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    Burns: while suffering from terrible pain, but all of a sudden, he has THE idea to save his life: Glaistig: he shoves his finger down his throat, so as to induce a gagging reflex to purge the his system Lulu: but the cruel laughter of Jonn and Hannah makes him choke on his vomit as his eyes fill with desperate tears--he can'tbreathanymorethevomittastesrealbad and THE WORLD IS CRUEL--gone--and he is dead. Either oblivious or uncaring, Hannah and Jonn... Grido: continue their laughing. They soon remember that there's still the strange man in the room (you know the one with the brother, with the picture hanging up).... Metal Bunny: The man then suddenly wakes up from his surreal dream and Burns: realizes Hannah is standing over him, tickling him with a feather, ready to... Rex: whip him with a whip made of.. Apophys: thick Grasan leather, belonging to Dark Priestess (a.k.a. Peace), just for fun. Afterwards, she intends to... Lightsage: slit his throat with a concealed dagger at her hip which happens to... MRWander: have been the same dagger that killed Marind and Wodin from which it was... Metal Bunny: smuggled out of sight by Grido, by hiding it in his favourite orifice and... Aarow: swallowing it so he fullfill his evil plan to.... i am lazy, get over it.
  2. [quote name='Braiton' post='27861' date='Mar 27 2009, 11:50 PM']Your not celebrating the closure to your death. You could die 3 months after your birthday, and no one could care nor make a party about it. You could die any day, and every day is the closure to your death, and you dont celebrate them. Period [/quote] you, my freind are a genius! this means we should party everyday! :lol:
  3. i was predicted to die, by both my family and a "how will i die" test, suffocating in my own farts after being on an all cabbadge diet, being late for work and taking the elevator, and then the elevator breaking down and trapping me inside to suffocate on my own stench. my freind got "sorry sir, but you will die by squirrels with lightsabers"
  4. [quote name='Metal Bunny' post='26837' date='Mar 11 2009, 10:16 AM']HB Ailith I sometimes see more dutch people around than brits[/quote] yeah, happy b-day. now time tp start the philosophy. why do people celebrate getting closer to being dead? maybe it is just people in their usual mocking state saying "ha ha! you are going to die soon so we're going to have a party to celebrate!". maybe we just like to party (most likely). or lastly we might celebrate to be in denial of death, so as to say "in your face, we arent afraid of you! in fact we party and celebrate the closer you are! and then we play it cool like we're fearless 8) P.S. america celebrate your b-day to, and we know how to partyyyyyyy!!!!
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