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  1. [b][font="Arial"][size="3"]this is me saying THANK YOU for all of you who have expressed your sympathy. i appreciate it more than you know...... it gives me more reasons to hope in the goodness of people. my family is more closer now than ever in many ways... i thank the cosmos and i thank you my friends [/size][/font][/b]
  2. i dont know how else to say this... my sister died today.... shes only 27 and left two kids, age 3 and 1. im still in shock so i have time to do what needs to be done before the reality of it sinks in. im leaving md, for how long i dont know maybe for good. i dont know. md is a good outlet, it means much to me but i dont expect to return to my normal me anytime soon. i dont knpw. i dont intend to tell you my life's story so this goes to whom it may concern. thank you md, thannk you my guardian family btw, her name is Chloe. i love her
  3. For he's a jolly POTATO, for he's a jolly POTATO For he's a jolly POTATO (pause), and so say all of us And so say all of us, and so say all of us For he's a jolly POTATO, for he's a jolly POTATO For he's a jolly POTATO (pause), and may he fry his brain happy birthday!
  4. i can trace that Jason Chan character, replace the eye-patch with sun glasses, shorten the hair to a crop, lose the sword and cape, put a pistol on both hands, and replace the boots with a cowboy's. would that be copying? if you talk about positions, i dont believe theres not a single position that hasnt been drawn yet. look at comics... the angles may be slightly different, the shapes and the sizes, the lithe or the bulk of the characters but they all have similarities (im talking about human or superhuman, if you will, characters here). but theres no copyrighted positions that i know of so you can copy positions, even styles, but the look can be more controversial. its 'possible' that the MD avatar one is not a copy but is it 'probable'? its probably a copy, by the looks of it, imho. i say if you take a balance scale and place the two avatars on each side, they'd weigh exactly the same despite the other being gold.
  5. Magnus X

    Md As A Story

    MD is already using Flash i believe. yes, i would want to see more animation myself. it would certainly look great but the servers wont be able to handle it, i think. we have lagging problems as it is but i think its more to do with the servers upgrading. im no techie so i could be wrong. in terms of MD's popularity, i see new players come in ever so often and people have been liking the simple yet awesome black and white atmosphere MD is known for so i dont think we really have a problem with that. thats how i got hooked in the first place . if we need to boost MD we'd have to support it by buying credits so Mur can spend more and continue making the machine that churns MD's awesomeness run better. i reckon. oooppss... i read your post again and understand now that you want to do this outside MD. well i think that would be cool. just dont forget to get a stamp of approval from the powers that be.
  6. ill have my laptop service today and it may take a few days to a week or two. and since i dont have a pc and dont plan to use "public" internet ill be gone for a while. ( hopefully i wont miss much.
  7. [size="2"]Happy Birthday Pamplemousse! Pamper much [/size][size="2"]yourself[/size][size="2"] today![/size]
  8. the king - subject, president - artist analogy is unsound. comparing a country's huge population and political and social complexity to the mini world of MD doesn't fit. and in real world, we do have censors - we have the freedom to do anything we want but it doesn't mean it'll get approved. Moreover, kingship is a monarchy, not a democracy therefore a king's wishes is the law of the land. so whats the issue here? is it the establishment of the kingship that you are against of? did you not imply that they were put into power unjustly? were they not elected by the masses? were they not chosen based on highest loyalty points to their respective lands? is it not only right that one should call upon their king's advice before undertaking a project or campaign? thats the root of the matter (not the inn ), is it not? MD is a reflection of RL, what do you expect?
  9. Have a happy birthday Grayhawk! hope to see you soon. Happy birthday Kamisha! Happy birthday too to Renowan and Kiktamo
  10. but tomatoes arent really vegetables, we are so used to thinking they are that we forget theyre actually frutis! dont be fooled! this is the cunning technique they employ to blend in with all vegetables. tomato is in fact a berry from the family nightshade! yes. you heard me right, "nightshade!" weve been brainwashed. the toxic but addictive fumes distorted our minds and opened it to subtle suggestions by the clandestine group that controls md. when was the last time you puffed some nightshade?! everybody did! we all did! and they tell us its all part of the story. how cleverly deceiving. now you know the truth. the truth...is..is..is....out there! break down the code, bring out the truth: [size="3"]muratus = mur atus = mur + tum atus = mur tumatus = 'more tomatoes' [/size]
  11. oh my gad! i knew it! ive been telling people this! i cant believe it actually IS TRUE! this guy right here really opened my eyes. please watch, for non-believers. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoytrHE821o[/media] har har har!
  12. too bad i missed it. is there a place where i can at least see the stories?
  13. i know where that is Darigan, its somewhere! my state is New South Wales. its a state too, down under *points down at the huge island* also im in a state of elation!
  14. [color="#008000"][font="Comic Sans MS"][color="#000000"]Happy birthday Marvolo! happy howling![/color][/font] [/color]
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