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  1. How does a place for Farming losses obsolete a place to get victories? Getting a loss does not give a Victory to the opponent. On the opposite, getting a loss means, the opponent didnt get a Victory. Anyways. Spoilers will be very strictly edited out. My suggestion will only include a forced def Rit, and a prefered outcome for the fight, everything else people can work out for them selfs. I dont care if it makes sense or no. Its pretty boring nowdays in MD land, anything is better then spamming attacks at GGG.
  2. A working Setup (Tested, and Foolproof) is the following: Defender: 6 Trees on Martirism/ 0% Personal VE Reason:Trees are good becouse they have Regeneration, and never seem to run out of VE Becouse of that. They boost each others Regen too, so thats why there are 6 of them. LVL 4-5 or 5 are fine, but for a Standartized System it should be LVL 5. All Attacker Rituals need to be Personalized, YOU have to figure out what Ritual will make you give a Victory at the lowest loss for the Defender. That would be a (11%-42%) Battle. For me many Different Strategies Worked. For exemple is used -1 Maxed Bird -2 Maxed Water Damion -3 Kantor War Master -4 Tree lvl 5 Martirism -5 Tree lvl 5 Martirism -6 1 Maxed Looreroot Archer (From Scout) At 100% Personal VE this gave me a Perfect 11%-43% Win, With Victory to me, and NO LOSS to Defender. (Sidenote: This was against 6 LVL 4! Trees) But becouse everyone has different stats, the attacking Ritual will be different from Person to Person. It requires quite some knowlege to set up the good ritual, but it also makes you learn. It works without Alt-s, without useing Bursts, every fight involves actualy Attaking and not just retreating with 0-0. And it chalanges players to learn about the fighting system. For me this seems to be in every way in the Spirit of the Game. I will be making an Effort to set up this place, becouse testing has showed, that if anything its more REAL then the Burst farming at GGG, more Balanced then getting smoked by tokened Drachs at GOE, and much much more rewarding then beating on Idles at DOJO. Its fun to try to set up the Ritual you need, and more often then not it will fail:) Thing will go haywire and you will be forced to adopt. Have fun!
  3. Ok sorry, my bad. My understanding was that if you get a "Sword" then you get victory, and if you get a "Sword Balance" then you just get a Won fight. This is not the case. After rewieving the above fights, i relized it worked fine. (11-43 case sad Won fight counts incremented, looser doesnt get a lost fight.) I could have just spammed my ritual against the 6 lvl 4 Trees, ang get Victories, without the defender getting Losses. For now, my test are over, and let the community decide if such a place should exist. I bow my head before the will of the Veterans. That said, i will be asking anybody i know to plz set up a defence for me with Trees, becouse i want to get my Profile balanced.
  4. What works in theory... after carefull planing i made a 11% - 43% win, truely a great deal of work in this ritual. and behold.. it didnt give me a Victory. How is that possible? plz Explain to me. 4-5 hours of wasted work. (defender was 6trees lvl 4 on martirism) and just a few fight before i got a Victory from 4%-34% clearly the system is not working as it is supposed. Im calling for an explanation here. as Balancing fights is an importan side of the game. anyone?
  5. Yeah i get it. Well at least in theory it would work.
  6. Gazebo of Victory! Have one on the House Names of participants according to rules: -Placeholder Names of offenders: -Placeholder Rules: Please set 3-6 level 4-5 Trees on Martirism in your defending ritual. With 0% Personal VE. We don’t want you yourself getting hurt. Attacking rituals should try to achieve victories, preferably without breaking the defenders. Loosing at least 10% of own VE and 40-50% of the attacker VE. Please try damaging less, end then working yourself up from there step by step.
  7. im no pro, but i helped several new players ease into the new playstyle... still i stay away from dojo.. cos as a weak MP5 i allready have too many losses. i fear to get more. If somehow you could be idle there without beeing atacked i would leave my char there and chek in on it more often... could you have flags on people. ("ok you ca attck", "plz dont attack me?") also the only thing right now you cannot farm are voctories.. this builds up to new MP5-s if not an alt of a former veteran haveing tooo much lost fights, and not beeing active.. fearing to atack people and loose.
  8. i have 5 heretic archers with 80 age on them. I will take any aged criture you give for them. Your choice what you want to get rid of.
  9. ill trade you 6 elementals with age 72 for 5 of yours
  10. bid 1 silver for 2 remains
  11. im quite sure he doesnt want to do it.. im just not 100% positive in understand or agree on WHY he doesnt want to... still, great game
  12. becouse i have a very differnt view on this, but i might be wrong, i wont write another comment here, until either i proved you wrong, or i have learned that my ways are wrong. Greetings
  13. deleted as said to be.. dont want to spurr negative attantion.
  14. how cool would it be if you could create 2 Defending rituals, and have a the option to select beetween them on the main page. It wouldnt take long, and it would make the game so much easier in term of handleing, and not in terms of actualy haveing to think. Ofc. newbiest dont call the shots, but not having newbies means the player base is not expanding. Also, i think Mur wouldnt mind a few $ new players would bring. Additions which make a game BETTER without haveing to manupulate game balance are the most important duties a game developer has. I have payed more money for this game already then any other over the counter game with millions of $ spent on develpoment. All i ask in return is small improvments in the way the already given game mechanics are Selected. Who of you would prefer a car without central lock over one with it?! If it was so unimportant, why did the remote control become so popular? Both exemples only enchane the handling of already existing options. Greetings Battilaa
  15. i realy think MD lacks relieble Guides. Of cousre i want to learn all the stuff on my own, but becouse most of the time i play against people who have more expiriance then i have, im in a big handycap. Basic game Mechanics should be explained in the forums, so people have a full view when trying to create there own strategies. I realy realy wish some good players would show 1-2 exemples of there fights with an explanation to why they did it that way. The game is complicated enough to allow many differnt game styles so shareing your knowlage wouldnt hurt anybody. The target audiance in great need for Help are fresh MP4 characters. Given how differnt MP chars cant interract with each other it is in all Pro players interest to teach newbies the game, so they in turn can get to MP5. If all of us were MP5 we would practicly have 3x as much people to play with. Most games establish an ever increasing level of play. Even newbies in Warcraft 3 are pretty decent players now. Why would MD delibritly quenter act game evolution by systematicly banning any helpfull informaiton? A definition of SPOILER is needed here. to give you guys an exemple.. why does it have to take months of playing for me to relise XP is gained by destroying VE and not dependent on how HARD the aktutal fight was. Why cant i know before hand that i can gain personal XP by defending, even thought my Creatures dont gain XP. Similar facts are not Spoilers, but should be included in a manual, so newbies can make informed decisions. Sorry for the long Post. Take Care!
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