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  1. Some people can't understand humour or sarcasm even if either were dancing in front of them wearing nothing but Dobby's tea cosy. Yes Pip. You included :P

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    2. Pipstickz


      infact, sorry to doublepost, I'm reminded of a quote from a certain Shade.

    3. Nimrodel



      Example for difficulty in recognising humour:  PL entry: [Knights Order] Nimrodel - what am i to gain from this bet? *wink wink* [Serbia] Hemicar - who wants to bet that nimrodel will take both drachorns from auction? :D I suppose noone's opportunism is contagious...some "knight"!

      I went like 'wooow' Are things really that bad?....

      And sarcasm... well I will just refrain from giving examples otherwise they wont really be sarcasm. >>

    4. Pipstickz


      You've openly spoken out against me, why should I offer you more courtesy than you offer me? Moreover, if you dislike the PL entry or find it a misrepresentation, why not come to me privately first with some humility in hand but not on face, to request it be removed? No, instead you seek to publicly use the situation to your perceived advantage, like an opportunist would.

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