save him!! What do you have to do to be a part of it? Register! Post your Player name and Player ID here in the thread to get registered. The registration ends on 18th of this month at 11.59 ST. Then you will be pitted against each other. So what so you do in this game? 1. You gather 3 words for 3 rounds for this game. Each word should've been mentioned somewhere in the MD Wiki. It should be less than 15 letters in total. Can be a set of multiple words like 'Marind Bell' but should be less than 15 letters in total. The word should not be a player's name and should not contain any special characters in it. 2. I have my 3 words. What next? You will go against a player selected randomly for 3 rounds per player. Before the start of each round, the opposing player will send me the word by FORUM pm. I will present the word to the attempting player to guess. For example, if the opposing player gave me the word Marind Bell, I will present the word to the attempting player as - _/_/_/_/_/_ + _/_/_/_ The attempting player will Guess one letter. For example 'L'. Then I will mark all the L's in the word and present the letter as _/_/_/_/_/_ + _/_/L/L If the person guesses a wrong letter, For example 'Z', It counts as 1 strike against the attempting person. Each player gets upto 9 strikes in total over all the three rounds. 10th wrong attempt will mean the game will end irrespective of how many rounds are remaining. Unless you have certain Tools. 3. You mentioned Tools! What are they? Each Player will get 5 tools to help them out during the course of the game. They are: 1. Murder: Kill the Man Instantly. Can be used by the opposing player at any point of the game. Attempting player loses the round instantly. 2. Slice off a Limb: Can be used by the opposing player at any point of the game. Adds a strike from the attempting team's total number of guesses. After the round is over, the effect gets canceled and the original strike count is back into consideration. For example, if the Attempting player has 8 strikes will now. And the opposing player wants to slice a limb off, the total strikes of the attempting player will increase to 9 for that round and the next mistake means he is out of the game. However if he manages to complete that round, his total strike count goes back to 8. 3. Xray: The attempting player can use this at any point of the game. Select one empty slot. All the slots with the same letter in the word will be exposed. 4. Antibiotic: The attempting player can use this at any point of the game. Their strike count reduces by one for that particular round. After the round, the strike count gets back to the original count. for example, if the attempting player has 9 strikes, they can use this tool to reduce their strike count to 8. after the round the strike count will be back to 9. 5. Philosopher's Stone: attempting team instantly wins the round. Can be used after the player gets 9 strikes to win the round as well. This can also be used to continue the round after the opposing player uses the Murder tool. And vice versa. The opposing player can use the Murder tool right after a player uses the Philosopher's stone tool. Each tool can be used only once by one player over the course of the match. Effect ends with the end of that round. They reset with Every new match along with the strikes. 4. You explained all those BS rules which I probably wont understand till i actually play the game, but you never told me how to win!!! The person winning the maximum number of rounds wins and goes to the next stage of the tournament. 5. Ok.. But What if there is a tie? I will give the tie breaker word. The chance to guess the letter will alternate with each guess between the players. The first person to guess the word wins. The person with the lesser number of strikes gets the choice to choose whether they want to go first or second. If there are any unused tools left, they can be used in the tie breaker as well. I know it sounds a little complex, it'll be way easier to understand once you start playing! 6. WAIT A MINUTE! YOU FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! What about the rewards? Apologies. I almost forgot. If there are 5 or more than 5 players, there will a wishpoint for the first place and 5g for the second. if there are less than 5 participants, 5g for the first place and 3g for the second. The plushies and anni crits sponsorship will be decided by the TKs. Good Luck! Let me know if there are any doubts. TO REGISTER, PLEASE STATE YOUR PLAYER NAME AND PLAYER ID BELOW IN THIS THREAD. Participants: Aia del Mana Jubaris Ledah Bayek Pipstickz New player *Lintara* MRF Ivorak Mallos dst Round List: So after randomisation and stuff I came to this : A. Bayek Vs Aia - 23rd 1100 ST > Aia B. Mallos vs Jubaris - 23rd 2000 ST > Jubaris C. Ledah vs New Player - 23rd 1800 ST > new player D. Ivorak vs Pipstickz - 23rd 2000 ST > Ivorak E. dst vs Lintara - 21st 1700 ST > dst F. Aia vs Jubaris > Aia G. Ivorak vs dst - 23rd 2100 ST > dst H. new player vs Aia > Aia I. Aia vs dst. (Finale) > Aia WInner of this tournament was AIA! So we need to finish this by 24th of this month. So that I can host the grand finale on 25th or 26th.. Whichever is more convenient. P.S. I understand That F has to face an extra round of combat than G. But that was also randomised coz I cannot find an alternative and it has to be like that :| First place: Aia del Mana _ wishpoint Second Place : dst - 5 gold note
  2. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Miqness! I hope you had a great day
  3. All deals were finished and paid for. This Thread can be closed. See you guys in the item auction
  4. Thank you guys... Like every year, this year too all your wishes remind me of all the brilliant people I have met over a period of around 10 years just because Our in house demon decided to create this brilliant platform. I love you folks for all the good, the bad and the ugly we have seen and faced... And the etches we've left in each other's memories... Thank you all for your wishes.. they make my day
  5. @Ungod I doubt it.. Because my biggest buyer chose to pay in credits... but yeah.. I will have a lot of jingling when I'll be moving. I should be named Jingle Jangle Nimchan instead of Nimrodel for all the items and coins i carry 'in my pocket'
  6. @Chewett Help is Extremely appreciated This makes my work so much easier... Let me talk out the details of the payment with people and let you know THank you CHewett.. This is great
  7. Congratulations!!! Here's a list of your wins and the amount you owe me as per your bids: Ungod: Barren Soul - 11th anniversary Edition - 851574 - 669 days - 2gc 3s Shmsh - 852877 - 623 days - 2g 5s Coloured Loreroot Archer (shop item) - 721571 - 2473 days - 5scColoured Loreroot Archer (shop item) - 844072 - 660 days - 5sc Coloured Archer (shop item) - 350738 - 2826 days - darkshield, kellethafire, jewelshards - 10sc Angien - 563406 - 3033 days - emeraldglare, firedrop, darkshield - 2g 5sc Winderwild - 623489 - 2919 days - claw2, claw3, goldbelt - 6sc Winderwild - 623491 - 2919 days - claw1, blackdiamonds, kellethafire, osirisbelt, sunshine - 6sc Total: 6g 45s PAID Shemhazaj: Barren Soul - 11th anniversary Edition - 851577 - 669 days - 2g 10sc Molima - 851848 - 661 days - 10 gc 5sc (7gc + 10 creds) Horseman - 851879 - 661 days - starting bid 8gc - 22gc Loreroot Archer - 828849 - 1029 days - 10sc Total: 31g 20sc + 10 creds PAYMENT RECIEVED Ledah: Barren Soul - 11th anniversary Edition - 851586 - 669 days - 30sc Aramor Warrior - 10th anni edition - 832951 - 929 days - 2g 30s Aramor Warrior - 10th anni edition - 832955 - 1028 days - 70sc Coloured Soulweaver (shop item) - 856416 - 280 days - 10sc Loreroot Archer - 270942 - 2727 days- claw1, firedrop - 10sc Total: 2g 150sc PAID Miq: Halloween Elu (uncoloured) - 749935 - 6gc10sc (20 creds) Black and white Joker (wishpoint shop item) - 695033 - 2542 days - 8sc Total: 8sc + 20 creds Paid Aia: Molima - 851682 - 666 days Starting Bid -2g - 10gc 5sc Wind Drachorn - 784020 - 1823 days - 15gc 5sc Reindrach (coloured drachorn) (shop item) - 794019 - 1919 days - 8gc 5s Coloured Soulweaver (shop item) - 696965 - 2514 days - 11 sc Total: 33g 26sc Aia : PAID dst: Dark Angien - 693262 - 2048 days - 10gc 5sc Dark - 680419 - 1824 days - 8gc The Nutcracker (shop item) - 757552 - 2147 days - 1g, 5sc Santa (shop crit) - 797436 - 1889 days - starting bid - 1gc Tree - 849140 - 747 days - 2sc Tree - 849139 - 747 days - 2sc Winderwild - 836958 - 933 days - 2sc WAter Daimon - 802230 - 1863 days - 2sc Water daimon - 802231 - 1863 days - 2sc Total: 20gc 20sc PAID Jubaris: Sword Shade - 834031 - 1043 days - 7gc Total: 7gc PAID Chewett: Coloured Tree (shop item) - 828472 - 1158 days - 4sc Coloured tree (shop item) - 828471 - 1158 days - 4sc Coloured Tree (shop item) - 844483 - 782 days - 4sc Coloured Loreroot Archer (shop item) - 724809 - 2467 days - 6sc Coloured Loreroot Archer (shop item) - 724810 - 2467 days - 6sc Coloured Soulweaver (shop item) - 436985 - 2969 days - blooddrop1, blooddrop3 - 11sc Coloured Grasan (shop item) - 742531 - 2157 days - 2sc Coloured Grasan (shop item) - 753232 - 2119 days - 2sc Coloured Grasan (shop item) - 742533 - 2157 days - 2sc Coloured Archer (shop item) - 716101 - 2224 days - emeraldglare, claw1, claw2, darkshield, goldbelt - 6sc Coloured Archer (shop item) - 636175 - 2859 days - goldtear, claw2, jewelshards 6sc Colored Aramor (shop item) - 836784 - 919 days - darksky - 7sc Colored Aramor (shop item) - 804128 - 1827 days - 4sc Colored Aramor (shop item) - 795061 - 1932 days - 4sc Colored Aramor (shop item) - 795905 - 1918 days - 4sc Coloured Joker (shop item) - 802018 - 1866 days - 4sc Angien - 793920 - 1436 days - 5sc Angien - 715911 - 1826 days - 5sc Barren soul - 802238 - 1863 days - 1sc Barren soul - 802237 - 1863 days - 1sc Barren Soul - 802239 - 1863 days - 1sc Skill Vampire - 673050 - 2708 - kellethafire - 1sc Skill vampire - 828784 - 1157 days - 1sc Skill Vampire - 689199 - 2438 days - 1sc Toxic Dendrite - 733676 - 2418 days - 5sc Toxic dendrite- 733674- 2418 days - 5sc Toxic Dendrite - 733675 - 2418 days - 5sc Tree - 783983 - 2089 days - 3sc Tree - 623766 - 2919 days - Firedrop, onyxfangs - 6sc Winderwild - 786093 - 2070 days - 3sc Knator - 793197 - 1962 days - 3sc Knator - 793196 - 1962 days - 3sc Knator - 793195 - 1962 days - 3sc GRasan - 804133 - 1827 days - 3sc Grasan - 804134 - 1600 days - 3sc Water Daimon - 649659 - 2799 days - claw1, claw3 - 4sc Aramor - 802240 - 1863 days - 1sc Elemental - 700112 - 2344 days - 4sc Total: 143sc PAID Mercurial Spectre: Coloured Soulweaver (shop item) - 756097 - 2261 days - 15sc Total: 15sc PAID No one: Coloured Joker (shop item) - 831651 - 1046 days - stardust, osirisbelt, blooddrop1, blooddrop2, claw2, firedrop, kellethafire, sunshine, claw3, claw1, emeraldglare, jewelshards, purpurfog, blackdiamonds, darksky, goldbelt, blooddrop3 - 1g 5s Tree - 562441 - 2950 days - purpurfog, jewelshards, blacktear, darksky, onyxfangs, goldbelt - 9sc Total: 1g14sc PAID Pipstickz: Angien - 612119 - 2965 days - blooddrop3, purpurfog, osirisbelt, stardust- 1g 5sc Angien - 562947 - 2941 days - claw1, purpurfog, osirisbelt, onyxfangs - 1g 5sc Total: 2g 10sc PAID Please Contact me via FORUM PM to fix a suitable date and time for the trade. THank you people for being patient. Thank you for making this auction Such a huge success
  8. since No higher bids, consider this auction to be over. give me some time to sum up stuff
  9. Updated.. Please Check! End of auction is still on tuesday 23.59 if no one bids higher till then.
  10. update. End of the auction is post poned to TUesday 23.59 if there are no more bids.
  11. If there are no more bids by this saturday 23.59, consider the auction to end. P.S.- Updated.
  12. I could consider doing that if you have any urgency. Was planning to wrap the entire auction at the same time actually. PM me if you have any issues. P.S. - Updated!
  13. Updated. @dst reduced the starting bid to santa to 1g and added your bid. @Fang Archbane Mailed reply via PM. Replaced all Fang's offers as he is choosing to back out. Please Check and let me know if there are any errors
  14. @Fang Archbane I wanted to write a long reply trying to convince you that what you said is not really true and I genuinely want to talk... Deleted it and decided not to because you seem to want to believe that there cannot be a civil discussion between you and me and as you said it's probably true considering all that you've spewed out. However, I am not the one who doesn't want a shot at it. You are. You seem to be so strongly into your belief that you are choosing to drag down other people in the mud apart from me . Whatever it is, Yes you are out of this hillarious auction and all the other ridiculous auctions that'll come in the future. Please do not spam the thread anymore. Anything else that you want to say out loud to the public, please create another thread. By selling most of my crits, I am saying sort of a goodbye to the game fang. I may or may not return... At least feel happy that someone you dislike so much is leaving. Instead of making their departure such a mess, common courtesy calls of you keeping quiet. PS - I will update the bids later today. Am on 24 hours duty. Don't have a lappy.
  15. Updated. LEt me know if you find any errors!
  16. Updated. PLease Check your bids once again. Let me know if there are any issues. @Ungod your First 'tree' bid was referring to the tokened joker I think. If i am not correct, please let me know. I updated your bid for the tokened Joker. @Fang Archbane I have waited since the time I put up a post wanting to talk to you about your explanation via PM. I even contacted you at the same time with a PM. If you refuse to even give me the basic courtesy of acknowledging my PM with a single reply by 0000 server time today, I am sorry to say I will consider your backing out as a serious move and to prevent further discrepancies and inconveniences, I will ban you from all my future auctions and sales. I will not stand temper tantrums from anyone, especially when I approach them politely to sort out matters.
  17. updated... Please verify once again if everything is correct
  18. So is that 10 sc for each SW? Please dont state Bundle offers. Tell me how much you would bid for each crit separately.. and mention the IDs specifically
  19. Updated. Please go through and let me know if you find any errors PS- Thank you very Much Chewett Its very Generous of you.
  20. Technically you cant redact your bids because it would suggest towards artificial inflation.. But i will choose to give you a benefit of doubt and lets try to talk it over in PMS rather than spamming this thread. Contrary from what you seem to believe, I am willing to hear you out. I am giving away like 80-90% of my crits Fang. You think I'll create a ruckus over petty matters like this? Anyway.. I will be Pming you about it. Please check your forum PM. I will also leave your current bids intact. THank you @klawdees for pointing out the errors.. will correct it shortly.
  21. Updated. Everyone who has participated in this auction please go through the ENTIRE list once. I dont want you coming later and saying you cant afford to pay because you forgot that you bid on some crit. Please let me know if there are any corrections.
  22. Bids once raised will not be lowered. You bid 5 credits 1 silver for your nutcracker in your previous post. IT stays. Please learn the rules of a basic auction before participating in one. The previous bid of 5 creds and 1sc on the nutcracker has been retained. rest of the bids updated and taken into consideration.
  23. Revised the bids. Please let me know if there are any corrections.
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