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  1. (yep you got that right Burns x (3 new avvys added, one sold since last "update"))
  2. well this is what i think... Urca = appear, rise, mount, ascend Coboara appears to be an antonym. Iluzoriu, you name appears to mean illusion From Latin illusorius through French illusoire... although your spelling has an extra L? im not sure about the 8, though 8 fold path... eternity and like detta said infinity are possibilitys... Taking the opposite nature of the word Urca and Coboara, it lend to an idea of one extreme to an other, and back again maybe.. though i cant shrug the fact your name in game and author name is illusion.. in my eyes therfore Urca8Coboara would mean "to appear and to hide" i had to write as got distracted by your seemingly perfectly grusome poem, which i must admit to not understanding terribly, but my analytical brain can sometimes find it hard to look beyond words on the surface x (in english maybe you meant Corpse with an E? i dont even know maybe not x) Aster Edit : Urca, a verb, entymology wise appears to come from... Latin oricare < orīrī, present active infinitive of orior (“rise, appear”) i must admit my knowledge of romanian 1st conjuntions are limited haha, but it appears to be 3rd person from the source i looked at. I dont really know what that means even in english, we dont study grammar much in schools here coborî (third-person singular present = coboare) why it is in third person and how it affects the translation/meaning i dont know x
  3. I am having a hard time at home recently, i can blame everyone or everything but i have been having RL problems which i cannot sort out at the moment. Mainly a safe enviroment to live, which has caused problems with my job, social life and everything else to do with that, i.e money etc. Having spent hundreds of hours enjoying MD it is something which i need to get back into, but i cant when i can only come on and off and not dedicate my free time without getting hassled and stressed over it. It became and extra pressure and burden to worry about things which normally i was able to cope with. And i dont want to bring my issues into the game and spoil the happy go lucky character which i enjoy playin. a "character" which is in fact the way i mostly spend my life being like at work and when i socialise. All this and at a time where being on MD is essential, where everyone gets together to celebrate and put "differences" aside, and come together as a community. I participated in two small contests and experienced the excitement of exploring the new area in the tribunal when it was opened, and those "small" things made me realise how much MD has to offer me still, and i intend to make it a big part of my life again when i have a safe place to stay and am comfortable in myself to play the game the way i want to and need to. It hurts me a lot to think about what i have been and will be missing out on in this birthday celebration week, but that only reminds me of how much i have missed out on in the past two months, whilst i have been away trying to get my head together in my unsettled "state". My worst fear is that i would bring these problems into the game and ruin everything i have tried hard to create, let alone the fear of not being able to commit to even simple things such as contacting people and being there for them as they have for me. Its not something that can be talked about or needs to be, just i need to "hold on tight" until i am able to appreciate and be in a situation where i can immerse myself without issues. For me this isnt a "point and click" game where you can drop in and out where you can, it would only make me feel isolated and lost. I look forward to the time where i can just be myself again and commit, and i hope that time is near x x x x Cant wait to see you all again!! Aster
  4. Sure, the avatar looks amazing. I still need to process secondary rewards for entries
  5. Please apologise my absence. Ill edit this post in the next few days. Sorry about the delay.
  6. i have been away, and am lost.

  7. Asterdai


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfx9tp6A3gQ me playing the tin whistle, you two are officially the only people i know in the world with Ocarina's. Would love to hear you play it
  8. Dear Curiose i hope you think im a fun guy. I admire your Amanitopsis vaginata, but its your Fairy Ring with its Smooth Lepiota which really gets me going! this letter isnt to compliment you too much, i dont want to get mushy. i would like to know if you have room in your life for me x Yours Asterdai (you can choose where this belongs depending on whether you find it amusing )
  9. [quote name='apophys' timestamp='1297109844' post='78588'] IMHO, "gay", "faggot", etc. are still used as insults by the general population simply because it has been done so in the past, and old habits die hard. Don't take it personally. Since being gay is socially acceptable now due to society maturing (or due to desensitization), the "insult" no longer has any bite, and thus is no longer really associated with being gay. I mean by this, you won't commonly see a comment like "Thats gaaaaay" on something that is actually associated with homosexuality. Any such comments would have the intention of trolling, not the intention of insulting. I expect usage of "gay" as an insult to die out within a few generations, similarly as "the n word" has done. Edit: My supposition is that being gay or straight is a difference in chemical balance, similar to the difference of being in love or not being in love, or being addicted or not addicted. Except that it's permanent and unchanging. [/quote] im not so sure these words are as acceptable as you seem to think, its ALL about context, and in relation to MD it is quite easy to see if such words are said in jest, and if there is a misunderstanding.. i guess someone can ask not to be called something which angered them.. i guess my supposition is similar to yours in a way.. not really about chemical balances though but all about addiction in a way, its simple, people just do what makes them happy or feel good at the time (whether its eating a huge cake when you menna be on a diet.. or putting double the amount on lottery tickets because you feel lucky.. the thing which makes you stop and think twice when walking past the kebab shop ) if it makes you feel good and its between two, or more lol, consensual adults then i dont see what the problem could be or why it actually needs to be "understood" as if its a condition!
  10. to be honest i have a few quest ideas, silly little things, and could would like to create poems/riddles if someone needed, if anyone including you Apophys would like any text written or a poem/riddle created for any reason i could try to help i get myself involved in too much stuff and get weighed down though, lots of promises of doing something and never going through with it! im sure a lot of people are the same here, too easy to get distracted in a way this is no different to "buying info on principles" with a WP, it all depends if you get some nice ideas in. i value this one however as it gives the option for people to run something even if they dont have the time. I know you say you will buy all rights to the idea but i think it would be nice for you to work with the creators, together if needed, as some merely may not have time! *imagines a Super Uber quest by Fyrd, cutler and the warrior combined and her mouth drops*
  11. two heads are better then one! you could asign days which still need doing, to the people replying on this thread, and see if you get anyone that takes the bait and wants to help icould do one day i guess.. if you like.. but im not promising! (skulks off back to the gurilla's hidden forum to have another think..)
  12. Asterdai: Myths which whether MD like it or not are now crafted and melded with our world Asterdai: it is a momentus task for Z, he should really value Anyones offer to help Asterdai: and i think it will be a great opportunity to have a direct effect on the realm (posted from chat) I seriously think is is something which would interest me. Delving into obscure days/events immersing yourself in a magical history, facts about ancient fiction. Imagine how reading and studying such myths and legends would tantilise your imagination, fuel for your next poem or story. My interest would be in North mythology,i would value if someone who also enjoys this could submit their findings on this subject. Everyone is interested in the game when they start because it is in development and the "new" "experimental" paths it explores, and they believe they can have a measurable and proud impact on this "player crafted world". To their dismay or bad luck, if you have not been in the right place at the right time, your efforts have been un-noticed, even though you feel you try really hard. This is your calling. You can have a chance to find your interesting little tit-bit, myth, date, story, crafted into the game. Im unsure how many you completed Z by saying you completed October.. but i can imagine using all resources and looking over may historical papers, even 2 days would be an achievement for me To help in the process, anyone who Z deems as providing sufficiant can ask for a bonus prize from myself, i really value the calander and it allows me to remember how much mythology used to be a big part of my life (if i was to start something like this id crumble, crys, and run away O.o) Roman Festivals and holidays - not date order but name order http://www.musesrealm.net/rome/festivalsinfo.html Greek myth names - under festival section there are names for days/myths starting in july,which can be googled http://www.fjkluth.com/festival.html Egypt festival dates http://www.digitalegypt.ucl.ac.uk/ideology/festivaldates.html
  13. it was interesting to read what Akasha wrote
  14. i will try and let this topic stay alive but i dont mind how long it hasnt been talked on, and will let it sit in the market happily (i know you have timelimit of closing things) Thanks and appreication goes to those people that try to help other people with avys, i will post the link in this forum post as i feel it is relevant to some comments about how expensive the avatars are here. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/8926-the-perfect-artist-2011 p.s(could someone hide all secret/spoilor informtion af my first post except for the avy''s currently being sold and the instructions, its really bugging me and ive tried lots of times, if youend up doing it grido, add to your payement list! (youve done it twice to help i believe already) then please delete this p.s message, thanks in advance mods.
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