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  1. Item 7: Darkling. Age: 2022. 48 plushies Item 3: Death fenth. 11 plushies Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 26 plushies
  2. Item 7: Darkling. Age: 2022. 46 plushies Item 3: Death fenth. 11 plushies Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 26 plushies
  3. Item 7: Darkling. Age: 2022. 44 plushies Item 3: Death fenth. 11 plushies Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 26 plushies
  4. And we have our first Submission!!! This quest will be opened for 3 more weeks from now. Meaning till 11th of June! Hurry up with your entries !
  5. Item 7: Darkling. Age: 2022. 41 plushies Item 3: Death fenth. 11 plushies Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 16 plushies
  6. Item 7: Darkling. Age: 2022. 26 plushies Item 3: Death fenth. 11 plushies Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 11 plushies
  7. Earlier today, My dragon Draconas, accidentally *coughs* consumed some Tequila and after a strange turn of events, started hearing voices! I tried to probe his mind to assess what might be the probable reason for hi discomfort and found out that there was a voice whispering in his head commanding him to drown! I am FURIOUS assuming that this is an attempt to murder him or play with his mind or something more! He has been trembling since then and i have never seen him like this before. Not even when he was youngun... Hence I humbly request the help of this community in sorting out Draco's problem along with me so that I can get to the bottom and uproot it forever! 1. What the heck is this? Ans - Its a Roleplay Quest in which you need to speak to the Player Draconas and find out what happened to him. Be tactful and don't irritate him too much though! He might just get scared or eat you. Both are a possibility. 2. What do I need to do? Ans - Roleplay your way into finding out who or what is responsible for his plight and if there is a way out of it. Then submit an investigative report to Nimrodel (in forum Pm) containing the details of what happened to Draco, What/who is responsible and What you think is the way to deal with it. Include screen shots of your RP with Draconas or any other player concerning the said issue if you feel it is important for extra points! The Report will be judged by me, Sunfire and a mystery secret Judge. 3. Come ON! you know what's most important! Ans. Ah yes rewards. First place receives 3g reward. If there are 5 or more than 5 submissions, then first place receives a 5g reward, second place a 3g reward. There might be a Wishpoint reward too if all three of us judges feel that some player deserves the wishpoint due to exceptional performance. All the submissions will be put up in the forum once the judgment is over. 4. Hey! you forgot about the deadline! Ans. - Deadline will be stated right after the first submission is made. Get your thinking caps on! Good luck and don't get eaten! Deadline: 11th June 2018
  8. Sooooooooo? I fail to see your point as Majority of the MD kingships were handme downs with support from a certain percentage of citizens... you never seemed to have had any issues with those? Just this one because you want to claim kingship out of the blue? Also you fail to take into account the part 'certain population of citizens of the east do recognise him as king'. Jeez Pip. Make your claim stronger. If you want to fight for the Kingship, lay out a concrete plan, explain each and every citizen what you want to do with the land once you become the king, get their support and vote and Work your way politically. Sunfire is atleast trying. All you seem to be doing at the moment is create a propaganda as to why he should not be king where you should be talking about why YOU SHOULD BE king. What you have posted in the forum sounds like a bunch of BS and that would never give you my support. At the moment, all you sound like is a bunch of empty threats and empty claims, like a bag of lays. 10% chips. 90% Gas.
  9. A certain population of citizens of the east do recognise him as king. And it was a hand me down from the previous king. Whom a lot of people recognised as king as well. I think that's enough magic for me. Piggyback or not.
  10. A king whom the game doesn't even recognise as a citizen of the east. Now where's the fun in that...
  11. to end this quest, I would like to make an addition, a picture I had painted a while back for a scene decoration contest of similar sorts : This thread can be closed
  12. Congratulations Lintara! She wins 5g! Rest of the participants win 2sc each...
  13. Is this still open? I might give it a try Now.
  14. An option to cancel attack sound, or chat sound would be VERY VERY ideal. Sometimes the attack sounds are useful. For example if you are participating in a heads hunt and such. But otherwise not so much. So it should be an option like that wonderful 'Play screen music' option they have in the options part.
  15. So as the official cook for the crew, I was asked to design a menu and give a list of ingredients for the trip. Here it is! Ingredients.docx Party menu.docx
  16. for me the sound is irritating. Day of tranquility provides me peace. if MD can encorporate a cancel selective sounds options.. i'll be happy
  17. please submit your Feedback all participants https://goo.gl/forms/8NOZ800jrnMXn8K22
  18. The tournament is over! And the winner of this tournament is Aia del Mana. She was rewarded with a wishpoint! Second place goes to dst! She was rewarded with a 5 gold note! Thank you for participating guys I wish to see you in future tournaments.
  19. OK. The quest ends tonight at 11.59
  20. >> Sounds nasty piece of work @Chewett I can extend it till the 26th of this month if you want. If you think you'll be pretty busy, ima end it tonight.
  21. QUEST ENDS TOMORROW NIGHT AT 11.59 PM. After that there'll be voting. Please suit your entries by then!!
  22. edited a small part about the tools in the main post as it was reported to be confusing. Its in BOLD.
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