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  1. I'm still locked away from you, but I remember the illuminating warmth of our reverent memories, forever cherished.   If I could sing to you, I would.   Fondly, PO
  2. The CoE badges were taken when there were 6 core alliance members still active... and multiple attempts were made to 'earn' the badges back (even though they were taken nefariously, but that's another issue). When Pip hijacked the alliance, I cursed it in game, but I was in a way thankful for it. It solidified our resolve, plans were developed and hatched to reclaim them, and we began performing more rituals. However, despite increased activity, and despite reaching out multiple times to 'the gods' of MD with a list of active players and activities, we were never given the opportunity to reclaim them.   Because the system is rigged, and the gods favor the favored. And Chewy, we're talking about the viability of the CoE badges coming back - please stop trolling.
  3. "Anything" is possible so long as the one/s deciding chooses to make it happen. And in that regards "nothing" is possible for those who have garnered their disfavor.   I will not attempt to be involved with such decisions again in MD; however, the CoE does have a rich and varied history.   There are still memories rich like gardens; rituals, lesson, and song. Sacred places.   The CoE lived before before we had badges, as, in spirit, it has 'survived' afterwards. It's just unfortunate that many of my kin have been run out of the realm by a certain weasel with powerful strings.
  4. Happy birfday Granny... sometimes when I pass by the GoE I still have flashbacks of you doing the Time Warp dance in front of it - and no amount of mouthwash can touch that taste which ever lingers something fierce.   XOXOXO
  5. Yes, I took this picture. No, I am not admitting to any crimes.
  6. Phantom Orchid

    Soy yo

  7. No one,   Find me in game and I will give you 825 branches and 655 lumber for free if you'd like.
  8. As you all know, I have not been truly active for quite some time. I have been trying to log in each day, say hi to old friends when possible, and that's about it. I've never pretended otherwise. When I logged on today I found this.    Muratus del Mur - .: random bs to pretend i am active :.    Phantom Orchid - .: Sanguine Moon :.    I have enjoyed helping craft items with Udgard, and doing small things here and there, but, I have simply not had the capacity to be involved in this damn game since my little sister ODed three months ago. I've been grieving, at a loss... occasionally my day would be brightened when, such as yesterday, I ran into Kiley and we had a few short laughs in game.    The above comment from me was a small shout out to the red moon that was mentioned in the MD calender yesterday. That's it.   I don't have the energy to log into this crap - I just don't need it right now, or ever.   Thank you (you know who you are) for one hell of a ride.   Ciao MD, it's been good to know ya.
  9. eidos [ahy-dos] || In Greek, εἶδος the formal content of a culture, encompassing its system of ideas, criteria for interpreting experience, etc.    [from dictionary.com]   Eidos encompasses the collective unveiling of the most significant and fundamental type of reality experienced through the senses - ideas, memories, not just material change.
  10. Happy birthday my dear friend - may it be a blessed one.
  11. It seems like you have been to the place before, the one you're trying to avoid now. When you were there previously, what brought you back? Ask yourself what is preventing you from mustering the courage and remembering how to use these tools that you already have.   For the long haul, acceptance is key. Acceptance and self-validation. I think that might be the only lasting solution, not just a band-aid, to reach resolution.   If you can get it, "When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times" by Pema Chodron is a wonderful, insightful, and deeply moving book. At least read some reviews to see if it's something that you think might be helpful for you.   A therapist would be best, but sometimes a good book can come in close second (especially if you can't afford therapy, or it's too hard to find a good therapist).
  12.   Sure, for administrative stuff. Which they do well. But, on the creative side of things... MD needs your spark.   It seems to have reached a certain point of evolution, a stasis.   Now it is time to mutate.   Find your inspiration, the original breath of life that enabled you to create MD.    Stir the pot.   Shake things up.   Never give up.
  13. Fang, nothing is private in MD (with the possible exception of TSB, but even that is not totally private). You know that...   It's a double edged sword? What you said was inappropriate, as was taking words intended for one person and hanging them on a very public laundry line, along a major metropolitan highway?
  14. +1+1+1+1+1 Yes! I am positive spamming. Feel free to report :P
  15. This is unacceptable language on Fang's part, but I'm wondering how it serves MD to post it in forums and not just report it to council to handle...
  16. You asked for the worst and you got it... and it sounds like you are close to making a major decision based on that? Where's the balance?     http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/14468-best-thing-about-mur/   (I'm kissing ass, or I'm trying to balance this thread and let someone who I respect know what specific attributes we appreciate and how they breathe life into an otherwise stale MD)
  17. This is such a huge issue in the u.s., elsewhere too I'm sure. And it is silence that enables it - it's always a choice of those who witness it whether to speak up or not.
  18. I'm game.   Are the TK's active?  It would be nice to know if there is a possibility for sponsorship for these quests.  It would be helpful, though not necessary.
  19. Rhaeger, that video was adorable! I love stray cats, especially when they're a mess and have gnarly teeth and matted hair. Those are the ones I adopt and nurse back to health when I can. If it weren't for my apartment rules I would have a dozen more...   Here's one, watch out MD:  
  20. Transposition... complex, subconscious currents (multiplied)... night.
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