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    Romania,Europe,Planet Earth,Solar System,Milky Way
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    reading books,daydreaming,fishing,football,in few words..what i LIKE! :p
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    King Daimon
  1. im not sure if i have the option to roll for the drach,but if yes,i would like.
  2. i cant understand a bit what reward i get or if i dont get anything at all...
  3. Hmm,i have outgoing and i can see my second question PM i sent long time ago wasnt opened yet.Sorry for posting this here Mur,but you're the only who can probably give me a good answer..Can entropy be made reversible?
  4. King Daimon

    First step

    [quote name='dst' post='35604' date='Jun 28 2009, 10:05 PM']KD: I'm sorry but you are a sore loser. If I would have known how you will react I would have never accepted you in the contest. I am really disappointed.[/quote] I am dissapointed too because of your reaction too.I fighted for a good creature,and with all my power and knowledge,but i cant beat a player well-helped and with pimped grassan.Bye.
  5. King Daimon

    First step

    i have aged priest.dont need.Thanks a lot.anyway i heard theyre useless.read signature 8)
  6. King Daimon

    First step

    because im not Liberty to have drachorns:D
  7. King Daimon

    First step

    Hmm,if the joker is gone,i want that Knator.and the next creature that will come randomly to me can i donate it to SoulRider?.If the joker is gone,i dont care about prizes.It looks normal players cant succeed playing in common ways. 146189
  8. King Daimon

    First step

    i cant understand what happened here!!i wass off one day and now all good creats are away because u couldnt wait a little.. i was 2nd,and now what available creats i have?
  9. King Daimon

    First step

    so,what the hour afterall? 14:00?
  10. 8) nice drawings poppitz.but stop before i hang myself.dont you think its not fair not all ppl are born with same skills?? :nea: *draws a small house,2 kids and one dog* hope you stop drawing,and log in more,its boring without your cigar sneaking everywhere
  11. . [quote name='Talos Salvitore' post='34543' date='Jun 24 2009, 03:19 AM']I'm me. You're you.[/quote] 1:You are You,Mur is Mur.I asked Mur.Didnt know you and Mur are same persons,or that you have same personalities. 2.Think more about the question,go deep and think twice before posting once.This question can have many answers,yours was the simplest one. KD.(no more spam,i promise 8) )
  12. Mary:Daddy daddy,how much we have to grandma? Dad:Shut up and dig!
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