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  1. I just noticed that the whole description of an item is available form the inventory page. Before it was only partial, I think only first ~30 characters were seen.

    I like that it got 'fixed' but when did that happen? :)) 

  2. This cipher was more difficult than usual, I assume archaic English was largely to blame (even though I'm sure most of us expected it will be archaic because it's Aia's quest), but I had some success with MD's ciphers so far so I managed to pass it after a few stepping stones. But the riddle was a killer for me No hints were really of substantial help, it was just a whole week of guessing after guessing. Actually the hints seemed like a quest for themselves What I want to say about Aia's questmaking... I think it's a proper MD style of a quest, and I would like her to continue to create such puzzles (and riddles), because they are proving to be a temporary brick wall, which can make players appreciate the adventure of solving it rather than steam roll. I would just suggest to remove the competition part, because it's a lot of stress trying to be first in something you're obviously having issues with If there would be a clickie quest with a permanent static reward, that would be perfect for this kind of quest difficulty. You leave it be for a while and then return to it with fresh mind and no time pressure. Thank you all for your kind words!
  3. I'm torn between several hours (or days) and between no cooldown at all, in sense of - if the creation of the consumable requires some effort, why would there be a cooldown.
  4. Indeed so! That's why I suggest first pondering upon the requirements to create this consumable, and make the result proportional to the effort as a natural second step. The only idea I have so far is about involving sacrifice of creatures to get a creature shield token (length of the consumable proportional to the 'strength' of the creature). And I assume you would prefer if some resources are added into the equation, but at this point I'm not sure which (I hate resources so the inspiration doesn't come straight away ). I would make Mur deal with the formula...
  5. How about the creature shield? Only, in difference to the wishpoint shop this consumable would obviously give a temporary effect. I think some people would use it all the time.
  6. There's a level 2 Magicduel server, you just have to earn the access. That's where all the legendary players (that are supposedly inactive) went.
  7. Even though the Voice spell currently doesn't work (as far as I've noticed; and it was always a bit buggy), the current mechanism is ok (you invoke the youtube link with the spell) in itself, but it looks so out of place when you type the youtube link in chat as part of the spell. My suggestion is, can we make it to work radically different? We would have some audio files on the server. One audio file is called, for example, Storm, the other is Red. Then you would call one of them like this "Voice Storm", and play the storm file, rather than write "Voice dsfgsdfdsf" to invoke youtube video storm. We can have several generic audio files, kinda like we have several generic scenes for the dreamcatcher interface. Eventually, we could allow some custom uploads, but that's totally another story. On the bright side, it would allow musician souls to brighten our MD world, just like the drawing artists already did, we could make quests for them etc. edit: good thing we have drafts on this forum, I accidentally clicked cancel
  8. But what kind of handicap would nullify the advantage of ancient players with maximum diversity of creatures, spells and tricks in general? Younger mp5s would never be able to compete against such players, the handicap would need to be very creative, I don't find it realistic.
  9. I was just thinking about it conceptually, I agree with you, existing stacks shouldn't be invaded just so. They can stay (and then apply only for new ones) or the owners can be offered compensation, etc. And about the 100 flowers, the number was a wild guess, but your answer makes me think it's good If it takes you, an expert herbalist, one day to farm it, it would take 'normal' people several, which is an appropriate amount of effort for revival in my opinion. And the fact that you can do it faster is deserved because of your dedication for grinding herbs.
  10. Depends whether you want to make it a very serious protector type, or something benign. Benign option: I would add some crazy yet benign spells in it, like the 'freeze' spell was (freeze X number of target players creatures in combat), lots of seemingly balance breaking spells but in some not that important microcosmos such as combat. Serious option: MP6 being able to help with revival, death prevention, and stuff on that scale.
  11. I feel like the players are too stretched. I think MD shouldn't encourage stacking over lengthy periods of time and persistent grinding, I feel like a player, if wants to be successful at one aspect of MD, he needs to dedicate to it completely, there needs to be a way for someone to participate in most of stuff parallel. So I'm proposing something that befits my little world, yet remains fair: Reduce requirements of consumables (like 1000 flowers for a wreath/reviving) to something like 100, but to counter this relative ease-over-time, introduce resource degradation, flowers disappear (or turn into inferior resource) after X days. That way we avoid the inflation and still encourage people to some effort. Resource degradation can't be applied to stuff like iron ingots and such though. I'm wondering, where are we going with so much resource diversity? Other than that, I totally support adding more consumables and resource-spending ways, it is the way to go
  12. Hemicar is labeled as my alt (which he isn't, FYI ), even though I never use public networks, so I don't see how. When Hemicar spotted the issue about a year ago, the only common thing we came up with at that time was that we are using the same broadband company, but that would be a very loose alt check no?
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