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  1. I made a list with 5 items that can be created from common and resources. I have other similar ideas and one grand idea. Should I continue or let this die? 1) Malodorous Potion - when poured on a player, the player loses all their Vitality Points due to fainting Muddy skull Fungal mass Bit of rotten skin Spicy maggots Finger nail 26 Toxic plants 3 Toxic Gas 3 Solid stench 100 Uses 2) Vial of Misery - when inhaled by a player, his tongue turns blue and starts to swallow taking the ability to speak for 5 minutes Wormy driftwood Handful of Dirt Musk Incense Cat's eye Blue ink 1 Flask of Toxic Extract 13 Unidentified plants 3 Wiiya 30 Uses 3) Phial of Frosted Shards - this potion will freeze for the next battle a random number creatures of a player on which it is poured Glass Rose Broken China Plate Crystal Bell Crystalline structure Glass bead Piece of frosted glass 13 Tea leaves 3 Raw Glass 3 Crystal 100 Uses 4) Odoriferous brew - this brew is very potent and will allow the player on which it is used to dream of the letters at the scene the caster resides Bundle of Stems Pomegranate seeds Flower petals Exotic Perfume Cherry Jam 13 Flowers 3 Gems 1 Lonsdaleite Shards 30 uses 48 hours cooldown 5) Drought of Sorrow - this potion will instantly turn a random number of candies to sticky goop or number of spicy pickles to garbage. Rusted gears Scarab beetle fossil Spider web Dead fish Coarse bone dust 13 Toxic Plants 13 Mineral Water 13 Rainwater 30 uses
  2. actually i have submitted 10 drawings but no results
  3. Not really Chewett ... he wasnt clear ... he said we'd miss a few rounds of the action is all. What you said was much clearer. Well .. have fun guys. Catch ya next time.
  4. [quote name='Shadowseeker' post='35384' date='Jun 28 2009, 05:26 PM']..Ugh, not more work <.< I'll let you guys hop in for 1 silver each. Real silver, not those I distribute "inquest". The disadvantage you get is that you lack a few rounds of actions (i think I'll just let you two join on Day 4, however I wait for the silver to come in later, or else no rewards ), but that can be positive as well...I bet some people would love a reset now.[/quote] Actually what i meant was by me starting on day 4 ... will there be a disadvantage to me when comes the time to pick the winners? hehe Coz considering we have paid the penalty for late entry, do we get to compete on equal grounds?
  5. Ouch .. looks like i missed the registration >.< Can I still join for one silver? will I be at a disadvantage or something?
  6. Umm ... when is the dateline for this?
  7. sorry but how do you submit to Glordamar? I noticed that he is not an RPC
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