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  1. I joined in the summer of 2008 for a brief time, had a 6 month break, then I remembered about this place. In that first period there was this interesting LHO, I think he had 'dragon' in his name, I tried to find out about him later but no success, I have no idea who he was. When I got back, I got a lot of help from Anubarak.
  2. It would depend on a lot of things. What is this community in question all about, do those people have a common interest that's binding them? Because the organization of voting rules would go in the light of that community-purpose. But let's talk casual. Most of variations on this subject already happened in history. When it comes to voting, it associates to democracy, and I like the concept of ancient Greek city states, for example. But it's not perfect. Athens ostracized a lot of great men, for example. Sentenced Socrates as well... I would also insist that the only way for democracy to work is that the voters are educated. But then you see that pre ww2 Germany was highly educated, and they still managed to choose Hitler...
  3. Combat Mystery Tournament

    Sorry for the delay 3,7,8,12,13,14,23,28
  4. Combat Mystery Tournament

    Sorry to be the only one asking questions, but when you say 4 numbers for us, 4 numbers for opponents, what does that precisely mean? For example, MRAlyon posted: 2,10,15,24,25,27,28,29 Does that mean he can use 2,10,15,24 and I the last 4 numbers or we both can use creatures from that pool, plus creatures from 8 numbers I post?
  5. Combat Mystery Tournament

    I'm not sure what you mean precisely by family, would you define? And... when do you wanna meet?
  6. Combat Mystery Tournament

    I guess this is cancelled, nobody around
  7. Combat Mystery Tournament

    Jubaris id:62639
  8. Molima, Horseman

    15gc for the horseman
  9. Baptism of fire for me, I see x)
  10. Jubaris - 62639 awesome idea!
  11. Opinions on item interface

    I don't like how they're displayed, but sometimes it's easier to click on the picture and use the item straight away rather than access the tag of the class of the item, then find it on the list and click, etc.
  12. HBD Kiley

    Happy birthday Kiley!
  13. MD's "Believe it or not"

    Believe it or not, at one point MD's market was so lively that you could expect to sell, for example a windy, for real 100$ to somebody else. Eventually transactions outside of the game were banned, so it's hard to compare to more modern MD times, but I'm sure you can get the picture.
  14. HBD Lintara

    Happy birthday Lin!