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  1. [quote name='lightsage' date='27 June 2010 - 06:27 PM' timestamp='1277659640' post='62771'] Not even mentioning that it's against some people's nature to ask for themselves to be added... [/quote] Then bad luck to them. On a different train of thought, half of the people mentioned have not created a quest in a long time.....Oo
  2. Well then don't vote if you don't like it, the winner will still gain a reward.Plus I shall add more names. Also rudeness and/or sarcasm is not really needed for it will not make it better, it will make it worse.
  3. Alright then lets do this, if someone new is added, and you wish to vote for them, then you may state their name in a quote box and say that you wish to vote for them. Sorted
  4. Oh well I added that if they wished to be added then they can post here or pm me And no cutler, I just added people that I could think of from the top of my head. If it's a quest that you made, then go ahead and ask for your name to be added ^^
  5. MagicDuel would not be the same without the people that create the most interesting quest, right? Well I think that the ones that create the quests, should be rewarded. So! Here, as you can see, is a poll. Please choose the quest creator that you would like to see win the competition. The winner shall gain a BIG reward. Oh and please vote because you like their quest/s! It does not matter wether you like them or not, base the judgement upon the quest/s that they have made. [size="1"] (If you are not entered then please pm me in game to have your name placed up)[/size]
  6. Oo Lippy? Try to impress? oO I was only saying what I was told and showing my opinion. You can't really tell how someone says something just by reading it. Thats what RP is for I was saying in a nice normal way ^^, if it sounded rude or nasty then woops..my bad. As for trying to impress...you should know by now I don't care what people think of me :lol:
  7. [quote name='SageWoman' date='05 May 2010 - 12:30 PM' timestamp='1273059011' post='59434'] It was a very long time ago when you put your application in to the GOTR. I don't remember you ever following up on it or talking to anyone of us about wanting to join. Then too, you seem to have left the realm of Magic Duel. If you are serious about wanting to join, you need to reapply stating why you want to be a member of the Guardians of the Root. King Firsanthalas will contact you then. [/quote] Wrong...wrong...wrong. I did follow it up actually. I asked Firsan to join before all this and he said post it onto the forum and then look for someone to mentor me. Yet I was told that no one was able to mentor me thus I did not opush. Also my reason for joining isn't going to suddenly change is it.
  8. Seems that my application was never even looked at...I really am a shadow
  9. Aww so no way at all for it too happen?
  10. 1) No the don't think creature slots can/should be. 2) At first I did think more than a few days but was not sure how the idea would go down ^^ 3) The stats I did think would be a very hard point. 4) (To shadowseeker) I think that it would do some people good to lose those creatures and tokens etc for a week or so...it would give them a chance too actually remember what it was like in mp3, instead of being bored of winning so much.
  11. I was thinking today that many people spend well over £200 pounds on the MD Shop.Good thats keeps the game running, brilliant . Then I though(I know dangerous ><) Why don't we have a day where all things bought from the MD shop are deactivated for that day, who knows, if it is possible it could even be turned into a competition!!!! That way we can see who really is the the strongest/ cleverest when they are stripped from all their backups. Things that SHOULD be(if possible) removed for a day each month are. [b][u]Creatures[/u][/b] Drachorns(rustgolds) Bloodpack Archers Pimped Grasans Imps Santas Nutcrackers [b][u]Boosters[/u][/b] [u]Tokens[/u] All tokens. [u]Temporary[/u] All. [u]Permanant[/u] Vitality Boosters Stat Boosters. Like I said this is just a idea that could and should be worked on by brighter people than me ^^, So please do post your comments on this!!!
  12. Shadow(mcvities)

    My Family

    I always knew you were nice really ^^ *poke*You and your family ae Grrreat!
  13. [font="Comic Sans MS"]Hmm not sure how to do this but I will ^^. I would like to join the Guardians of the root.I find loreroot as a home which is why my first and only alliance was The savelites.I find loreroot calming and peaceful. jazira ,many times, told me to calm down when I was getting angry so I would take myself away from the situation and go into the woods of loreroot. I feel no affinity to Necrovian senitals nor Golemus. I hope I may be of assistance to loreroot and even if not allowed in I shall continue to protect and treat loreroot as a home. =)[/font] ----Shadow----
  14. I feel that in some cases the treatys are good yet in others we should get a say.Not just the high ranked people. :nea:
  15. my days and times can be random. I am on quite alot though some for long periods and other times for very short periods [color="#ff0000"]I am happy to promote you to helper, but cannot do staff until I have consulted with Jonn. Will do that ASAP. Calyx[/color]
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