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  1. 10 silver for the uncut diamonds and the micro mask
  2. When animating the SHMSH fenth I was asked for 10 rainwater. Was this changed to Wiiya?
  3. 5 bushies(43) means you have 43 stacks of bushies most probably with different values. 5 is your first and oldest stack you had. Those 5 bushies will be used first in the combiner
  4. 2 days ago I placed 20 memory stones into the combiner to obtain Stone Tablet. The tablet was suppose to be ready tomorrow but when I checked today it is gone Same thing happened with the bushies. Have put 100 in the combiner yesterday. Today there is nothing in it
  5. Clock Master


    Active Days: 2666 Win/Loss quantities:15353/15353 Balance Status: Perma balanced Available time frame: Depending on the day in the week. But most days I am available after 22 server time
  6. I'll take a drach charm Another great RICA quest. Thanks Nimmy
  7. The added stats spread the page. Right arrow helps if you want to see beyond the =
  8. Is that sometimes when you have an active burst?
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