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  1. So yes. I am taking a break from the game. Might be temporary, might be permanent. Excuse my bitchiness in the game and my rude behavior in the game because a certain recent turn of events has made me realize what really matters to me and what shouldn't matter to me but for some reason it is mattering. So maybe taking a break from the game will help. Apologies to @Mallos. let me know about the leash on skype. I'll hire you if/when I come back. If the offer still stands. Those who are happy with this, you know who you are, good for you. See you when I see you.
  2. In my original plan, I wanted the toy chest to produce a consumable which was also a toy - like a board game, a plushies, a playing card, an action figurine or a marble. We could also add a broken toy item as a consumable. Btw- the bump wasn't for you Mur. It was for people to give more ideas
  3. i thought that value was in seconds? No? that should make it roughly 40 days.
  4. Nim is as old as I am 28 But the prospect of RP excites me
  5. To sum up all the possible actions: Miq: masked illusion effect tools that break after one use Reduces regen timer while idling to 1-3 min Assira: scatter player cause a mild rain (or other weather effect) intoxicate cast silvertongue on user or other in scene similar to above but with toad speak creature shield causes people to dance (or similar bunny spell) or makes everybody laugh brings a specific person to you send to chaos causes scene effect where one can hear a childs laughter cause one and another to enter a dream state. dst: Randomly teleports you to a place in MD. Similar to explosions. Randomly kills a number of your crits. Randomly transforms you into one online player. Scrambles your name. Makes you cough in chat every few words. Gives you candy wrappers. Heats up one cup of your cold tea. Hides you from the "Who's online" list. Changes the location displayed on the "Who's online list". Changes your flag to a funny one like "the monkey flag". Your sentences in chat are rainbow colored. You are given one random resource. Makes you raise your eyebrow from time to time. Makes you randomly slap someone from time to time. Mallos : .different coloured 11 sided dies which on casting do the following:: Orange = 2k heatBlue = 100 APRed = 50% faster regenYellow = VpGreen = Ve
  6. But you are still searching for reasons to punish him and not reasons to not punish him? Interesting.
  7. @Muratus del Mur Not that the post is addressed to me, But I could give a reason for that like you called Aethon's reason for selling his horseman 'for profit' But I'll choose not to because I will give you the benefit of doubt and I have faith that you aren't scheming or back stabbing or Two faced as I can attribute you to be by simply saying something.
  8. It was an awesome Quest Neno. Wish there were more people on it. I had so much fun you should host it regularly
  9. You can do what you want Mur. Its your game. Your kingdom. Your wish. You asked for an opinion and I gave it to you. When i called you biased i was reffering to this specific post: When I read that piece of info which *Miq* posted, all I thought about was if *Miq* was worried about the trade going wrong. Not once it entered my mind that Aethon was after profit of Keeping the crit for himself. Also, as dst mentioned, in the past people commiting worse crimes were treated way better than aethon has been treated. Not even crazymike was given jail for an year after all those stats he acquired by scripting and you put it up as one of your options. Sure, you could've pressed that red button and punished Aethon right away Mur as you own the game at the end of the day. But would that make it fair? Would it make you just? The poll results should answer that for you.
  10. It was meant to be a part of the post before that. But guess I didn't post it quick enough. Also, please don't do modding. You are not a mod It's not really off topic as you seem to think because the options which mur put up as punishments for what seems like a misunderstanding are huge compared to the stuff that should actually be punished on grounds of morality. Is it because it is Aethon? Or is it on grounds of morality?
  11. Also if I may say, from this thread I have realised that MD is a game where lying and cheating are considered to be bigger crimes than broad daylight murder and assassinations. A game where being an assassin is a role, and murder weapons are rare tools, but misunderstandings are a crime which might get you banned for an year. Where benefit of doubt is given to people who break rules regularly and punishment for an year is an option for misunderstandings. Interesting concept, no? Exceeds expectations.
  12. You called him a thief rider implying he stole something from you? A thief is someone who steals? No? As for lying - you promised to Gg that you'd always be loyal to them, yet you betrayed them? So you are a liar. Cheater. You cheated the gg's out of their alliance? So you are a cheater too. Since you are a liar and acheater, 2 out of three accusations you made on aethon, should you get punished like aethon as well? Controversial. And in your case there was no misunderstanding.
  13. You call him a thief what did he steal from you?
  14. Lol. This post shows so much bias. It's almost like you want to attribute everything he does to him trying to steal from necro. Tell me Mur, usually you give people a benefit of doubt. Fang was given plenty even with his frequent episodes of verbal diarrhoea. Siegheart was given so many, even after he cheated and trolled people so many times. Liexer was given so much freedom despite all the abuse. Why do you seem so hell bent on proving that aethon guilty when clearly 80% of people seem to think that it was a misunderstanding? Did someone give you the impression that aethon was a lying cheating thief?
  15. Title: Sun and the Sea Colours used: Orange and Blue Angien shrine is like a sun in MB. Its the centre. Around it lies Marind bell. Hence used bright orange with streaks to present it as the sun giving out light. Light representing two alliances Knights of the Bell and Seekers of enlightment. As for the water... The rich blue represents the dowsers. The existence of two totally unrelated bold colours in the same scene represents the harmony between the Alliances. So Golemus is not the only land with the seas and Loreroot is not the only land with the sun eh?
  16. gimme till tonight... 0000ST ima subit my ebtry
  17. I'll apply for MDA public Bathroom (4_1x2_11) as Esmerelda, A Member of Archivists. (ID:81262) I am the book keeper and the keeper of the Official MDA treasury. So It seems right that I hold the tools related to control of item collection too. I believe the post should not go to a non MDA person as the tools are in MDA.
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