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    outer space
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    Like I should have know what my interests are....well to think of it...
    1. girls
    2. devils music
    3. piercings
    4. drawing
    5. industrial music
    6. imaginary things
    7. MD
    and other things witch I cant remember or I am to drunk ^^
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  1. is there any way that confused santa could be so kind and leave a small present by my bed?
  2. frostas

    WTS UP

    contact me in GoE.
  3. I forgot what I wanted to say.

  4. frostas

    WTS UP

    1st:[b]UP[/b] Stored Heat 5500 Age 23 2nd:[b]UP[/b] Stored Heat 0 Age 27
  5. [quote name='Manda' timestamp='1295887079' post='77964'] This site gives 0.2 credits also in free credits you can find other vote section of bbgsite First 0.1 credits [url="http://gamelist.bbgsite.com/io/index/id/28.shtml"]http://gamelist.bbgs...dex/id/28.shtml[/url] Second 0.2 credits [url="http://contest.bbgsite.com/gameprize/webapps/index.php?controller=game&action=index&id=28&getgold=1&getprizeid=157"]http://contest.bbgsi...&getprizeid=157[/url] when you are a non paying player its a nice contribution at least 0.3 credits and people need to know when we get ranking in other sites, good this can happend in MD Like festivals, awards and more so dont be lazy and use the votes that you have envery day thk [/quote] well Im voting every day 3 times, and Im not complaining about lack of prizes, Im here a for a quete long time now, and I like this game, I dont need motivation to vote, but new players may need it
  6. well, there are no actual motivation for new players to vote, except free 0.1$ credits, so this makes voting lose its popularity, if we want to win, there should be something that would motivate new players to do so, like some free stats or some credits for it, not after voting ofc, but in case of wining, for example, LOL gave boosters after winning awards for all players without exception, that made People to vote for it
  7. I want an angien please
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