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  1. You could just make a forum post, lock it and pin it, and keep the discussion in a separate thread (with a less attractive title ). If the discussion makes a difference, you edit the locked thread, and add a new post stating that it was edited, but keep it locked.
  2. Jubaris

    How would you send messages in the past?

    @Muratus del Mur Could you be more precise about that narrow time interval? Do you become aware of the repetition at the end of one instance (making you powerless to react, so I guess not) or do you become aware that you entered a new instance? If the latter, is it just a more intensive deja vu, or you have memory of the previous instance during that narrow time interval? Only the last option gives a chance for you to create a link with the knowledge, so I'm guessing you meant just that*. Then it all depends of the time frame and your creativity to use it, but the essence is to leave a message for you to read describing what will happen, and add some kind of confirmation (personal information) that will ensure your ignorant self will believe the contents of the message. Nothing complicated about that, somehow I don't think you're making a simple contest about the form of that message, so I'm asking for some clarifications. *Other options require abilities we don't currently possess (or is impossible to do). I would highlight Bash's example of planting information far far away as semi-plausible which I really liked, but I think the time loop, upon reset, would reset/erase that action too.
  3. Jubaris

    Marind Bell now exporting water

    We're not only about raw materials, we got some finished products too!
  4. Jubaris

    Mystery tournament III

    I'll have the disappointment of both active citizens of Marind Bell on my hands! Sunfire was too crafty that I had little choice than to point him in the direction to the finals.
  5. Jubaris

    Mystery tournament III

    I'm in.
  6. Jubaris

    Homepage artworks broken

    MD tends to redirect a lot around the homepage, there's a chance you didn't get to the right page. Edited the original topic with a screenshot.
  7. Jubaris

    Homepage artworks broken

    https://magicduel.com/index.php?pag=fantasyartworks No images (old invalid links).
  8. Jubaris

    Mega Creatures Auction

    7gc for the sword shade
  9. Jubaris

    Interview(s) disclosed

    It would look cool, and I like the occasional activity MD social accounts produced, but would it serve any purpose at this point? Perhaps as part of some larger picture - recruiting campaign for new people, or festival of activity that encourages older players to return.
  10. Jubaris

    Scene music doesn't work

    Didn't ask anybody else yet to confirm is it only me, but scene music doesn't play. My options have scene music enabled of course. Thus the voice spell doesn't work either, but hopefully it will once the scene music gets fixed.
  11. Jubaris

    Interview(s) disclosed

    I dag up a thing from a couple of years ago, an interview with Zleiphneir, it was meant to be a part of the MD newspaper, but the project was never finalized. I also have one with Azull and Syrian, but that was so poorly done by me that I'd spare you from it There's supposed to be one with Kyphis as well, good one as I recall, but I can't seem to find it.
  12. Jubaris

    Equilibrium Tourney III

    Hey, hey! More than just a former host, a reigning champion!
  13. I joined in the summer of 2008 for a brief time, had a 6 month break, then I remembered about this place. In that first period there was this interesting LHO, I think he had 'dragon' in his name, I tried to find out about him later but no success, I have no idea who he was. When I got back, I got a lot of help from Anubarak.