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  1. Wish you a very happy birthday

    I still have wish points. And will have gold coins.. will conduct quests whenever I have time


    So I am planning to empty majority of my Creature and Item inventory as I dont have much time to devote to MD. I feel the creatures and items i own would do better in the hands of people who are going to be more actively involved. So I plan to put up a credits/coins auction soon... in about a month or so... Maybe like a halloween event? Start saving guys... Because this is big. Almost all the contents in my inventory are going to be sold. So once again, START SAVING!
  5. Happy Birthday Hot stuff! Have a flaming birthday...
  6. Queen Of Sheba Event For MD Birthday!

    Second task posted!
  7. Queen Of Sheba Event For MD Birthday!

    *huggle* THANK YOU CHEW
  8. Queen Of Sheba Event For MD Birthday!

    John's submission:
  9. Happy MD Birthday! Is this the 12th one? Wow. !2 years since MD Came into existence. THough the population has declined, the spirit remains the same! And as the Topic Title Says, The Arrogant, Stuck up Queen Returns! I shall be the Queen of Sheba for One day Tomorrow and Like last year I shall host a variety of mini quests with rewards. THere will be a total of 10 mini quests at random times in the Day. And here goes the reward list: Every Quest winner will get an individual reward like an item or coins or resources and stuff like that. Apart from those: winner of 3/10 quests - 1 gold Winner of 7/10 quests - 11th anni Barren + 1Gold Winner of all 10 quests if any - 1 wishpoint + 11th anni Barren + 1Gold. If Chewett or the Treasure keepers can be so gracious* as to give a 12th anni creature this year for rewarding purposes, It'd be great. Will reward it to the 7/10 won quests category. PS- This Quest will be held only if I get teleported out of the Island tonight Tasks: 1. Take a screen shot of the GOE scene and decorate it. Once you are done, post it in the forum thread regarding the quest. END TIME - 20.16 MDST winner : john rothmaker, Rewards: 5sc 2. Using only items available in MD, craft a recipe for a delicious three course meal. Post your entry on the forum thread. END TIME - 0800 MDST 15th April
  10. Was wondering why the happy birthday threads stopped. Anyways Happy Birthday Miq Have a great day.Hope I am not too late
  11. Triforce!

    I believe I will remain with courage... It's Something that has been a guiding principle for me throughout life. Wisdom... I would say Shemhazaj would get wisdom or if you want current players, probably burns. Power I believe would go to someone like Magohi or MRAlyon :3
  12. Extreme Magicduel

    For the Mark of the beast. Hope this is satisfactory enough
  13. Want to HIre an Artist

    GONZIIIIIII!!! *TACKLE GLOMP* So nice to hear from you Need a bunch of item pictures. Wanna draw?
  14. Want to HIre an Artist

    So I have a bunch of items I wants pictures drawn for and coloured. Want to Hire the services of a decent artist for the same. Please PM me in forum if you think you have the required skill with a sample of your piece. We can discuss the rates after that. Also please know, if you succeed in satisfying me once with your pictures, I shall commission you in the futurel for other works as well... P.S. - Its such a pity Gonzi is not around.