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  1.     1. Ruler Item, meaning the Land Ruler could pass it to someone who wasn't involved in the battle (also it could be possible to let people who can't use items still trade them to others).   2. Yes, I was thinking of a something like a Prisoner of War exchange, hehe.    3. Anyone from the land can harvest, I was thinking that the people who weren't fighting would be backing up the fighters by harvesting the resources and reviving them when the time came.   The idea behind this whole thing was letting people who weren't participating in torch contest directly still be able to help out their land, getting more people involved. Just because you don't want to pick up a torch and battle, doesn't mean you don't want to do something to help the home team, ha. Guerrilla teams seem particularly suited for this in my opinion as they would have even more people able to get items to revive them while they snuck into enemy territory.       Its not a name change for death, it would have to be a completely separate system (admittedly with a lot of similarities). Though on second thought, you make an excellent point... perhaps just giving people who die in torch contest the tag would be enough, but I don't know.     Well, I've been inspired to participate or at least observe this coming torch contest to refine this idea and others. I remain utterly convinced that resources and the torch contest are a perfect fit. 
  2. This is my final suggestion for MD, and it is, of course, for Torch Contest. Instead of being dead, vanquished soldiers are "Fallen". They get a tag saying "Fallen of (land they fought for)" and cannot fight, move, cast spells or use items. Necrovion fallen would have the tag "Fallen of NV", Golemus would be "Fallen of GG", and so on. Each Land would have a Ruler Item that functions as a leash or the spell used to summon the warriors from that land, which is able to drag all of the Fallen of that land to the user's location. New resources would be created with each land having its own type. Names off the top of my head would be Necrovion Essence for Necrovion, Loreroot Essence for Loreroot, and so on. Each land would have a gathering tool that is only able to harvest the essence specific to that land. These resources could be combined in a cauldron to create an item capable of bringing back a Fallen warrior. Creating this item would require four of one land's resource AND one from any other land. Tools and resources would only be able to be picked up while the torch contest is active, and all tools and harvested resources would disappear when it ended. If this is not taken into consideration it will be my final offering, but there are countless ways this framework could be built on if it is.   I appreciate that I'm not up to date on how torch contest is working currently, so this is no longer fits just let me know.   If anyone would like clarification on any point please ask.   EDIT: The idea is for people who aren't fighting in Torch Contest to have a place in it, by supporting those who are.
  3. Jester 77557 3 months I'm awesome I'll only put in as much energy as I find the whole thing entertaining. Funny or interesting tasks will get my full enthusiasm, boring ones won't even be finished. -33% 1 gold
  4. Last time a minimum bid policy was sorely needed. The price would be 5 gold and people would bid 5 gold and 1 silver and it just kept going back and forth. I would suggest that after the bid gets up to a few gold that the minimum raise should be at least a few silver instead of one. For example, after 3 gold you must raise at least 3 silver, after 5 gold you must raise at least 5 silver, after 10 gold you must raise at least 10 silver (or one gold), etc. A simple policy that I imagine people would still be able to be confused by would be that the amount of gold the bid is currently at is the minimum raise in silver, i.e. 1 gold = 1 silver raise, 2 gold = 2 silver raise, 5 gold = 5 silver raise.
  5. Some people (like Z) have roles where they act completely differently than normal, so it would be useful for them.
  6. I can do copy-editing if they want to do the beautifying.
  7. Finally I managed to make a joke within MD! It only took a few years. (GoE is completely devoid of players) Jester: Wow, its like an aramor in here.
  8. Jester

    New ideas

    Combat-less Torch Contest Idea     This idea would use resources, items, and totems for its “combat” rather than creatures. Each land would try to defend it's borders, build totems to increase its power, and attack other lands.   http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16681-combat-less-torch-contest-idea/
  9. I didn't see the new ideas and suggestions topic when I posted this, I haven't been on the forum in a long time. Should probably be moved.
  10. Summary     This idea would use resources, items, and totems for its “combat” rather than creatures. Each land would try to defend it's borders, build totems to increase its power, and attack other lands.   Totems    This idea is central to this new contest idea. Totems would be able to be built by land citizens and knocked down by citizens of other lands. They would have multiple stages each, with each stage giving progressively higher benefits. Examples of benefits are increased resource regeneration or torch stat growth, access to higher level cauldrons for better items, better resource gatherers and so on. A special Totem would be the land gates, which when built would deny access to any outsiders holding torches until they were knocked down.   Resources    Resources would be the same in every land but with a different prefix. Resources need to be balanced and that is impossible with the way they are currently. Only members of that land would be able to harvest that land's resources. However, each land would also be given a resource incinerator, which destroys a resource without gathering it, allowing enemies to deplete another land's resources and prevent building and item creation. Two types of resources would exist, building and items. Building resources for creating totems, and items to influence the item-less combat.   (Clarification: I mean entirely new resources would be created. If resources that already existed were used players who have stockpiled thousands would have a hugely unfair advantage, and with the way the resources are set up certain lands with their guilds would have this weighted unfairly in their favor. If lumber was used for this scenario it would be Necrovion Lumber and Golemus Lumber with a Necrovion Axe used to specifically harvest the lumber from their land. The Golemus Incinerator would destroy one unit of that Necrovion Lumber.)   Cauldrons    Torch-specific cauldrons would allow for the creation of items that could help or hinder a player. Examples include a higher level “death” item, which sends the player back to their capital and prevents movement and gathering, and a revival item which would need to be used on them before they could continue participating, as well as lower level items that damage totems or boost or lower a player's capabilities.   Torch Stats    Stats specific to Torches, such as resource gathering, demolition and construction, would be reset after each contest to prevent one land's citizens from getting too far ahead and discouraging people from participating in the contest. One central stat which increased every time the related stats increased and gave small bonuses to the other stats growth could possibly remain, however. Example is a Torch resource gathering stat which slightly increased the rate you gain other resource gathering stats and carries over from contest to contest, giving dedicated players a mild boost compared to new ones.   Torch Points    Upon successfully taking a torch to another capital, the land would be given a Torch Point. Once the contest has been concluded for that month, the land's Ruler would be able to give out the land's points to the people who participated in the contest (or it could be partly automatic to prevent the Ruler having to choose and possibly offend some of their citizens). These points would be used in a Torch Points shop, which would have an interface similar to the Wish Point shop.   Conclusion    I believe this would provide much-needed entertainment, as well as bringing in quite a few more people to MagicDuel. The players who participate in contests like this also seem to be the ones most prone to spending real money in the MD shop, so it could provide essential revenue as well. Additionally this would make land loyalties much more important and provide some sparring opportunities between them.   Feedback     I'm curious if people are interested in this idea, how hard it would be to create, whether its possible or not, etc. Comments are appreciated.
  11. Itsa me, Jestario!   http://imgur.com/tj0ilVm   Yes, I am going to enter every single drawing quest with stick figures from now on.
  12. Oh TTL, the pipes, the pipes are calling From glen to glen, and down the mountain side The summer's gone, and all the flowers are dying 'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide. But come ye back when desert's in the meadow Or when necrovion's hushed and dark with shades 'Tis I'll be here in night or in the shadow Oh TTL, oh TTL, I miss you so.
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charades   Oh hey, looks like charades has the other team guessing too. I thought it was the other way around. Not accusing you of copying it of course, just wondering if that was the idea.
  14. So its charades but with the other team guessing?   I do have something I do on Wednesdays so depends on the time.   I'm assuming *Jester acts like (thing hes supposed to be acting like)* is illegal?
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    Jesterius Maximus

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    Professor Jester

    From the album: Jesterius Maximus

    If I taught a class. And wore glasses.
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    Name a TagMaster

    Seems easy enough to create an interface where person could manage their tags, but what do I know.   Actually that would be really useful, so people with multiple tags could choose which to show and at what times.   EDIT: its been brought to my attention that something like this exists already. Great to see my ideas being implemented before I have them. Kudos to the programmers.
  18. Alright, I'm here for a minute. Just wanted to let you all know I haven't given up on this idea. I've been dealing with some serious stuff outside in RL and its taken a big toll on me, but I'm working past it.
  19. I must apologize for my absence. Things have come up that I had to deal with. I'm almost done.
  20. Ok, back to being serious.    So far we've got Petty Dodds and Rophs from this topic   And Maebius, Bash Chelik and Awiiya from the previous one if they're still in.     Anyone else interested? Could use a few more.
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