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  1. Yesterday, I had around 1.44 credits, and I clicked on the links to earn more. I got the Vit,Vp and action points, but when I looked back at my current credits, it shrank back to 1.7$! O.o Can anybody tell me why it suddenly decreased?
  2. [b]Views on Life[/b] Life is like a harsh, cruel master Giving you endless amounts of labor Life is like an unjust official Giving you less when you deserve something special Life is like the mountains: towering and high But when you climb the top, you'll reach the sky Life is like the sea, treacherous during storms But let this pass, and see beauty in all its forms Life is like a blessing Giving you many things worth treasuring Life is like a teacher Teaching lessons that you must remember In the end, life is a surprise Filled with birth, consequence and demise Life is a journey worth taking after all An experience filled with triumph and downfall [A summary on the different views on life. Some think life is trying to make them suffer, thus, they hate it. Some may think that life revolves around the give-and-receive principle. Your efforts must equal the reward you are trying to get. And lastly, some may view life is a blessing in itself, probably because they must be pretty happy right now. ] [b]The Comforting Darkness[/b] The darkness that engulfs my soul is eternal A part of my mind, body and soul Forever will it consume me possess my being Forever will it surround me protect me from harm The light is too blinding it burns my eyes! And thus, I step away rejecting its call A being of darkness such as I does not find refuge in the light I am not a messenger of evil I say Nor am I a herald of doom I simply find comfort in the shadows of night For beings of darkness such as I do not find refuge in the light [Darkness does not always represent evil, for darkness gives meaning to the light, which is mostly branded as a sign of evil. Darkness gives us comfort during the night; I don't think most of us can sleep with the light on. Also, darkness shelters nocturnal animals from the burning, harsh light of the sun, so in a way, it is a sign of comfort.] [b]The Deceitful Light[/b] Ah, the light Branded by most as a holy symbol, a divine sign The one that leads the sheep into greener pastures, into cooler waters It leads them into a spiral of trickery into a den of wolves And the sheep suffer bleating for their feeble lives Indeed, it is pitiful But for those who can truly see who know the deceit laid out behind those sparkles of light They remain in the dark protected by its shadowy might aware of the hideous truth Unwilling to fall into a hidden pit But ever determined to cross over it and overcome its trickery For who ever said that bowing to the light will release you from your worry? [People who claim to be holy are not always holy. Outside in front of the people, they look like saints, but on the inside, they might are gold-hungry thieves who care nothing about the people. Remember, things are not always as they seem, and the light can play tricks with your mind and eyes. So what do you think? Is the light really a sign of freedom and gallantry, or is it a deceitful insignia, leading people into a maze of tricks and lies? You decide.]
  3. Reason/s for Joining I want to see the sword myself. I want to earn reliable companions and learn lessons worth remembering. I want to improve my fighting skills and know more about the lands. Why I should be Recruited I may be a demon child, but that doesn't mean I'm not strong. My physical and mental capabilities are befitting for any perilous journey and I also have control over elemental magic. My enchanted sword, "The Black Fang", can cut through anything, even the winds itself. And besides, I think I'm smaller than anyone else in MD, so I can probably fit through small holes that you adults can't fit through. My ability to control darkness and its shadowy minions can make me see during the night, so I can be a good watchman. I like to help whenever I can so, if you would allow it, please let me accompany you on your quest.
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