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  1. @Chewett I was already given the spell doc for this quest to reward people. The quest is currently on hold because of my inability to stay active. The first part of the quest is a clickey quest. And a bunch of people of people had issues with solving it, requiring my constant assistance. The second part is a written quest. I think 1 or 2 people solved it in entirety And were awarded the spell docs. I am trying to find an alternative to both the parts to make it easier for people and me... In a way such that my constant presence will not be required. But.. something along the terms of how I want the quest to be solved has been difficult to create. I will need time.. 😐
  2. Nimrodel

    The Voice in the Dark

    OK.. This again an apology post of sorts. Something bad happened. And i am not in a place to even judge this quest. The concerned life event sort of drained all the positive energy from me.. BUT Since i need to end this quest and there needs to be a reward, even though it might taint my reputation as a quest maker, Ima go ahead and award you both Sushi and MRF with 3g coins each, which was the promised reward for the first place. Apologies again. I'll try to be a better questmaker next time. This time... I am just too down to deal with anything. Idle at the temple of nothingness in the east, My usual place. I will give away your gold when i log on. Sorry for all the inconvenience. I truely am.
  3. Nimrodel

    The Voice in the Dark

    Yes yes. I'm sorry for the delay. I got up in my exams and then got carried way. I'll get on to work on it asap. Once again sorry.
  4. Nimrodel

    MD anniversary plushie shop

    Thank you for the hardwork @Chewett
  5. Nimrodel

    The Voice in the Dark

    @Pipstickz MRf was.the one who.solved the mystery first actually. He also roamed about a lot of places searching for the responsible issue to see if he could sort it out. Along with him there were a large bunch of people as witness actually. And it was required for people to submit a report. Ungod didn't want to submit an entry. You can talk to.him about why. We already had a discussion. Edit- just saw ungod's post. There you go. Why are you out to get me pip? I try to be anything but unfair on my quests. Even to people I dislike... @Sushi @MRWander since MRF doesn't have issues with extension of the quest, I shall extend this quest till 30th of this month. Beyond that... No.extension. good luck. Make yourself less scarce draconas.
  6. Nimrodel

    The Voice in the Dark

    So.. due to lack of viable entries... MRF is winner by default. Congrats!!
  7. Nimrodel

    MD anniversary plushie auction

    Wookie dormiens nunquam titillandus.
  8. Happy Birthday Nichan... Dont drink too much Beer If you see this IAB, know that you are missed. Happy Birthday
  9. Nimrodel

    MD anniversary plushie auction

    one set of enlightning, sunshine, dark sky and Purpur moon on each of my crits please.
  10. Nimrodel

    MD anniversary plushie shop

    Item 1: Anni creature 2018. Price: 20 plushies: 1 (20 plushies) Item 8: random rp item. Price: 5 plushies : 2 (10 plushies) Item 9: 13th anniversary spicy pickle. Price: 4 plushies : 2 (8 plushies) Item 11: 13th anniversary piece of cake. Price: 2 plushies : 2 (4 plushies) Total: 42 plushies
  11. Wish you luck and happiness Voidy!!
  12. Nimrodel

    MD anniversary plushie auction

    @Chewett @Eara Meraia I believe I Have won the auction for the wind drachorn and the Darkling? If you can confirm that, I will Spend a few plushies in the plushie shop.
  13. Nimrodel

    MD anniversary plushie auction

    Umm ok. I am sorry if you feel that way. I thought there was enough proof in forum pms to go ahead with this trade and I do have a pretty clear record Of not cheating people in trades. But it was wrong of me to presume I suppose. Also... You are getting a great deal. For courtesy sake, maybe you could've discussed in pms rather than choosing to make it ugly over here. I am very malleable when it comes to trade requests. I have changed the details of my current bid .
  14. Nimrodel

    MD anniversary plushie auction

    Item 7: Darkling. Age: 2022. 79 plushies Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 74 plushies. 60 mine and 14 from Ledah
  15. Nimrodel

    MD anniversary plushie auction

    Item 7: Darkling. Age: 2022. 79 plushies Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 66 plushies.