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  1. There should only be 1 constable but you bring up a good point, having a second person in a different time zone as the primary would be good. They could handle the removal of any immediate, blatant discrimination problems. Other than that though, the primary person should handle everything else.
  2. Mur could create a ladder style MP5 ranking system. Let it track duels just like in the HC but run the ladder system every 3 months before it resets. Just a thought.
  3. “So, basic question seems to be, do we want people to stay on low mp-levels forever or not?” It’s my understanding that the lower MP levels were more of a game mechanic to train and teach players in a progressive manner how to play the game and give them a chance to get established in the game before reaching MP5. Again my understanding, but there are really no levels in MD in the classic gaming sense and MP5 was supposed to be the main/only playing level short of a few select people that can reach a bit higher. But in general it seems that most players were expected to reach MP5 and that would be the common main playing area for everyone. Anything below that was to help vent and teach players, filter out the ones that would not fit within MDs vision and play style and ready the ones that would for the normal play mode MP5. Any MPs above 5 were again training levels for MP8 which I have only found evidence that 1 person has ever reached. But ranks above MP5 were supposed to be all together different in ways Mur has only hinted at short of saying they are non combat ones. Again, this is my understanding and it may be off. With that though we see that players should not stay at the lower levels and those levels function are simply to teach and train. It’s obvious that veteran players figured out that they can transfer aged and more experienced creatures to their low level alts. Thus making their alts more powerful than a new players. Also through other processes veteran players can support each other during the head contests and take turns reaping the rewards from winning the contest further enhancing their character at the lower levels. This is only natural for veteran players to do in a game though, I’m not slamming them for doing it. But it is these veteran players that are causing issues and disrupting the overall idea behind the function of the MP levels. Making alts and staying at the lowest levels as long as possible to grind stats and transferring powerful creatures around is not what the levels were intended for. Truly new players can no longer compete at any level and face constant losses and seem to give up and leave the game. Now not all leave the game, some learn which of the MP3s are veteran alts based on their stats and avoid them. But then there is the danger of them learning to do the same thing once they are higher in level. There is no perfect system and every solution is a double edged sword. Requiring level caps, limiting transfer of creatures, forcing upgrading of MP level, it will all help and hinder at the same time. We do need to do something though or we’ll never gain new players or at least not at a healthy level to keep the game alive and well. I have a few options to offer: 1 Do not allow MP3 to have tokens, leave tokens for MP4 and 5 only. This will at least give truly new players some sort of chance at MP3 plus if they are mentored well by a good veteran they will be encouraged to vote and earn shop credits each day and save them to buy tokens with when they reach MP4. This will also prevent Veterans from transferring creatures with tokens to their MP3 alts and pawning noobs so badly which is definitely turning potential players away. MP3 was supposed to be a training level not a let Vets abuse the system and make even more powerful alts stage. 2 Make creatures MP level specific and only allow them to be transferred up in MP level, not down. Meaning MP3 can have creature XYZ only. MP4 can have XYZ from MP3 and ABC. MP5 can have XYZ, ABC and DEF creatures. Creatures could still be transferable between members of the same MP level. This could help prevent the more powerful creatures from being transferred to MP3 alt characters or new players that don’t need them or won’t understand how to use them yet. In regards to my #2 comment I know if you take a truly new player this is sort of the way things are already. BUT it’s only implied and not enforced with a game mechanic. If a truly new player is smart and has help they can figure out how to get into Loreroot at MP3 but it takes patience and time. But Loreroot really has creatures for MP4s and 5s in it and an MP3 does not need them as they are supposed to just be learning how the game works at that level. These ideas are not perfect and again they could be double edged too but they are ideas to add to our brainstorming efforts. After thinking about it more, I don’t like the idea of forcing players to move up to higher levels. It should be encouraged but not forced. We should be able to come up with alternative means of protecting truly new players gaming experience and encouraging veterans to not abuse the current system so much to try and build the ultimate character. Another option, make a “Gladiator” type of player rank or class. Yes this would split up MDs population but maybe it’d be able to keep an active one then. This type of player could do whatever they want within the current gaming system but they could only duel or fight with other players of the same type (other gladiators). They could transfer creatures and buy tokens at any level and would have no skill or power caps at all. This way the players whose sole interest is minmaxing their character and fighting over anything else, could be free to do so.
  4. I voted for allowing there to be a “go too person”. It makes the most sense and it seems there are at least a couple people that Mur could rely on to handle this job responsibly. If Grido wants to do it I’d accept his nomination and decisions. This task would actually be very important. I have witnessed numerous acts of grieving and flat out discrimination that did not fit within the context of role playing in MD. Ethically and in some ways legally a game designer is responsible for attempting to prevent discrimination and it is a good thing that Mur is acting on this. In past events that I witnessed it was very difficult for the community as a whole to curb players from do this. I saw a couple players be targeted and end up leaving the game or maybe they started over but regardless they should not have had to endure that. MD needs a PL constable. On a side note it would be best if that person had access to a direct dump of all logs at the same time for ease of viewing but that is mechanics. I feel that players should not be able to edit their own PL. This would destroy the role playing element that the PLs were designed to add. Allowing more than one person to be the PL constable could create division or set up unwanted situations already mentioned. The current PL system is not fine and needs an established go-to person for PL complaints and review. These matters should not be brought up in public either. This may be an online game but people still take things personally have feelings and a right to privacy. If they are being discriminated or harassed in their PL the matter should be handled as privately and quickly as possible if for nothing more but the respect of the victim. Rules would need to be established of course. Players who file repeated false reports would need to be punished as well as the players actually committing the crime. There would need to be an established definition or set of guidelines made public describing what is considered illegal to be placing in the PLs in MD. Players would need to acknowledge these and agree to not commit any offenses (I think this is already done). What should be considered harassment may be subjective in some cases but that is why it’s important to have one quality person as the constable. I think using universal values would be best meaning anything that is directed at the individual themselves and not their MD character that results in discrimination based on their gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, etc. Also as a lesser offence, anything blatantly negative that is directed at the player in some personal manner that does not add to the content or value of the role playing experience of MD should be considered for removal from PLs. For punishment, if the offense is blatantly discriminative in nature than the offender should be considered for banning and force a transfer of their better creature(s) to the victim as added restitution. For a lesser offense the offender can be jailed or better yet “tied” to the “town square” (forced idle for a bit) so everyone can publicly stone them (get free attacks on them in some fashion with their stats being lowered-just a thought). Discrimination is very damaging even online where the parties involved are not directly in physical contact. There needs to be a measure for protecting players and punishing those guilty of the crime. I’m glad to see this being discussed and acted on.
  5. DST, I agree with you that we have the LHOs to guide players and that they are books or should be. They can even be “special” as you say and ride short buses if they want. . Seriously though, yes I like the uniqueness of having them, I like that they have a presence in the game and if they are active and willing to deal with the boredom of hanging out and waiting to be needed, they are a great asset to the game and set it apart from many other games. I disagree that it forces people to be blunt and straight forward but agree that their presence does encourage interaction on the scale that is missing in other games. But still a written guide would help. I know MD does not have the goal of leading people to the best decision, “best” being speculative of course but I feel I know what you meant. I would never want the guide to “tell” people what to do but merely present a better presentation for the game to help them realize what all they can do. Gamers are not use to this type of game and that could be one of the key issues about player retention and why so why gamers join up or stay long. MD is a lot like Myst when it came out. Gamers did not know how to take it, how to approach it and could not even tell it was a game. Once more reviews came out about it and people wrote about it then players had something more to guide them to the game and get them interested in it. Which is what a guide for MD could do. A guide for MD would not just help gamers with the game but it’s something that can be seen outside the game. People can’t see an LHO and talk to them outside of MD to see if they like or would be interested in the game. The web site for MD is not very well laid out for functioning as a guide or to build more interest and the forums are to cluttered and Mur’s discussions are too cryptic to spark that first clear understanding of what a person would be getting into if they chose to join and play the game. A printed guide goes far beyond the realm of MD in attracting players. It reaches people in a way LHOs can’t. Not to mention it is industry standard for games to clearly define themselves to attract gamers, most doing so through some sort of guide. Like Myst, Magic Dual is filled with puzzles or challenges for its players to discover and try to understand. I laugh now when I hear players say that MD does not have magic right off the bat for players, it does (sadly I use to make that argument too). But this is my point, players do not clearly understand fundamental thing from the start. MD is not made clear enough and that is a fault of the game design and or presentation. I had to read through years worth of old forum posts to find a lot of my answers to things. If that is what Mur wants, ok, he succeeded. But I know there is some degree of a communication barrier in his ability to describe his game world along with a few other things I feel are for to fault to game design rather than designed game mechanics (like his challenge in naming the presses and labeling players interaction with them i.e. Sacrificing). MD is a great game and that is not just me blowing sunshine. MD has that home town, home grown, very personal touch feel to it. I liken it to a personal gaming group and their table top game in someone’s home where players played their favorite RPG together. But all that with the convenience of being a browser based game and the added element of it being like an MMO with hundreds of players. The game is awesome and stands almost alone on the internet, from its concept, design and execution. But even that message is not clearly communicated to potential players so they miss out and in turn so does the game. MD could probably have a ton more gamers that would fit into its style and theme perfectly and love it and add to it, if the game was better presented, and more clearly marketed. This is best done with a guide book for example that can reach outside the games boarders which the LHOs are technically trapped in. I agree with you, I would not want any spoilers in the guide and I hate books that have cheat codes to games as they ruin them. MD is unique and special because the way Mur designed its style and theme I would not want that ruined. But I’m sure MD does not even reach the volume of players it could have because it does not present itself well. It’s nice that the forums, news and other locations hold hints to the game, its history etc. but it’d be best if all of that was only in the game. But that is another discussion. I agree though that this information and how players have to puzzle through it does make MD unique and fun to play. And I read all the announcements. I guess even a small guide of sorts to address some of the more confusing elements of the game that could be attributed to game design issues would help. For example: The idea of what creatures are and how Mur intended them to be should be clear from the start but it’s not. MD’s magic concept and how and when players would get more access to it should be more clear. How players should design their characters and even pick a name should be discussed before they log in and create them but it’s not. Giving players a better understanding of how MD’s role playing could/does work would be very beneficial in multiple ways for potential gamers. All this could/should be in a guide and better presented to players even before they log in and create an account. Your right, a lot of this information is already out there but is it presented to potential players in the best possible manner? Are we settling for 80% quality right now or can things be upgraded a bit to give us 90% quality or more?
  6. [quote name='dst' date='10 November 2009 - 04:54 PM' timestamp='1257890098' post='47173'] But it gives you something you'll never ever find in another game:freedom! You are allowed to do whatever crosses your mind. The limit is indeed your imagination. MD has no walthroughs, no help pages, almost no hints. It's the best like this. Why? Cause of the above statement. Imagine this: you register, go through the tutorial and then you are given all the information you need (game mechanics, crits levels, etc, etc). You will be bored to death in a week. You'll not have time to make friends, you'll not have time to integrate yourself. Again, MD is full of hypocrites. So I prefer a honest swear then a nice a**-kissing. [size="7"]One last thing: BURNS!!! I am not OLD![/size] [color="#0000FF"]*undresses the troll costume and throws it after Burns*[/color] [/quote] I hope you had something on under that troll costume. I can agree with you on at least a few things but I have to disagree about the guides. Guides would not remove any freedom from the game, in fact I think they would give more freedom Or at least help people realize just how free they can be in MD. The guides would help people understand the world better and thus be better players. A well written guide does not tell people what to do but helps present options and correlations between ideas so others may better be able to understand and take free action themselves. I also disagree that guides would make people bored and thus hinder them from interacting and making friends. People choose to not interact and make friends. It's not hard for them to stand around and talk and make the effort. I could agree about the hypocrites but that's the same anywhere you have humans. People have good intentions, say things but often times end up doing something different for who knows why. Nothing new really when dealing with people so no reason to get any under garments tied in a knot about it.
  7. (To Mur) The continuity of MD’s theme needs help and I think this is its biggest issue. For example how does one explain creatures? In your old forum posts you have them explained a lot differently than many current players view them. Even I thought they were creatures you recruited from different places in the lands to fight for you like in a Pokémon game that they were something living and breathing like my character was. That theme is what is presented to players by the game. Now unless I’m mistaken you wanted it to be a lot more than that and deeper, more unique. The creatures were really representations of a mental concept that the characters themselves created and as the creatures leveled this was really the character gaining more skill in modifying and using said mental concept. If this is how you wanted them to be, well, it’s not how they come across. Nothing on a person’s character sheet and nothing about how creatures are recruited obviously says that they are a mental construct and not an actual physical creature. The nomenclature you used in the game world, in the character sheets, on the websites need to be changed to help better present your true theme for MD and its lands. For example, instead of telling a player that they just recruited their first creature tell the player that they meditate for awhile and finally learned how to form and project their first mental construct (that has the form of an Armor or whatever). There are a lot of questions too that don’t have answers. I know you and your philosophy of what’s really important, the answer or question but in game design mechanics you got to set that aside and make sure the overall theme works together well. And it does not right now. New players are faced with too many questions about things that any other game would have helped answer long before they even finished making their character. This hurts MDs retention. Other things hurt it too. On your listing of main features for the game, you have it saying there is no economy system but yet one of the first items a player can get is a silver coin. It’s just common sense that coins are used in an economy system of some sort. It’s inconsistencies like that which lead to confusion or misdirection in the games design. It may seem small but it all adds together and I’m sure hurts player retention. I’d recommend that you form a Tiger team and asses your game design, maybe that would help you get a better perspective on it and what needs to be done to it. None of us can tell you what to do with MD it’s all up to you. You have had it for how many years? You had your initial gaming group in it and many seem to have moved on. That happens in games but now you need new blood, maybe a new story line or direction? Maybe more automation in it and less you running the game like it was a table top RPG group. Or can you still do that? Whatever you decided I’m willing to help, I really like what you have done and I’m going to stick around. I know I’m long winded at the moment but there is a lot going on here. Best of luck whatever you decide.
  8. Other points: (Do-Jo) I don’t like the Dojo occurrences either but what can you do. People are going to group together and help each other or simply grind together. Mur could hard code things to disrupt people gathering like that but that would create even more complaints and issues. Even if the veteran players through roleplay and influence tried to get people not to do that, it’d still happen (they would do it too). There are no NPCs to fight and people need some way to level and train their crits. I don’ think MD needs NPCs and they too would be abused. We have to live with it and work around it. There are a few alternatives but no matter what people will group together like this. (God-Moding) the game allows Alts. Players will always use alts to better their mains to some fashion in any game they play, it’s only natural for gamers to do so. I was told by a vet MD player when I first joined “MD is like the land of Naruto. It’s not a matter of not cheating or being unfair but a matter of the player avoiding being caught. So if you’re a good little “ninja” than that means you don’t get caught breaking the rules, not that you don’t break them.” So here lays one of the problems that only Mur can tackle about MD; controlling players from using alts to better mains. OR now, it’s stopping players from using mains to build even stronger and more powerful alts. To do that would mean tighter restrictions on trading creatures, or stopping it, etc. Sigh…the way MD and really any other MMO is designed, you cannot stop god-moding. In game design, it will always happen unless you hard code a reset of some sort but that only starts the cycle all over. Mur could code more MP levels or sub levels for these players and auto assign them but again, the cycle would still repeat itself. Even with skill and attribute caps this cannot be helped and with those it’d mean everyone would stagnate at the upper level eventually. We just have to live with it. (Patience) I would agree that many players leave because MD requires so much patience. You have to wait a day for each “page” in story mode in order to get full benefit. You have to wait days to build up power before you can attack shop guards and the few other things in the game. I don’t mind this at all. MD is unique and should stay as such. It should not cater to the common gamer and it’s players should have patience or be vetted out. (Quests) I have solved about 5 of them and never received a prize. I got messages about the quest not being done or ready although the creator never said so and implied that it was up and running in their quest doc. Others had nothing I needed creature wise and could not give me any other prize (I knew that ahead of time in some situations, so this is not a complaint). The Quest system needs help. I love the idea that players make them in their own image which is great BUT… I know the system has to prevent abuse, give good rewards that players need and be player driven. More attention and discussion needs to be done in this area or more players are going to leave MD or not even care about that aspect of it, thus not be involved. I guess it comes down to trusting the Quest givers. Can WPs be tracked and monitored as to who receives which one from whom? I know a lot of work but would help the abuse. Maybe offer WPs for sale in the MD shop ONLY for players to give that have earned their quest doc. It’d be one way for players to give back to and support MD but also a way for them to earn WPs to give for quests. Or set up some sort of monthly allotment for them. Trusting a community to manage such a valuable commodity is a huge leap of faith for a game designer to take though.
  9. Maybe these points will help too: I’m writing this list as I read the other postings in this thread. If I mirror what others have said I’m not trying to steal anyone’s thunder. These are my thoughts too. I really like MD or I would have left a long time ago. But it does need some help to keep new players and just simply to better itself. So here’s my input. I know it’s long but if you knew me this is me being short winded…. 1) Any monkey (and especially gamer) should be able to figure out the basics of how to set rituals, recruit creatures and the basics of combat in MD. Nothing here should be changed. It may look like a Pokémon style game but it does hold its own and is different. One thing that could help is maybe better define or explain what creatures are for new people. Maybe even set up a flash introduction story where things are explained or (see #3) make a guide for the game. 2) If your losing players in story mode I offer a couple ideas why it seems that way: A) They were trying to figure out the different paths in the story not caring about the specific character(s) being used at the time. (So they will make many to map out the whole story, cant really stop this without a lot of coding and work.) [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons//cool.gif[/img] They received some negative stats because of a choice they made in story mode, did not like it and dropped the character. (Will most likely repeat many times as many gamers would do this. But don’t change this, they made their choices they can live with it.) C) Are a vet player trying to make a very specific character/story path and felt the need to try a few times to get what they were hoping for to create an Alt. (Will most likely do many times and again is normal. This would happen in any game, it’s just what gamers do.) D) Are new, don’t realize what MD is about and don’t have any patience and need instant gratification and can’t wait up to 24 hours for each part of the story to unfold. (We don’t need that impatient of players anyway, let them go.) 3) Players may not realize that MD is so unique and specialized. They may think it’s a browser based MMO, find that it’s not and leave. (This can be helped with a better packaging of MD in its marketing. Maybe make a couple of guides too for the game that better explain it but this is lacking in MD. Players have to read many forums, hunt through archives after joining the game and or wait for discussions in game to really know what is going on. I’m willing to bet many older players don’t even know the story line and have not even tried reading everything or tried and gave up. MD needs to be better defined and presented to players, new and old alike.) 4) Create and present a better and less cryptic definition of MD, it’s storyline, players, lands, magic, etc. (goes along the lines of #3 but I can see how MD could be very confusing to many players and this would defiantly make them lose interest.) 5) Alter how players become confirmed. Require LHOs to fill out a quick hidden form on players as part of the confirmation process. For example they simply have to check off 3 boxes on the confirmation screen and “digitally sign” that they reviewed the player. Player’s characters should not be confirmed until they have become MP4 (passed MP3 and understand basics of combat), created their papers (have a defined character to even play), have an appropriate name (yes subjective but we don’t need 10 Darth Vaders or Great Demon Gods, running around MD). MP3 should be the discovery phase for players by MP4 everyone should have a fully developed and created character. (Basically I think the start of the game needs attention especially how new characters are created and how the MP 3 level is utilized). 6) Consider using an automated naming feature where players pick from a random list of first and last names like other games use. Then have the option for players to create a nick name of their own which can be displayed. This could be a MD shop purchase. But this would also alleviate naming problems and help with over all game continuity. 7) Consider throwing players a bone, or just altering the magic system and start giving magic to MP4’s and above. It is Magic Dual. When I had the time to try and help as a LHO (don’t have the time to be one but did help). Many new players thought they would be able to use magic right away. So consider adding some basic magic to the game sooner. You could simply offer magic spells as you do creatures for MP 4 and 5. These could be considered lesser magic for example and could fit into your definition of things Mur. And it could give you an alternative to using creatures to drain principles. So players would be able to use spells in their rituals with creatures. I read your old forum postings about how you envisioned creatures and I feel this idea of spells in rituals would still fit just fine in with your overall concept of things for MD. You could still keep your other forms of magic too with no problem. 8) If you do #5 then consider paying LHOs in some sort of point system. Each new member they review and then confirm receives the LHOs name in a tag on the character sheet. In turn the LHO gets paid X number of points for taking the time to do it. They can spend these points on WP, Shop credits etc. I don’t know, just an idea. They do have a lot of work to do. 9) In conjunction with #5, freeze players initial papers. So once an LHO confirms/authorizes them freeze that paper at that time. Maybe make a copy of it somehow or turn it to read only for everyone. Then make a second paper accessible to the player to record their player development, history, personal story, etc. This would better show and record the life of the players in MD and also prevent players from deleting their papers once made and approved by the LHOs. 10) Consider creating a perma-death arena for MP5 and above. This is where the character would enter into a dual with another but if a creature reaches 0 Vit it is automatically removed from the players character (ie. It dies) and the player loses permanently a certain percent of Max Vit and VP. You could tie this into your concept of what creatures actually are and how they are bonded to characters. BUT it is also just a game mechanism to give the more powerful players of MD something else to do besides grind stats. They can see which among them really has balls. You could create a new set of achievement medals just for them, surviving X number of perma-death duels, or killing X number of creatures for example. 11) Code an “EASY Button” for use with LHO’s. Yes it’s nice for them to be in the starting areas HOPING a new player will show but it’d be nice for them to be able to be out playing too. So how about a button in the paper cabin that when a new player presses it, it “summons” an LHO to that location. Of course this would require new players to read….(Or put a bot there, that way something is there to greet them). 12) I agree with Burns and the others, the start up does take some time. I also agree that the people who lack patience should not even be here BUT they should be made more aware that MD is unique and does require a lot of patience to play. But that goes back to my #3.
  10. I'm going to do this in a couple of posts. Mur, every artist needs a rest. Every soldier needs a visit home. Every GM needs a break from the table. No problem if you step back for awhile, you got my support. I have found myself with reasons to leave or stop playing MD but I always find myself logging in each day if not too just talk to a few people and duel a bit. It may have flaws but I still find it fun getting to know people and interacting with them. You have a good thing here Mur, please don’t give up on it. No one should ever give up on their dreams. Just stick to what your dream is for MD, you'll get players. If you want help let me know, I can do writing, marketing, design, analysis, web work, explosives, interrogating, help take over small countries....oops sorry quoting my other resume. Seriously though, I’m willing to help out and I hope you find your joy in MD again.
  11. [quote name='Metal Bunny' date='10 November 2009 - 06:24 AM' timestamp='1257852244' post='47136'] Anyway, I believe most people don't get this game as it is. If one has to put it into a category, one that doesn't even really fit but is the closest one there, it would not be RPG. It would be MMORPG. Slight difference there. In the sense that MMORPG has a single system, most of which eventually ends up in pvp. pvp requires npc's, but interaction with others as well. As such, the RPG and grinding are set into [u]one system[/u]. But because people are put into pvp mode from the very start the result is that a lot immediately do something else, as the point and sense in duelling, even though it's called Magic frigging Duel, becomes slightly less plain. The result is something quite extraordinary as the system of MMORPG's goal and interaction changes for MagicDuel. In the sense that one can choose to forgo the pvp and go for the Magic part of the game, whereas others simply keep grinding and go for the Duel of the game. In the end however it is inevitable that grinders and rp'ers eventually come together again, primarily because people quit, others get bored and once you are bored or are at the top of your game, you get bored as well. And once you are bored, you explore the other parts of the game. It's only natural. [/quote] I agree with you MetalBunny, I think MD is not understood by most. I feel this is due in part too Mur's language and writing barriers and to how he envisioned and setup the game. It is too unique for the average gamer and not what they expect to find online. Mur seems to have created and tried to run MD as a local gaming group leader (GM/DM) would run a game for his friends. Except MD is unique in that Mur obviously coded it and put it up online for hundreds or thousands to try and play it. It’s clear that he gave it the love, attention to detail and uniqueness that any good GM would do for his gaming group. There is nothing else on the net like MD the only thing close would be the forum clubs where players RP in a similar manner but in forums. But even then MD is more unique then those sites and games. MD’s style of role-playing is more like live action role-playing where players have to be directly involved in making the story evolve and it’s not based on stats and dice rolls. This is where I think most players misunderstand MD and how to roleplay in it. MD’s combat system is also unique but as you said MB players don’t have to fight in order to RP. Players could stay MP3 and RP just fine but then they would be limited in game area and never reach higher MP levels and get spells etc. I think Mur did a great job with MD and tried at least to pull off something thousands of others have tried to do with forum clubs and failed. He created a world with the classic RP table top feel and attention but for hundreds and even thousands of players to join. But sadly I think most players see it as an MMO more than anything else and miss how it should be played. Mur could help in this area by doing a few things but right now he seems focused on playing with the combat system which even for role-players is nice to have and gives players something else to do that fits within the theme of MD. Although I think players should have access to magic a bit sooner, it is Magic Duel. Anyway, I think most players miss the mark in figuring out what MD is and how it should be played which creates tension, misunderstands and turns players away. Looking at Mur’s half sober rants and the scattered forum and archive information bits, MD has a lot to offer. I think it needs to be repackaged in a manner that better communicates to players what it is and how it should be played. Maybe then it’d have more success and less people arguing and being frustrated or bored. Maybe….
  12. [quote name='Chewett' date='04 November 2009 - 12:46 PM' timestamp='1257356794' post='46616'] I dont think he meant differnt creatures, just 12 from one land [/quote] Correct, just any 12 creatures from the same land. Would be nice to see some more creatures added though, if anything just to have something that looks different.
  13. I think it's logical and would be more intuitive for new players if players were factioned to a specific Land, either by free choice or application for admission. And that the use of Alliances was only done so to explain the RP or hard coded two way relationship between various Factions. I think it'd be better to use Guilds as a means to allow members of factions to join into smaller like minded groups. These guilds could also be used a different political parties or in keeping with a feudal system, Guilds could denote royal families. This way players can still have their small run groups (Guilds) that are currently called Alliances and MD would have it's needed lands with players grouped in them (Factions). These Guilds could work together for their land for example, work to unsuper their lands current Ruler or protect the ruler such as the Musketeers; develop the culture of their lands through unified RP and writing; Function as a royal family with each one vying for the Rulers favor; or function as a traditional guild as merchants, traders, or educators; or as a small unique unified group: pirates, traveling circus etc. But using factions or alliances in any other way can be too confusing for they are not being used in conjunction with their RL definitions that most people already know and understand. MD needs multiple levels of player interaction; that for whole lands and that for smaller player driven themes, but please keep this structure intuitive and logical.
  14. Some other suggestions for achievements, some of these are meant to be a bit funny or odd: [b]Mother Hen:[/b] Have at least 12 creature eggs. [b]Golden Goose:[/b] Have ONLY creature eggs, no other creatures and at least 12 eggs. [b]Girl Scout:[/b] Complete 6 other achievements earning their badges. [b]Tax Collector:[/b] Collect at least 5 gold coins and 10 silver. [b]Federal Reserve:[/b] Collect 10 gold coins and 30 silver. [b]Red Cross:[/b] Heal 1000 players with your spells. [b]Blue Shield:[/b] Defend 1000 players with your spells. [b]Junk Collector:[/b] Collect all pieces of equipment from the lands. [b]The Nudest:[/b] Be MP5 and have never collected any equipment from the lands, leaving your avatar bare. [b]Lucky Rabbits Foot:[/b] Complete at least one of Metal Bunnies Quests. [b]Silence is Golden:[/b] Have never sent Mur an un-welcomed communication by any means. (Annual award) [b]The Statesman:[/b] Be recognized for well orated discussions, arguments or points of view during in game meetings with Mur. [b]The Anthropologist:[/b] Be recognized for significant contribution to the continued development of the culture and lands of MD. [b]The Alchemist:[/b] Be recognized for significant contribution to the code development or game features of MD. [b]Golden Fleece:[/b] Have been band from MD but somehow talked Mur into letting you rejoin. [b]The Hermit:[/b] Start MP4 with no creatures or eggs. (Hard to prove not transferring between alts though) [b]The Lunatic:[/b] Start MP5 with no creatures or eggs. (Hard to prove not transferring between alts though) [u]Turn off transfer ability:[/u] It would be great if there was a way players could manually turn off the ability to transfer creatures to or from their account and have a timer on their character profile showing how many days and hours this was turned off for. May open the door for other unique challenges as well allowing players to prove that during that time nothing is being transferred to them. [u]See player creatures:[/u] Consider creating the ability for players to turn on or off a preview of their current creatures. This could be done in a way that it only reveals the image of the creatures and not their stats. Would work in conjunction with turning off the transfer ability and allow for more unique challenges between players and thus earning more achievements. [b]Devotee:[/b] Sacrifice 25 creatures total. [b]Practitioner:[/b] Sacrifice 100 creatures total. [b]Believer:[/b] Sacrifice 1,000 creatures total. [b]Disciple:[/b] Sacrifice 10,000 creatures total. [b]Guardian of (Insert land):[/b] Have at least 12 maxed creatures from specific land. [b]Master of (Insert land):[/b] Have at least 24 maxed creatures from specific land. Maybe allow these last two to be activated by the kings/queens of the lands, or at a spot in their "throne room". Hope the input is appreciated. Nice addition to the game Mur.
  15. I propose the first ever [b]Cultural Fair Contest[/b] of MD (yes I know it’s not related to pain) where everyone from all the lands can gather and put their unique lands culture on display (post in MD forum). We Traveling folk (Gypsies) have been all around these lands and seen many unique and interesting things and people and I think it would be great for everyone to get together in this manner. The contest is for players to work individually (or jointly if Mur allows splitting of the prizes) and create your own unique perspective of your chosen MD land. Players would need to describe as many of the below aspects as they can. Players should be creative but also use existing knowledge and use this as a chance to help develop their lands. They need to describe their lands from the perspective of how they see it or believe them to exist and this can be done visually and or in writing. Regardless of the chosen medium selected you will be judged on your ability to express and communicate your lands culture in each category. You do not have to describe every category but the more you do the better chances you have of winning. You need to include the, Who, What, Where, When, Why and How as well as any other descriptive terminology you think of. This is a great opportunity for the MD community to come together and role play their lands and hopefully develop a better picture if you will or concept of each of the lands in MD. [u]Categories, in no special order[/u] [list] [*][b]Customs and Courtesies:[/b] Include what the people do and how they interact with each other including festivals, holidays, dress and appearance, interpersonal behaviors such as unique greetings, etc. [*] [b]Moral and Will:[/b] General disposition of the people, overall attitude, likes and dislikes, etc. [*] [b]Diplomacy:[/b] View of people from other lands, thoughts on war, trade, peace with each of the other lands, etc. [*] [b]Magic:[/b] Peoples view on magic, any specific preferences, any specific dislikes or fears and hopes related to magic, etc. [*] [b]Political and Government:[/b] Describe the lands political structure, what the people of the land think about their leaders, how the government is run, etc. [*] [b]Crime and punishment:[/b] Describe any crime that takes place in the land, how should punishment be given and in what way, etc. [*] [b]Mercantile and Trade:[/b] Describe any unique trade goods or products that come from your lands, any special shops, any trade routes or partners in and to other lands, etc. [*] [b]Religion and Faith:[/b] Describes any religious beliefs practiced in your lands, in BRIEF describe them but do not use this as a pitch to try and get people to join them, superstitions, etc. [*] [b]Tourism and Fun:[/b] Describe any “hot spots” that people should be aware of in your lands including land marks, monuments etc. Also describe how exciting or not, your land is to visits and why etc. [*] [b]Walk down the street:[/b] In brief describe what a person would see and experience walking done a street in your land. What would be going on, what are the buildings like, what would they smell and feel etc. [*] [b]Culinary:[/b] Describe the foods and spices consumed in your lands, include fruits, meats, treats, etc. [*] [b]Military:[/b] Describe any organized militia or armed forces, etc. [*] [b]Organizations:[/b] Describe any organized groups or alliances in your land and how they contribute to the lands, etc. [*] [b]Additional:[/b] Feel free to add anything else you feel sets your Land apart from others. [/list] Remember the focus of the contest is on your lands over all culture and not just one specific aspect of it so keep things descriptive but brief. Feel free to pull information from other player’s character concepts and any existing knowledge of the lands. Also feel free to be creative but anything that contradicts what Mur has laid out in the past about the lands or their history etc will not be accepted. Also feel free to work with the known artisans in the land you may commission them to do art work for your displays this does not count as a team effort. However you are not allowed to use copyrighted materials without written permission. [b]Judging:[/b] Traveling folk will not be participating as we’ll be the overall judges but we’ll give our culture aspect as an example and to start off the contest. All, MD members may join the fair and review all the contestant exhibits and provide brief input as to how’s exhibit they like the best and why. This feedback will be used in part for judging. [b]Prizes:[/b] Second and Third place winners will each get a good job sticker. First place winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to Mur’s house where he’ll pamper you with personal massages, breakfast in bed, and tell you all of MD’s secrets. Ok, just kidding, I know bad joke, not all of us Gypsies are good at comedy or entertaining. Thanks for your time.
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