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  1. [quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1346878231' post='121474'] Because, when you write a book, you write from the start, and then continue along until you reach the finish. [/quote] It is obvious you have never written a book before.
  2. [quote name='Isabella Finch' timestamp='1335834526' post='110492'] It would be nice if this was made extremely clear to everyone. Chewett is an [color=#FF0000]Administrator[/color] and unsure about it even? If he doesn't know then how is someone newer to the game supposed to know? [/quote] You misunderstand. Chewett is the administrator of the [i]forum[/i], not of the game. Though he has been associated with MagicDuel for several years, that does not mean he has access to all the [color=#222222]intricacies[/color] of the game itself.
  3. Multitasking, as presented, is the deliberate action of splitting one's focus on more than one task. Driving, reading, singing, walking, eating, writing, and many other actions require an individual's focus and attention to perform. They are conscious actions that require effort from a person. Sleeping, breathing, digesting, or any other function of the body that does not require any sort of focus cannot be included in this definition of multitasking because it does not require effort or action on the part of the person. Splitting focus and attention among different tasks, as pointed out, reduces one's ability to successfully perform tasks and errors are more likely to occur. One would find it incredibly difficult--if not impossible--to successfully sing while eating or drive while reading. These are independent, deliberate actions that require a person to focus on them, to give attention and thought to what is happening and react accordingly. As presented, errors can, and are likely, to occur if these actions are performed simultaneously To imply that sleeping and breathing or digesting while speaking are somehow in the same category as the previous examples is simply rediculous. Is there [i]any[/i] evidence of "mistakes" someone has made while sleeping and breathing at the same time? There is no reason to believe that autonomic functions are in any way related to multitasking.
  4. [quote name='Atrumist' timestamp='1327161986' post='101635'] Example - you never think about breathing... You cells are independent from your "thinking", by physiological means humans are multi-tasking. During sleep little than only one quarter of the human task processess go idle [/quote] I object to your use of autonomic body functions as evidence that a human can multitask. While a person can have some degree of control over the rate and depth of breathing, it is, in essence, an automatic function of the human body, the same as blood circulation and digestion. These processes occur whether a human wants them to or not and does not require any effort. They are regulated by parts of the brain to which humans do not have conscious access. Multitasking, as presented, is the [i]conscious and deliberate[/i] attempt to perform more than one task at a time. Walking and breathing or reading and digesting lunch would [b]not[/b] be examples of this phenomenon as one task in the pair is performed automatically by the body [i]without conscious[/i] effort.
  5. [quote name='duxie' timestamp='1327136803' post='101579'] [size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]there's no such thing as multitasking in human brain.[/font][/size] [/quote] Research indicates that you are correct in this statement, and that as people try to attempt more tasks simultaneously, the incidence of errors increases. However, I believe that multitasking is not about focusing equally on all tasks at the same time, but about devoting only as much time and attention to each specific task as is needed. Your example of talking on a phone while driving is a poor example of such multitasking as driving a car is something one should focus on with minimal distraction (and talking on a phone is rarely that,) which is why talking and driving are either frowned upon or outright banned in various parts of America, though I don't know about Europe or other parts of the world. Walking is a task that many would say is fairly simple; however, there are ways to complicate such a task. Adding obstacles to one's path would be one such way as would carrying large and/or multiple packages. Would adding these two complications not be an example of multitasking? In this instance, one needs to be aware of his or her spatial relationship to the surrounding objects while focusing on how to find and adjust his or her balance with the additional weight of the packages. Someone who is focusing too much on one part of the task (as opposed to "just enough") is likely to experience an error (tripping and falling or dropping one or more packages) for the task not receiving enough attention. Of course, a variable such as "just enough attention" is difficult--if not impossible--to quantify. To complicate it even more, the required amount of attention any specific task needs will vary during the duration of the various tasks. Humans are able to perform such a task, some doing it daily. Is this not an example of multitasking? If not, what would it be considered? A quick side note: research indicates that babies--those who are within the first few months of life--are capable of multitasking with ease as their senses are absorbing vast amounts of information which their brains are able to process. It is later that these talents are "pared away" and a human's ability to split focus diminishes greatly.
  6. Research indicates that the vast majority of personality is set within the first year of life and is [i]incredibly[/i] difficult to alter or change without experiencing extreme trauma. Essentially, as a person ages, they are more or less going to behave as an adult as they did as a child. Using your anologies, it is more likely that a person with a "rigid" personality is going to seek out a career that has lower "multitasking needs" than someone you know that has a more "flexible" personality. A person will seek out the place in which they best fit. There is a lot of research available about personality development, but I doubt you will find many--or any--sources that indicate that it develops at a later point in the life span than the first few years. It will undoubtedly be influenced by experiences gathered throughout life, but it is essentially a set of fixed characteristics. When you meet a "grumpy old man" or a "kindly old lady," these people are not that way because of old age or senility, but because they were like that when they were younger. I doubt you would find many parents who would say their child doesn't have a personality of sorts within the first few weeks of life. Statements such as "he always seems to be happy and easy to please" or "it takes her so long to calm down" are indicative of personality traits these children will carry with them throughout their lifetimes.
  7. [quote name='xrieg' timestamp='1306844128' post='85456'] Pointless to discuss [/quote] Yet you continue to do so. Amazing. The Boss Heads Competition allows those who have [i]already won[/i] a heads competition to compete again, but for a different and more valuable prize. This whole thread is pointless.
  8. Irrelevant. As those who are listed have already won a previous competition, they are rendered ineligible to win again.
  9. [quote name='Curiose' date='06 August 2010 - 12:27 PM' timestamp='1281112042' post='65265'] I have to say that this is stepping on the Legend Seeker's toes a little bit. [/quote] The Legend Speakers' role is not to design the pages of various players. The guild was set up to, as the name says, find, record, and disseminate the legends of the various characters in the game. If there are individual Legend Speakers who also happen to know a bit of coding and who are willing to offer these services to others, it has nothing to do with the role of the guild itself.
  10. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='19 July 2010 - 06:46 PM' timestamp='1279579565' post='64193'] - you can use them for personal use, meaning the product of your work wont be shared, given, sold, traded to others. [/quote][quote name='Blackwoodforest' date='20 July 2010 - 01:49 AM' timestamp='1279604958' post='64200'] Thanks for your statement Mur, some minor things should be now even to your picky friends clear and understandable written. Topic can be closed, I will be still offering wallpapers to anyone, non-offical and only on demand. [/quote] Yes, I hope things have been made clear for everyone who had trouble understanding what they wanted to do was wrong. I would also expect that none of the "non-offical" wallpapers you make for others would use images from MagicDuel, as Muratus del Mur has finally had to state explicitly that he does not want them used in such a way.
  11. [quote name='Kafuuka' date='19 July 2010 - 02:34 PM' timestamp='1279564465' post='64179'] How do you conclude that it is for quest purposes only? I'm not an expert on English grammar, but a comma can be used to list multiple possibilities which need not be inclusive as well. "can be used for quest purposes or mixed together or altered etc." versus "can be used for quest purposes, eg by being mixed together or being altered etc". In a further quote, Mur states personal use as another acceptable use, does he have to list all things allowed one by one? It's funny how you go after single words, yet fail to provide quotes which are interpretable in only a single way. [/quote] Your interpretation of what has been stated completely disregards copyright law. If one is to believe you, Muratus del Mur is saying "you can do anything you want with my property" and there is absolutely no indication that he has given such freedom to use his artwork in such a way. I based my conclusion on what was actually said, much like how laws are established. When something is unclear, when a law has different possible interpreations, courts get involved to determine what has actully been said. To keep oneself safe, and to keep Muratus del Mur's porperty under his control, a narrow interpretation of what has been stated is called for. Your interpreration allows anyone to use his property as they see fit. That makes no sense. Furthermore, "personal use" never includes the reproduction and sale of another's artwork. How do you conclude that what was originally proposed--profit for a man who is using another's work--is somehow "personal use"? Finally, would it be best if Muratus del Mur spelled out exactly how he wants his property used? Or would it be best for those who want to create MagicDuel-themed [i]anything[/i] to use [i]their own creative abilities[/i] instead of constantly appropriating someone else's property?
  12. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='07 June 2010 - 11:30 AM' timestamp='1275924612' post='61254'] Images FROM MD, [b]can be used for quest purposes[/b], mixed together, altered, etc, as long as they are not creating confusion. No image should be used that could be considered a spoiler, like premium creatures, remote locations, achievements colored art, etc. Your common sense should tell you what things are obviously not right to do, like pretending you are the author of one or the other md artwork, when in fact you are not. I don't expect anyone will do that, but still i said it. [i]Emphasis added[/i] [/quote][quote name='Blackwoodforest' date='19 July 2010 - 02:31 AM' timestamp='1279521096' post='64154'] I am almost amused as you all might think, I would not think about my action and especially after the last blaming on this. But since this was decided and we are allowed, I don´t see any violation on copyright laws, because the owner of the copyrights is MD aka Mur. [/quote] How do you conclude that what you are proposing is allowed? This is not a quest, for a quest, or is in any way quest related. Because Muratus del Mur has said one thing--that images from MagicDuel may be used and altered, with stated limitations--you come to believe that his statement applies to something else entirely? Your use of "logic" is astounding. [quote name='Blackwoodforest' date='19 July 2010 - 02:31 AM' timestamp='1279521096' post='64154'] Isn´t it so, that all artworks from artists, which has been bought by Mur [b]are property of MD[/b]? I mean, those artists have had to permit that their artworks are free to use on any MD related themes, otherwise Mur need to have to ask them as well which I don´t assume is the fact. And so as Mur the last time this topic already was pointed out confirmed that we are allowed to use artworks from MD. I really, really don´t see any point people blaming me here since I stay into the MD purpose for those. I don´t claim artworks of my own, I point just out, like others already said, that I only put my name on my creation to see who created it, this is the vain factor in it - so what? [i]Emphasis added.[/i] [/quote] Your first statement is more or less correct, though it is better to say that the images which appear in MagicDuel are the property of Muratus del Mur, as he is the owner of the game and all of its content, excluding that which has been uploaded by the players. Your second statement is also correct, as Muratus del Mur does not have to ask any artist about how he can or cannot use the images [i]he owns[/i] as he is the one who now controls how any of it is used. Your third statement, however, is where you jump to conclusions which are not supported by evidence or where your ignorance of the rights given to owners of original artwork emerges. [u]Use of artwork:[/u] Muratus del Mur has [b]not[/b] said "that we are allowed to use artworks from MD" as you have relayed it. Referring again to the first quote, he has [i]limited[/i] the use of MagicDuel artwork to quests as long as it does not create confusion or contain that which could be considered a spoiler. I do not understand how you could go from 'use for a quest' to 'use for whatever I want' when he stated what the various images could be used for. [u]Intent:[/u] Muratus del Mur, as you pointed out, is the one who owns the images that appear in MagicDuel (again, excluding player uploaded content.) He is the one, however, who gets to determine how that artwork is used, [u]not you.[/u] You are not an employee of MagicDuel who has been tasked with the creation of wallpapers using its content; you are also not the owner of MagicDuel. That, in essence, is why you are violating copyright laws when you use images from the game as part of what you create. As the owner of the artwork, Muratus del Mur, has the [i]exclusive rights[/i] to reproduce, distribute, alter, modify, or otherwise change [b]his artwork[/b]. He is also the one who has the [i]exclusive rights[/i] to allow others do the above, as well. He stated, as everyone can read above, what he will allow the players to do. You are taking his statement and stretching it to fit your illogical conclusion. It does not matter whether you "stay into the MD purpose" because it is not your artwork to use. Do you understand this concept? It matters not how you are using it, but the fact that you are using it which is violating copyright law. Is this something you can fathom? [u]Vanity:[/u] Could this not create the confusion which Muratus del Mur wants to avoid? You put your name on artwork that is not yours, not yours to manipulate, not yours to modify, not yours to distribute... need I go on or has the point been made [b]and understood?[/b] [quote name='Blackwoodforest' date='19 July 2010 - 02:31 AM' timestamp='1279521096' post='64154'] And funny is, which not even one has pointed out so far, that if I should created a wallpaper for someone, you are not sure what it will look like, nor what it will include of MD artwork if at all. Anybody thought about this? You probably will never see nor anybody else this pics, another picking for copyrights here? [/quote] You are correct in that none but you and the one commissioning the artwork will know what the final product will be and that I and other have concluded that you will use MagicDuel artwork, though said conclusions are not completely unfounded. After all, past behavior is the best indicator of future actions and you have already shown a blatant disregard for artwork that belongs to others, displaying in the gallery your work, work that contains images you did not create and which you have not paid to use. Take the time to educate yourself about copyright law to see why what you have been doing is considered illegal. Your ignorance of the rights granted to copyright holders is tiring. Do not manipulate Muratus del Mur's words to your own ends to justify what you have done. Let me add, after seeing your new post: [quote name='Blackwoodforest' date='19 July 2010 - 11:42 AM' timestamp='1279554164' post='64169'] I have [b]nothing[/b] to prove you or anybody else! You blame me in advance so i just counter. If you have seen people saying this then you should open up your eyes quite better this is my own statement! Let me do my work as I want to, same as I don´t tell you what a forum mod should work like or not, because this is all subjective. And again, who are you to judge what art or what artistic is? If want answers for this, read the old topic posts again. [/quote] You don't need to tell him how to do his job because he knows how to do it and does not violate any laws by doing so. You, on the contrary, simply disregard what others tell you as inconvenient and continue to do what you want even though it has been pointed out that you have not recieved permission to do so. This is not subjective, nor is this about "art." This is about theft and using that which is not yours. Should Muratus del Mur step in and say "Blackwood Forest has permission to use any and all MagicDuel artwork as he sees fit to create anything he wants" (or something similar to that) then I will never again broach this topic.
  13. [quote name='Pipstickz' date='17 July 2010 - 05:14 AM' timestamp='1279358052' post='64059'] this is artwork from the game, and the only money being made is the money in the game. The court it would be handled in, if it were to go to court, would most likely be in the game. Blackwood does not claim to own the material that he uses, nor does he claim that they are official in any way. [/quote] Your ignorance of copyright law is apparent. The point is not whether he is getting "real" money for his productions, but that he is altering and distributing artwork that is not his. He has no rights to any of the artwork he has ever used for any creation I have seen him produce. He admits that he uses other's work, manipulating it, for his "artwork." While he may have innocent intentions, copyright laws do not care about how something is [i]intended[/i], but the [i]actual use[/i] of it. By distributing artwork that is not his, with [i]his[/i] name on it as [i]the creator[/i], he is violating that law. As I stated before, if Muratus del Mur does not care, then this conversation is moot. However, Blackwood Forest has made no indication as to whether he has contacted the actual owner of the artwork or has a blanket permission to use what is not his. [quote name='Darigan' date='17 July 2010 - 05:46 AM' timestamp='1279360016' post='64061'] Perhaps if someone would have a private conversation with Blackwood about his designs or authenticity instead of blasting him here [/quote] Your capacity for hyperbole is amusing. No one has "blasted" Blackwood Forest here about what is happening, he is merely being questioned again. As for the conversation component, I would have thought that Muratus del Mur had made his thoughts clear the last time this was brought up. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' date='17 July 2010 - 03:26 PM' timestamp='1279394804' post='64085'] please people, leave Blackwood alone, and if Mur doesn't like what is he doing, he will tell him so? [/quote] I have seen a statement similar to this on several different threads over the past few weeks and it makes me wonder about those who ask it. Are these individuals five year-old children or adults? Do any of these people have the capability to know right from wrong? Is an authority figure truly required to come by, slap the person on the wrist, and say "No! You are being bad!"? While I know that some of the people who play this game are younger teenagers, many are easily in their twenties, if not older. Do these people need someone else to keep an eye on their actions and tell them when they do something wrong? Can these individuals not judge situations for themselves? When one says 'Mur would stop me if he didn't like what I was doing,' it makes the speaker (or writer for this particular medium) sound as though he or she were a toddler, completely lacking in the concept of morality. Muratus del Mur is a busy man and cannot keep up with everything that is going on in regards to this game and all associated with it, nor should he have to. Would it not be wiser to think about what one is going to do [i]before[/i] doing it? If the thought 'Would Mur ask me to not do this?' occurs even once, thinking longer on the course of action would be prudent. It takes maturity to be responsible for one's own actions; statements such as the one quoted above display a distinct lack of development.
  14. Indyra's point is valid and should not be summarily dismissed. This topic is not about a quest that has been started, but rather is about someone who wants to profit from altering another's work. Blackwood Forest, while your enthusiasm for this game is extreme, your approach to certain aspects of it border on criminal. You constantly seek to modify the work of another artist. Muratus del Mur has stated that original artwork, no matter the quality of it, will always be superior to the altered images of someone else. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='07 June 2010 - 11:30 AM' timestamp='1275924612' post='61254'] I recommend you try to be original, it is much more valuable to have a crappy looking but original artwork, than to copy an existing [[i]piece[/i]]. [i]Italics is my alteration to the quote to make it a more general statement as I believe it was intended to be.[/i] ... Just to make sure you read one of the things above... self made art, when the case will be, will mean a lot more to me than copied art. [/quote] If you developed your own artistic skill, there would be no need for others to be concerned with whether you are attempting to gain from other's work, which is all I have ever seen you do. Why do you always feel the need to alter the creation of another? Though there will be artists who do not care, there will always be some who do not take such manipulation as flattery and can be quite offended. How would you feel if an original creation of yours (should you ever make such a thing) were to be manipulated by another? As for this being a "little conflict," copyright infringment is serious and should be dealt with immediately. Ignorance can only be used to explain one's actions once, if that.
  15. [quote name='Chewett' date='07 June 2010 - 02:21 PM' timestamp='1275934895' post='61280'] Each and every king were elected. [/quote] Untrue. There were only three elections. Yrthilian was placed on the throne as the king; he was appointed to the position, not elected. There was a vote taken to see if he should remain as the king, yes, but that was a wholly different event than the real elections that occurred for the other three lands. It is important that it be known that Yrthilian was never elected by either the citizenry of Golemus Golemicarum nor of any other land. Regarding the issue at hand: "Princ" Rhaegar has shown that he is not a loyal citizen of the land of Loreroot, openly defying and insulting its ruler. There is really only one solution to the crime of high treason.
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