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  1. Thankyou Yeah, first thing I tried but no effect. It's weird, I could post in it not too long ago (about three weeks). FF has had an update since then, so it's probably just my browser being silly.
  2. Every time I click on Set your status > it loads as [object Object] instead of an interactive field. In other news, I'm a dad as of last Sunday. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. (that's what I wanted to post in the mood panel)
  3. Hello People and Denizens of MagicDuel. It has been an interesting three years as one of the two leaders of the MagicDuel Archive Land. A lot had happened since 2014 within the realm, and I am glad to have been a part of it all - the expansion of existing lands and introduction of the A2050 tools, the arrival of many brand new inhabitants as well as older ones returning to build new legends, and the many, many quests and festivals that we see each year. While some periods in MagicDuel's history have been fraught with controversy, I have been happy to see the last few years lack such antics, although it is a shame that this may be due in a large part to the reduced number of new arrivals in the realm to bring fresh ideas, as well as the departure of some of our more... I shall say passionate players from being regularly active. In the last few years I have worked hard with darkraptor and many others to try and revive aspects of the MagicDuel Archive's as well as the broader realm. Both Aethon and Chewett have worked to revive the external MD Archive website, and it has been good to see new content on there. I have worked with a small team to revive the MD Paper, which unfortunately while we have most of the raw content due to significant delays at the start none of us have been able to find the time to finish editing. With many of your assistance we even managed to increase the ranks of the Archivist Alliance itself and begin laying the groundwork to reintroduce the Legend Speakers alliance, although again unfortunately enthusiasm for this has waned as other projects have arisen. Outside of our land, there has been much activity with exciting new resources and creatures being introduced, the total revamping of Necrovion, death, and other staples of the MD world, the attempts to revive the Torch Contest and create a new format for that contest, and even just today the opening of a brand new land! As excited as I am and have been by all these developments, I find myself now an observer, not a participant. My time in MD has, after nine long years, finally come to it's end. I do not mean that I will not be in the realm, as I intend to visit, and visit often, but I will be an observer, not an active participant. While I may help those who come to me for assistance with projects like writing stories for quests, no longer will I be running, organizing, or participating in such quests and events. The other realm calls to me too loud and too often. I've just received a promotion at work, my wife and I are starting up a business of our own on top of my existing work, and we are expecting a baby in July. So I think you can all appreciate that the next few years - and hell, the rest of my life even once things do settle down - is going to be a lot less focused on this realm. As such, and as discussed a few months ago with darkraptor and Chewett, I hearby abdicate from my position as Chancellor and MDA Land Leader. I wish you all the best of luck in the new year, and I look forward to having new and unexpected things to see each time I come to visit. Who knows - In a few years I may just return again to introduce a fresh mind to MD. ~Kyphis, Bard of the Path
  4. It's a shame to see you go, but you were a good friend and colleague while it lasted. Many blessings on where ever your journey leads you next.
  5. Results are now posted into the first post. It was a fun event, and a big thanks to the players who turned up to allow it to run, as well as Assira for posting a jumplink. Log from the event below:
  6. Due to lack of players this is now being run as classic trivia with individuals against one another.
  7. In what seems to be becoming a tradition, for the third year running we will be running a Team Trivia event. This year the event will be run slightly differently. Normally, the teams have taken turns answering questions - this year both teams will be given the same question and the first to reach the right answer will win. There will be three rounds of ten questions, which based on past experience means it will probably take an hour and a half to run. The event will be in the Index Room of Memories in the MagicDuel Archives, and will begin after 01:00ST on the 24th as soon as we have at least 6 players (minimum 3 to a team). Late arrivals will be accepted into teams, although it will limit how much of a personal score you can achieve. There will be two prize pools - The winning team, and the best team members. The winning team will receive 10 silver coins each. The player with the highest personal score will receive a Soul Weaver The player with the second highest personal score will receive a Bloodpact Heretic Archer The person with the third highest personal score will receive a Pimped Grasan Additional sponsorship is welcome. If you would like to be a part of this event, feel free to sign up here and begin planning teams, or just turn up at the appointed time. Just remember that teams will need to be even. Results: Ivorak came first with 14 points after a tie breaker, and received a SW creature as well as 10 silver. Syrian came second, narrowly missing first int he tie breaker with 13 points, and received a BP creature as well as 10 silver. Shammus came third on 3 points, sadly they had to leave early. They received a PG creature as well as 10 silver. MRF was the last to arrive and only scored 2 points, earning them 10 silver.
  8. Chewbotta. A grim parody of Chewett's avatar, with various sights showing beneath the raggedly torn away clothes and rubber skin. The Chewbotta is a Morph Creature. The first form looks like an oddly posed, loose fleshed Chewett avatar. The second form has the Chewbotta gripping the face mask tightly, stretching and distorting it as it tries to rip it open. Upgrading from the second form to the third form is the morph step. There are at least XIIV versions of the final form of the Chewbotta. Sometimes, Lorerootian wood resides within. Other times Golemian mechanics. Some forms are the ornate stonework of the Tribunal, while others are filled with oozing liquid dust. Some forms sprout wings, and others tentacles. And sometimes... sometimes hiding under all that rubber... you might just find a regular looking person, waiting to help.
  9. I'm much more in favour of Ivorak's suggestion, but I'd like to refine it a little further... In line with A2050, which gives the playerbase more ability to alter MD's landscape and world, why not allow players with massive resources to use these for major projects?* Why not simply allow base materials to be used in some types of large projects, with a few major penalties and restrictions?: Resources can only be used in the place of processed resources of one level higher (raw in place of first level; first level instead of second level; etc) When useing resources that would normally require processing, they are treated as consuming x1.5 the maximum processing consumption before usage. When useing resources that would normally require processing, they are treated as requiring x2 processing time as well as x2 the time required to apply them to the project (Can be used for time critical sabotage) No processed resource with a chance for failure in its processing can be substituted in this manner No processed resource that requires other resources to process can be substituted in this manner The full stack is still consumed *I was initially going to write the above aimed just at people with huge stacks, then realized there was no need to restrict it to this - if someone had 10 pieces of lumber and didn't have time to be online to go and get it processed, but was at the project site already and really wanted to help contribute, why not let them?
  10. I recall from a long time ago, when resources got introduced, there was another reason for resources not to be split... MD is less about objects and more about the concept of an object. The number of the resources you have was not seen as representative just of how many of them you had, but of your current familiarity with the object. You can't hold two ideas of what an identical object is at the same time (well, you can but that's a discussion for another time) so splitting resources would not make sense. I'd write more on this, but unfortunately I'm pretty time poor right now. I'm sure someone else could write it up (dst might even have logs from those discussions)
  11. Noticed a bug on the forum when attempting to post a new reply too soon after your last response. In the text: New posts within a short time frame are limited. Please wait [#] seconds before submitting. The value for [#] is how long it has been since your last message, not the time remaining until you are next able to post.
  12. I actively track down and keep records of all the people I suspect of being alts. It's one of the things that keeps me around, because it amuses the hell out of me. But while I always figured Ary for a non-original account (just like myself) I never would have guessed just who they were. Not once. Bloody brilliant work good sir, I tip my hat to thee.
  13. More information is better than less, I'd be both surprised and impressed if Sunfire had already obtained most of the above information being requested. And even if they had, being able to verify it from a second resource is always valuable.
  14. Agreed. This feature does to a certain extent already exist, although you need to be willing to spend the credits to change your avatar regularly. It's certainly an idea I think is worth exploring.
  15. It's worth noting that while a lot of the people involved in the Paper are MDA members, it is not actually an MDA project, just one we are spearheading. In fact, the majority of content thus far generated is from non-MDA people :P
  16. Finally judging is complete and we can announce the winners! The Old - Unfortunately we only have the one entrant for this portion of the quest, so by default they take first place. Aethon Congratulations! The New - We had three entries for this category, with scores as follows: dst - 89 points Jubaris - 83 points Aethon - 81 points Congratulations to all the entries! Prizes are as follows: Aethon: 4 Christmas Points, Rustgold Drachorn, Santa Claus Scarecrow dst: 4 Christmas Points, Soul Weaver Jubaris: 3 Christmas Points, Two Pimped Grasans
  17. I've been wondering if it's possible for the Judges to get a christmas point as well - after all, their involvement directly contributed to the success of the event.
  18. Just a heads up, there is also this topic which is a little more active for poems.
  19. Frustratingly a grasan that has been given the correct name for resource production can still also become pimped, thus changing the creatures name and removing the ability to produce resources.
  20. This story is not MD themed, so pretty sure that disqualifies it, haha. Not really the point though, I'm posting this here as a sort of inspiration to others entering the quest - I have very little time to participate in quests of any kind this year, sadly. Yes, I am aware that changing a few names would have made it suitably MD themed, but that's not my way. Fair warning, this poem is actually fairly disturbing. As such, I will be putting it in spoiler tags. I was inspired to write this by one of my close friends photography works, if you want to see the pictures you can find them on Facebook here. Again, fair warning that the subject matter is disturbing.   [spoiler]Twas the night before publishing and all through the house, Aaron's model sat watching, still as a mouse. Yet as we all know mouses struggle to be free, Testing their bonds to escape harsh destinies. The cameras were snugly secure in their cases, After long days spent taking photos of faces. Aaron sat thinking, Eliza by his side, As they sharpen their knives and contemplated their next bride. When out of the basement there arose such a clatter, They sprang from their seats to put an end to this matter. Away to the stairs, they flew in a flash, Tore open the door and made a quick slash. Blood welled from the chest of their next victim bride, Scarlet her fingers, her mouth gaping wide. "We have warned you before that escape will cost dearly, Let this message be understood, and let it be clearly!" The ones that remain all huddled in fear, For they knew their own futures, would soon be as near. Whether bravery or cowardice not one of them could say, Had driven the poor captive, to end her life this way. "Grab her and take her! We have to act quick! Take her legs! I've her Arms! Now try not to slip! We'll wrap her in linens! But first stop the flow! This blood! Such a waste! Let not a single drop show!" At the top of the stairs on a slab they prepared, A masterpiece artworks, although not one to be shared. For grim though their subject and methods applied, The artwork was pure, with deep message inside. The linens you see no shroud but a dress, Her blood painted cheeks, a rouge of the best. For in this world their subject now had fled, A celebration of life, was now shared with the dead. Propped on a stand they spun her around, Posing her before, rigor mortise abounds. The beauty she held she'd denied in her life, Love of self thrown away, then claimed by the knife. Though downstairs they may huddle in their fear, It was by their own choices, they had ended up here. This studio, dark and dry, forsaken by all, Would give them a first dance, and a last curtain call. On the streets in their freedom they had wandered lost souls, Eyes dull to the beauty, each held in themselves. And so an add for models of subject matter grim, The artists had placed, and one by one lured in. Though their models forms carried flaws, Society in judgement, could not adore. Aaron and Eliza help their eyes finally see, The inner beauty they shared, and helped set it free. And so with a snap the hall was filled with harsh light, A spotlight burned bright, to document end of life. Cameras whirred, shutters clacked, back and fourth the artists spun, The perfect image to capture, to the end of film they run. Their work now completed, they each shed but one tear, For the beauty discarded, they hold quite so dear. None in this world were perfect in right, And in the midnight of death, we all fade from sight. But these images remain as a testament to life, To be published by morning, and remembered by night. So the world could remember it was not fit, thick or thin, That defined our own value, but the beauty within.[/spoiler]   If I write a proper story it will probably be about the trial and execution of dst. But I doubt I will find the time.
  21. It's a bit weird for me since I'm such an obsessive person. Within my first week of playing, I plotted out exactly what I wanted to achieve in MD, and somehow I have stayed dead on track for almost every goal, even as MD has changed around me. I've never really cared about things like combat or stats, but the sheer thrill of understanding made me want to do it anyway so I got pretty strong at MP3, back when that was possible. The thrill of doing new things or discovering new things has never really gone away for me, just... there is less out there to discover. So instead I work on creating new things for people to learn about, and encouraging people to look into new things that maybe they didn't know about (like the thing with the Empty Aramor).   Anyone who knew me from when I started, especially if they interacted with me during Burn's vampire quest, would know when I mean when I describe myself as "Politely Unhelpful", and I still behave like that nowadays. I love interacting with new people and hearing their questions, because its the questions that really make me think and figure things out myself - I'm almost out of my own questions, I need other people's to help me learn new things more quickly (thanks again, Nava, for that last one) - but I've always found it more fun to just give people a better idea of the shape of what they are looking for, than the actual answer itself. Nowadays, I do spend a lot more time "sleeping", but that's not because I'm tired of MD. When I uprooted my life and moved over 1000km's away, it was still less than a month into any friendship before new friends would know about MD, and know exactly who people like dst, Chewett, Grido, or Rophs were (yes, I talk about you to my real friends, and yes even the ones who have never even seen MD suggest things for me to share with you guys). Mur's book has even been passed around, although only to people I trust not to damage it, and a few have added things of their own to it (like a really cool brown wrap). I spend more time "sleeping"... because most of what I do is behind the scenes stuff. Organizing quests, keeping tabs on what the MDA people are doing, brainstorming new ideas, writing quest text for people (damnit Eagle Eye, post the Christmas Quest already! If any of you see him tell him to get off his but, we put a lot of work into that one), judging quests, and all sorts of other things.   I *know* my time as an active MD force is coming to an end, but I can't imagine a time when the thought of missing an active day is not painful to me. And yet, when the time comes, I'm going to force myself to start missing them, because at some point someone else deserves a chance at the active vets list, not those of us to stay there to maintain the status quo.   And regarding alts, I think that's more a mindset issue. I know a lot of people's alts (I uh... keep a document... Archivist, sue me), but I treat them all as though they are truly new people. Like Keith Moon and his alts - I have completely separate opinions of each of them, and treat them differently. Someone has to have done something truly awful for me not to be willing to give them a clean slate, and all most people ever get is a healthy dose of caution and a swift response (as Aethon can attest as he has seen it happen). If people want to create alts and RP being a brand new player, I have no problems with it. I'll definetly try to figure out who you used to be (... for the lists >.>) but once I've done that... I don't care? If you want to be a new player again, fine, I'll treat you like a new player. Ask me a question about something your old character taught me in the first place and I'll be just as politely unhelpful as ever, even if I would talk frankly with your old character about it. THat's the choice you made, and I'm happy to go along with it. But yeah, my list of goals is growing short. I only have what, three left to hit? I've got a few years left in me, but after that... well, the fun is in the discovery, after all ;)
  22. With the Christmas Points challenge running this year, I felt a quick reference topic for this years Christmas quests would be helpful, so here you go!   Quests without Christmas Points (yet?) Grido's Game - A number choosing game of simple fun. No Deadline Stated, although only run once per day. Tommusic - A classic clickie based Christmas quest started by saying "tommusic" at the GoE rock. No Deadline Stated. Shut Up and Take my Lube! - A conceptual Auction. Deadline 16th January. Decorate MD Scene - A traditional simple artwork quest. No Deadline Stated.     Finished Quests AGTKCC - A contest to gain the most stats in a single day from attacking only one person. This contest was run on 18th December, Deadline for submissions was 19th December. Christmas Riddles - A free-form riddle contest open for contestants to bring their own riddles to ask as well. This contest was to be run on 19th December from roughly 21:00 server time, with no stated finish time. Due to lack of participants this quest may be re-run at a later date. Bonfire in the Cold - A two hour contest to see who can donate the most heat with respect to MP level. This contest was run on 22nd of December from 22:00 to 23:59 server time. Secret Santa 2015 - Traditional mystery gift exchange. Entries ended 22nd December. Tis the Season but Whew I'm Beat - An item hunting contest. This contest ended 24th December. Write a Letter to the Helper Elves Tiny Men - A quest to create a physical letter to the GG Tiny Men who setup the Christmas Tree each year. Entries ended 25th December. Robbed Santa - A clickie based quest started by saying "I want presents" to the boardsign at Willow's Shop (exterior). Entries ended 25th December. The Sweet Treats of Christmas - A Real World cooking contest to make an MD themed Cookie. This contest ended 28th December. Fry Your Brain - An MD Christmas wordsearch and crossword, with additional hidden puzzle. This contest ended 31st December, 00:00 server time. It's Murmas Time! - A clickie based puzzle quest started by saying "Murmas Time" at the GoE rocks, that gets harder as you go along, with extra chances at prizes for the especially dedicated. This contest ended 31st December. Fairy Princess in Distress - A puzzle based race quest (each person's time recorded separately). This contest ended 31st December. The Nightmare before Murmas - A creative writing quest with a Horror theme. This contest ended 31st December. MRFmas - A contest to record your very own MD Christmas carol. This contest ended 31st December (Extended From 21st December). A Childish Christmas - A quest to create a physical drawing and letter for Santa. This contest ended 31st December, 23:59 server time. A Common Christmas - An artwork quest using item images to decorate the tree. This contest ended 31st December, 23:59 server time. Christmas Lottery - A gambling contest of pure luck. This contest was drawn 2nd January. The Mad Scientist - A race quest involving exploration and puzzle solving. This contest ended 3rd January, 23:59 server time. Deranged Christmas Dinner - An interactive RP event which, if there are enough participants, may be run multiple times. The last session was run 4th January, 21:00 server time. Snowman Contest - A contest to build a snowman small enough to fit in your freezer. This contest ended 6th January. Traditions New and Old - A two part quest encouraging creativity and socializing. This contest ended 10th January.           If you have or know of a Christmas quest not on this list, post below and I will update it. Note that the maximum deadline for Christmas Points quests is the 10th of January.
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