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  1. Technically Elementals will still be used, but only by those who actually want exp/stats from a battle. The health swapped by a UP does not count as health gain or damage during the battle. That being said, while I'm using one UP, the enemy should not be starting the match with dead creatures. One critter killing off half the enemies creatures before the fight even starts? And the ones still alive are just barely that way.
  2. As Jester said, removing RPCs is a step backward. You took something away and haven't fully replaced it yet. I would have argued that you should not have removed the RPCs until you had the replacement system ready to put into place anyway, certainly we shouldn't call it progress until it's done. So, I would say finishing whatever system you plan to replace the RPCs with is a definate necessary, though, since the main thing I see here missing is the spell doc reward which is apparently worthless anyway, (What does having those things do?) perhaps that is finished. ***For the next version: Replace the old system you removed with a new one, unless you're already done doing that. So what was done to consider this change? Well, I like the Wish Shop, a lot. Seems to be the only thing that we can currently call success/progress. Certainly completing the only successful change seems like a good idea, though it seems pretty well in place to me. The lands of the East: Adding a new land seems huge to me, like this would be quite a bit toward a new version. Except, as Jester said, it doesn't do anything... Since there's no lore, we know nothing about the land, can't know anything about the land. It's just a bunch of buildings that were naturally formed? Anywho, the only mechanics based thing you added there was the abiilty to get some achievements, as mentioned, and some new scenes. Perhaps the scenes would be worth hanging out in if they had any history or anything of the sort, but as it is there are few enough people in the realm that adding new places to be can only spread us out further... Perhaps the Caretakers will begin changing this though... ***For the next version I suppose is that SOMETHING needs to be done over there, or we may as well take out the whole land, it's just hurting things the way it is. I know you said you have plans, I look forward to seeing them, but until they've been done... Fighting: A new battle system could be lovely, don't really know what you have in mind, but the new system could fix things, a lot. It could of course make an even larger mess of things. The current system of course just requires a fair bit of money to be competitive. As Jester said, that's not really enticing to newer players. Their reasoning becomes, why stick around here and dish out money when I could go to the store and buy a game with a better combat system, with lore, sound, and graphics. (Not that MD needs these things, but they are far more shiny and enticing.)****For the next version: Fix the old one or make a new one that works.
  3. Oh, well, you can't go unopposed. Well, you can, but you won't. Someone else will apply I am sure. It's a bit off yet.
  4. I think teaching people how to analyze an argument might work better first. I'd rather not have a bunch of people voting on something for some ridiculous and pointless reason learn how to BS their way to a reasonable score. Though, learning how to argue will help them analyze arguments I suppose. Edit: Perhaps ethics in argument should be included as well? Though that will likely not stick.
  5. Oh, you're quite right. The whole battle system is quite rough and this would be VERY nice to do. I have a hard time believing it would be hard to code a way to manage rituals considering all it would take is a single link... The fact that it's already possible to create rituals without people around tells me that it would probably take about one minute to fix this. Of course that one minute would just be me explaining how to do it, then the next hour would be spent by me running from the massive mob of older players attempting to kill me for spoilers... Now, if Mur just had a way of logging in lots of people at once, and set MP2s at every location with no critters... It'd be a quick fix. But like I said, just setting a link...
  6. Darn... I wanted to read the spoilers... However, because of the GGG it is pretty simple for newbs to get wins and exp without understanding the system at all. And at MP5 exp is handed out in amounts that are normally high enough to max your critter in one battle.
  7. Jokers aren't used because they are worse than LR archers... If LR archers did twice as much, three times as much damage as a drachorn, maybe some people (people without rusties/BPs/Imperials/tokens) would use them. Udgards solution works fine, and is quite simplistic. Well, that is that it works fine before accounting for auras. But that goes with most things in the game...
  8. I assume you haven't seen the entire land yet Phantasm. But I would think Mur has already chosen the local.
  9. Things are worth what people are willing to pay for them. In RL companies sell everything at the same price, they have to, because they are mass produced and put on a shelf. You don't grab something and go to the register and then bargain with the store clerk. In MD we have a barter system, not a real economy, and there are too few people to bother with a real economy. Sure Kriskah and Kragel were trying to do something with one but... Well, I have no idea where either of them have gone to. They do seem to have succeeded in making coins something of actual value, but that's about it. And the fact of the matter is that nothing in MD is mass produced. At least nothing of any value. All going back to a necessary barter system, which goes back to individuals which means... No set prices.
  10. Grido's point is that claiming Yrthillian should remain King because he hasn't done something that no one has ever claimed was wrong is not a reason at all. It would be like someone saying Yrthillian should remain King because he doesn't eat Babies. I mean, as far as I know, that's true, but it's really not a worthwhile point... Or even more correlated, perhaps someone might state that Yrthillian had the right to banish Metal Bunny. Well of course he did(I don't know what MB was banished, but assuming he was). Metal Bunny was attempting to oust him. Anything Yrthillian did while he was King to MB was entirely fair. Saying that Yrthillian should remain King because he had the right to do ONE thing that everyone agrees that he had the right to do and no one considers a real issue, including those to whom the offense was commited, is NOT good reasoning.
  11. Even with no stats and no tokens the LR archers were pretty much useless. I won't go into why, but I have been thinking about this for a while. And a bonus of 1.08? Who cares? An extra 40 to 120 damage doesn't make up for the fact that the darn thing is hitting 1/6th of the critters others attack. So I will say that I like Udgards idea, though for the sake of not needing to change current critters attack values I suggest having the multiplier apply only to the stats and token effects. IE, a LR archer with an attack of 200 (random number) with influence of 200 stat attack and 3k token attack with a multiplier of x2.5 would be 200+(3k+200)*2.5. Otherwise you are messing with the base attack, which is (supposedly) balanced already.
  12. It doesn't really make things harder, it just makes certain things impossible for a while.
  13. I do believe that Ailith has Seduction 2. Gargant I believe has Circle of Flames 2? Maybe Cures 3. Zleiphneir I believe has the Cures 3, if not he has Circle of Flames 2.
  14. Is this a list of items request-able through a mark of creation? Common crafting items one does not need to have as an inventory item? Or are these inventory items that have been observed in the game so that people know what is out there?
  15. I'm more the sort of fellow who'd gladly stab my king/ruler/emperor through the heart while he brought the axe down toward my neck. I have been that deer, and running is certainly the best option for it.
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