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  1. 7_teamarket_1 I'll apply for this as a guardian *Nimrodel* 131999 AD:1957 I am an individual from the East and desire to protect the Tea related items.
  2. Hello folks! This is an official notice for the introduction of the MDA Treasury! I, Esmerelda, have been interning for the post of Book Keeper in MDA and use this opportunity to announce that the MDA Treasury is open for sponsorship. We have creatures, spell stones, and coins of varying rarity ranging from Horsemen to Death fenth to Lock in Chaos stone available in our ever expanding horde for sponsorship. We shall be sponsoring not only quest requests but also work related to MDA, helping with MDA related projects, MDNP related work and other stuff of similar sorts. Preference shall always be given to anything associated with MDA above others. But everyone is free to approach us for sponsorship. If you want to apply for sponsorship, please contact Me, ESMERELDA* or Aethon in game or in forum with details of the stuff you expect as sponsorship and for what. We also welcome any donations from MDA and Non MDA players towards the treasury. So get going with all the innovative stuff and let us know about it!!! *Its Esmerelda (archivist badge) and Not the Esmaralda (one who belongs to Loreroot). Please keep that in mind. Also, *Nimrodel* and Esmerelda are different unassociated characters. Pming *Nimrodel* for work with Esmerelda or Vice Versa will not help. EDIT: THESE ITEMS/CREATURES ARE NOT FOR SALE. DON'T PM ME ASKING ABOUT IT.
  3. BUMP! no one with suggestions? Mur wanted Ideas so I created this thread....
  4. Iced Orange Tea IRL 1/2 cup sugar 2 cups boiling water 6 black tea bags 41/2 cups cold water 11/2 cups fresh strained orange juice Ice cubes thin orange wedges Fresh mint sprigs berries for garnish Pour the boiling water over the sugar and stir to dissolve. Add tea bags and steep for 8 to 10 minutes. Remove the tea bags. Add the cold water, orange juice and stir. Let cool.Pour into a glass pitcher and refrigerate until well chilled. Pour into glasses filled with ice, garnish with orange wedges and mint, and serve. IN MD: 4 cups of cold tea 4 Bushies 2 rainbow candy 2 mint leaf 1 frozen berries for garnish Crush 2 bushies into a pulp and mix with crushed rainbow candy to make a bushie syrup of sorts. Add the bushie syrup to 4 cups of cold tea. Finely chop mint leaf and slice the 2 bushies into wedges. Add frozen berries and mint leaf to the tea and shake the mix (Yeah baby shake it for the fun! :D) Pour in tall glasses and garnish with bushie wedges! Effect in MD: increases regeneration skill by a random amount between 50-200 and vitality by 20%, Cools down any active heat though.
  5. Now that Mur has finally begun working magic on his toy chest, Lets all decide what the chest should produce! The product cannot be a permanent. So it has to be a comsumable. Something that once used dissapears, or dissapears over a period of time of not being used. In my initial post I had suggested stuff like vitality boost, vp boost, ap boost and such. Any other innovative ideas are also appreciated. Like hugging a teddy bear can give you heat :3
  6. Item slots, loyalty boosters and common items
  7. Its interesting how you make all these assumptions Aeoshattr. I have know mike outside of the game since a loooong time. He did not ask for pardon this time too. He believes that they should be let out automatically after their term has been served. I DECIDED TO ASK FOR HIS RELEASE BECAUSE HE IS A FRIEND AND I WANT TO SEE HIM ACTIVE AGAIN. I hope that makes it clear. UNless you happen to be blind which seems like a possible issue because I seem to have mentioned the reasons for me asking for his release before in this thread. Its not about inconvenience. It is a matter of pride and principle. Most people dont like to beg for stuff.
  8. I cant find that kind of stuff anywhere online. From what I know such stuff is needed for Paroles and Bails. But not completion of sentence. WE are all entitled to difference in opinions. So asking the mods to pass a judgement. Edit: People Might be wondering why I am doing this. Yes. This is for a selfish purpose. He was a dear friend and we'vehad some good memories in Loreroot. i want to see my friend back in action in the game.
  9. That's kinda silly no? People are usually released from jail after their sentence is over. They don't beg for themselves to be released?
  10. Quest is over for this year. See you again next year fellas! Thread can be closed!
  11. He's waiting for the admins to do it by themselves... But aparently no one remembers so i just wanted to remind people..
  12. Its been long since he has completed his sentence. Too Long infact. Cant he be released? I talked to him recently, He said, that he was still pacing in the jail. And quite active. Since this is the time for jail pardons, I was wondering if he could be released by the mods.
  13. An over exposed rare photograph of samon spreading magic from behind the scenes.
  14. Queen hires a spy! Last and final task Updated!
  15. Lorerootian Tea Loaf Ingredients: 4 units of tea leaves Candied Cherry (2 units) Dried Prunes (2 units) Bushies (1 unit) Rainbow candy (2 units) unidentified plants (5 units) Sticky goop (4 units) water (2 units) Bag of spices (1 unit) Cherry Jam (1 unit) Procedure: Put the tea leaves in cake tin and pour 300ml hot water over them. Leave for a good 10 mins to infuse. Squeeze them out and throw them away, then mix the fruit (Candied cherry, dried prunes, bushies) into the tea. Leave the mixture to soak for at least half an hour. Crush the rainbow candy into fine powder. Grind the unidentified plants into a fine flour. Heat the cake tin. Stir the crushed candy, flour, bag of spices, water and sticky goop into the fruit ad stir. Bake the cake for 30 minutes till firm. Serve with Cherry Jam and aromatic tea.
  16. Last date of Quest of quest updated till 30th April
  17. I'd sit an eat as much fatty and oily food as i can and make them do the cardio on the treadmill in my place. I'd send my Mum on a world tour so that she can stop nagging me about not working at home and put them to work in her place. (>:)) I'd make them carry me in a palaquin to work because My feet hurt climbing stairs up and down everyday. I'd make them create a wonka land where i can swim in chocolate and pluck sweets candy out of trees and grass I'd make them work for my Mother - in - law too and send her away on a world tour (>:)) Hack people's computers during trivia Quests
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