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  1. [center][i]At Midnight[/i] ‘Twas midnight, as I lay in bed; Thoughts still not settled in my head. A gloomy day; a restless night. It was dark; just moon light. I went to the window, to look out; ‘twas a raven looking in. I sat there thinking for a while, Then I noticed the ravens smile. Oh raven! Who are you! Who may you be? And why do you stand there before me? The raven stood there for some time, Soon the sun began to shine. The raven then flew away; Saying all she need say. ~Justin Ellis Daniel [i]This Little Garden of Mine[/i] When I moved in it was not there, But it grew with every year. Bigger, greener; every time. This little garden of mine. With flowers of golden hew, Grass and weeds too. Year by year, with disbelief, This garden grows to my grief. Bigger? Greener? How could this be? It’s grown so big; I can hardly see! This has gone too far! It cannot stay! This crack in my driveway. ~Justin Ellis Daniel [i]The Darkness[/i] The darkness approaches, moving slowly through the woods. Swallowing up the trees, as it moved ever toward you. It swallows up the singing birds. Silence surrounds you. One by one, The trees disappear. The darkness circles you, Taking the rest of the trees. You see nothing but black. Cut off from all life, as the darkness takes hold. A chill runs down your spine, as you ask yourself; “Am I ready to die”? ~Justin Ellis Daniel [i]At the Lake[/i] The day is calm, as if the world holds it breath. The clouds stand still, above the mountains in the far distance. Birds chirp nearby, singing their summer song. The sun is warm, and high, light caps the rippled water. In it, a boy at play, peaceful, serene. ~Justin Ellis Daniel [i]A Homeless Plea[/i] “Please stop sir, your life won’t rearrange, you will still have the rest of your day. Am I invisible to you? Why walk way? I’m just homeless, not strange. I’m not some dog on the street, dieing of mange. Do you even listen to the words that I say? I do not beg, I pray… Not for your coins, I just want change”. ~Justin Ellis Daniel[/center] [center]Just a taste, if you want more just ask. [/center]
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